Thursday, February 20, 2020


Three and a half years and a $20k fine for process crimes coming out of the bogus Russian collusion investigation. Outrageous and yet another testament to our two-tier justice system.

Stone has the chance to appeal for a new trial. I hope he gets it and the preposterous case against him brought on by the Mueller gang is thrown out.

Whether corrupt partisan judge Amy Berman leaves the bench for a slot on the View remains to be seen. In the meanwhile...


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Chrissie Hynde Gets It

She may not be the most beautiful popstar compared to, say, Madonna, Grace Slick or Nikki Minaj, but here at the Compound we applaud Chrissie Hynde. Why?

Because she gets it and then some. Give Ms. Hind a round of applause for going MAGA in the face of millioniare socialist celeb music orthodoxy consensus.

Brass in pocket and rest in peace, Steve Bennett.

Your Pal,


Craven Mountebanks

The Archbishop of Mountebankery

Some of you may have noticed that the small and getting smaller Church of England had the sheer, brazen, literal temerity to publish a Pastoral Statement reaffirming heterosexual marriage. The numerically declining but Guardian strong prelates of the venerable CofE actually brought themselves to issue this:

It has always been the position of the Church of England that marriage is a creation ordinance, a gift of God in creation and a means of his grace. Marriage, defined as a faithful, committed, permanent and legally sanctioned relationship between a man and a woman making a public commitment to each other, is central to the stability and health of human society. 

OMG. Really, marriage is something that takes place between men and women, like, what? The bishops, emboldened, go on:

In the light of this understanding the Church of England teaches that “sexual intercourse, as an expression of faithful intimacy, properly belongs within marriage exclusively” (Marriage: a teaching document of the House of Bishops, 1999). Sexual relationships outside heterosexual marriage are regarded as falling short of God’s purposes for human beings.

 The Unicorn is a Vicious Beast

Sit down, take a deep breath and reflect on the miracle. Yes, the Church of England's bishops actually restated the Church's teaching on marriage. Then the rainbow revolted in a firestorm of gaily hued rage and everything fell apart. Enter craven mountebanks #1 and #2, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Welby and Sentamu. They apologized like beaten children for offending the genderless hivemind of the New World Order, here they are:

We as archbishops, alongside the bishops of the Church of England, apologise and take responsibility for releasing a statement last week which we acknowledge has jeopardised trust. We are very sorry and recognise the division and hurt this has caused.

Jeopardised trust? Yes you have, in the minds of faithful Christians everywhere as you capsize and cower under the threat of the thudding hooves of the dominant rainbow unicorn. We are very sorry, yes, you should be, for being weak, ineffectual, cowardly, Quisling, false apostles.

At what point, we have to ask, will white lib self-loathing come to an end, to say nothing of bishops gaining the courage to openly profess the Faith.

Craven Mountebank #1 and Craven Mountebank #2

Compound consensus says  things'll get worse before they get better, see the Benedict Option. In the meanwhile, behold the apostate face of Canterbury and York.

Your Old Ally,


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Southern Ground

This one's for gL. Bury  me in southern ground? Yes indeed and maybe you think I'm joking. Error.

Your Pal,


PS. "Southern" also includes southern England, obviously.

Putin Says No To The Rainbow

Those rascally Russkies are at it again, with former KGB strongman Vladimir Putin refusing to endorse the pansexualist rainbow agenda that's swept through the West like a herd of  gaily rampaging unicorns.

At a discussion on constitutional reform Putin shockingly stated, "We need to clarify some things. A marriage is a union of a man and woman.” The Russian President went on to blast gender neutral parenting:

“As for ‘parent #1’ and ‘parent #2’, I have already publicly said it and I will repeat it once more: as long as I am president, we will not have parents #1 and #2, we will have ‘papa’ and ‘mamma.’”

Putin's strong affirmation of heterosexual gender roles stands in stark contrast to the venerable if shrinking Church of England's Archbishops, who recently apologized to the world for issuing a statement endorsing the Church's universal teaching on human sexuality and marriage.

Here at the Compound we have to ask, is Vladimir Putin the New Constantine?

In Hoc Signo,


Monday, February 17, 2020

The Grand Marshal

They came at him with the polls, only a fool would think he'd be president. They came at him with Mueller, Brennan, McCabe, Comey and all the apparatus of the deep state swamp and its puppet media. They came at him again with impeachment, and guess what. They lost, he won, and took a well deserved victory lap at the Daytona 500.

It started off with an Air Force One flyby for the benefit of all those flyover country people, who thunderously cheered, and go figure. 45 has their back, he's working without pay to bring jobs, business, prosperity and pride back to a country that's been gutted by transnational elite asset-strippers, and their bought and paid for bi-coastal, millionaire socialist elite shills.

Our Grand Marshal summed up the effort as he started the race, Gentlemen, start your engines. Then he climbed into the Beast with America's popular and glamorous First Lady for a few laps around the track. 

Yes, a triumph. For 45, for Nascar, for ordinary Americans everywhere who love their country and stubbornly cling to their God, guns and freedom. Well done, Mr. President, we salute you.

Then there's Mini-Mike, he wants to be president too, here's a promo video:

But maybe Little Mermaid's better?

Like, what? Mini-Mike, what's wrong with you. Punters, I'm not a betting man but I'll wager the fighting monkey on Landslide 2020.

Your Friend,


The Village Idiots

Just a helpful infographic to get the day rolling.

Your Pal,


Sunday, February 16, 2020

This Is Radio Freedom

Kick out the JAMS, time is eternal.


A Sunday Meditation

Mass at Mission #1 was over insofar as the Mass is ever over, which it isn't, and we fell back to the church hall for coffee. 

Time, eternity and the Sacrifice aside, conversation was mostly about getting milk from your cows, these being Polled Herefords, chickens getting picked off by Buzzards, an issue, and the usual stories about coyotes and bobcats. Then things took a turn for the spiritual.

"Padre, can you say a prayer."
"I'd be glad to, what for?"
"Well, I bought tickets for the Rolling Stones as a Valentines Day gift for T."
"Thing is, need you to pray they'll still be alive in time for the concert!"

Some argue Keef and Mick have no business remaining on this mortal coil, others say "let him that is without sin jail the first stone." And not before time, either.

Here endeth the Lesson,


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Feel The Bern

Presented without comment except to say listen to the end and... feel the Bern.

Rock on,



Guess what, there's over a million Chinamen in Africa. Good thing the weaponized, Wuhan escaped coronavirus isn't ferociously infectious.

Hazmat suits forever.

Your Old Pal,


The Horror

Yes, the sheer horror of the moment as you contemplate the dark, Devil-inspired plan to turn this small Texan country town into a shamtique mawl. Well it didn't work, thank God, and perhaps the above infographic explains why. The horror.

Speaking of which, note this Wuhan to world flight chart showing air travel out of the coronavirus hotzone before racism took over and restrictions were put in place. Scary? 

I'd say so and so does the World Health Organization, which predicts the deadly weaponized virus will become a "community affair" this year or next. Maybe they're wrong. Whatever, smart people are stockpiling food, ammo and hazmat suits.

In other terrifying news, the traitorous liberal media outlet Drudge Report tells us that Mini Mike - "put him on a box" - Bloomberg's thinking of campaigning with Hillary as Vice President. What can we say, Mini Mike's an incredibly brave little man. 

Could this be the Old Crone's route to the absolute, ultimate, no-holds-barred power she craves and deserves? Watch out, Mini, it's her turn.

Such frightening news, and we haven't even got to the venerable Church of England's apology tour. Therein, readers, hangs another tale. In the meanwhile, here's an uplifting infographic to raise the spirits.

Justice for Juicy!


Friday, February 14, 2020


Have you heard the news? Quondam presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti, popularly known as Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL), has been found guilty on all counts of attempting to extort money from Nike. He awaits sentencing.

Race Cars! No coke obvs

Avenatti, signature sign-off Basta, who obviously isn't a coke addict, represented famous prostitute Stormy Daniels in a case against Trump, which ended badly with Stormy being ordered to pay 45's legal costs. But the once and not so future president started to sink under the sheer weight of hubris and totally fictional cocaine bills.

Prostitute. Clearly no coke

Before you could say "8 Ball," CPL was hauled before the court for fraud, extortion, skulduggery and malfeasance. Nike, it seems, didn't take kindly to the wannabe race car driver's cokehead's attempt at blackmail, and his former wife's not too keen either. 

No Coke Involved Whatsoever

But look, here at the Compound we don't sit and gloat. No, we hope that a coke free CPL has learned his lesson and will rise from the ashes to use his skills to help us all in the not inconsiderable task of making America great again.

A Man in Full without any coke whatsoever

I know, you're saying, "Is this a chapter in a Tom Wolfe novel,  like Bonfire of the Vanities or A Man in Full?!?" What can we say? Cinéma vérité.



Thursday, February 13, 2020

Go West

Go West? Yes, to the town of West, a small Texan farming community known for its Czech Stop bakery on the side of highway I35. The town's named after Thomas West, the town's first Postmaster who sold land to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway in 1881.

West grew up around the rails and prospered along with its Postmaster, attracting immigrants from Czechoslovakia who were drawn to the area by the heady lure of rich farmland and all-round opportunity. 

You can see their influence today in the catholicism of the place and its several bars or pubs, to say nothing of various bakeries, not least the notorious Czech Stop. The Czechs are there today as of the 2012 census, which credits West with the highest concentration of Czechoslovakians in the state.

The railway still bisects this curiously attractive town, though it's now sadly restricted to freight. What a shame, it'd be a far more civilized thing to be able to get on a train at Hillsboro, ride to West or Waco, have fun, then ride the rails back home as opposed to driving on the hideous and deadly I35. 

Who knows, maybe that day will return in some form or another, but hopefully not in the way of another Crush Crash. You can see all about that infamous disaster here.

Crush Crash aside, it was good to go to the Two Amigos restaurant with a crew of churchpeople, and they say, interestingly, that a congregation which meets during the week is more likely to grow than one which doesn't. Good point. 


They also say a church which actually believes in Christianity is more likely to grow than one that doesn't. Bizarre, perhaps someone should inform Pope Francis and his lesser colleague, the apologetic Archbishop of Canterbury. But therein lies another story.

Travellers Club Forever,


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Laura Blasts The left

Laura may be easy on the eyes but that's not all. In this infovid she calls out the Left and our double standard press/judiciary.

Imagine, if you can, the outrage that would've burst across the front pages if a Trump supporter had driven through a crowd of Bernie supporters. Picture, if you're up to it, the incandescent fury of the Left.

Now, count up the quiet fury of the other side. People are getting fed with "sorry, your kid needs to go trans, you stupid redneck, and Islam's a religion of peace so suck up the latest bomb," etc. And lest we forget, "Look out, idiot redneck, your president's a Russian Agent!"

Random .45

FFS. We've had enough, and look out, one side knows how to shoot, the other doesn't. No kidding.

Speaking of which, my eldest tells me, "We love Trump, he stands for us. We got a pay rise and he's got our back. The Army loves him a lot."

Go figure. Landslide 2020,


Strolling The Deluge

Darkness, thunder, rain. No, this wasn't downtown Aberystwyth in July, it was Texas in February. Climate change experts tell us that if you collect the rainfall here you'll have enough water to last the year, and I believe it. Undaunted by the deluge I left the Compound for a morning stroll.

Stairway To Heaven

Only to see that the Meth Shackers have cleverly built a stairway to heaven; there it is, a ladder to paradise. What happens when you get to the top of the ladder, I asked myself as I gazed at the floral tributes in front of the shack. Who knows, perhaps you ascend, higher.

Meth Shack, Note Beautiful Floral Tributes (stop using "filters." Ed.)

The Pick 'n Steal was open for business but eerily empty apart from an elderly POC playing a slot machine. He's a Nam vet and plays that machine every day; I like him, though we've never really talked. Need to change that.

Pick 'n Steal

One large coffee later I was back on the flooded streets of the bucolic Texan farming community I've called home for the last decade or more, and you know what, I'm not complaining. For me, it beats living in the 'sprawl that is the DFW megacity connurb. You may think differently and that's fine, there's no "rule."

Storm Debris

Back at the Compound, Blue Dog-Faced Pony Soldier curled up on a Moslem rug while I said the Office. He's not buying the "religion of peace" thing. 

"It's obviously not a religion of peace," he tells me, "It was started by a warlord in search of loot, rape and plunder." I accuse him of racism but he just snores. Typical. Next thing you know he'll be banging on about "replacement strategy," asymmetrical warfare, the Kalergi Plan and trying to make me read Mark SteynBut what does he know? He's just a dog. 

Dog-Faced Pony Soldier On A Moslem Rug

In other news, Juicy Smollet's been indicted, 4 prosecutors have fled the Stone case, 45 held a massive rally in New Hampshire, and Biden's campaigning in Iowa again, or something like that. And Britain's deported a load of Jamaicans for being thugs, much to the disgust of the self-loathing white left and their POC friends.

All About The Hat

So there it is. Rain continues to fall and the clay ground of the Compound is pretty much flooded. Blue Deluge is sleeping, God is in his heaven and the Democrats flounder like beached fish after a storm. Is 45 anointed, by God?

Stand firm against evil,



Here at the Compound we're playing Demtanic on continuous loop. Why? Because awesome, obviously. 

In other news, it's dark, thunder rumbles across the sky and rain pours down on the streets of this rural Texan haven with Aberystwyth Pier ferocity. Such is the penalty for not paying the weather tax, but more on this exciting story later.



Monday, February 10, 2020


Can you watch Styx for 10 minutes? I know, perhaps that's difficult, but he gives a good round-up viz. coronavirus. Official reports put infections at over 40k and we know that over 400 million are quarantined/locked down in China. 

Reports from citizen journalists suggest crematoria are operating 24/7, making for a surge in SO2 levels. Point being, this escaped bug factory virus isn't some kind of kung-flu joke. So what to do?

Good question. Move to high ground, get away from the teeming sprawls that are our sh*thole cities, move to the country. While you're at it, ensure water and food supplies; you think I'm joking? In Wuhan, infected people are locked in their houses, do the food math and don't think it can't happen here. Lay in ammo too, if you haven't already.

But all of the above aside, consider this. Why would an omnipotent, omniscient, utterly righteous God, who is perfection in Himself, necessity at rest and absolute expansion, why would such Deity allow a culture which kills its children, its babies, to continue?

Of course a people that's so sick as to kill its children is equally capable of killing itself. We stand against that and we will win, the victory's assured. In the meanwhile, prep up.

Live free or die,


Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier

Wannabe president Joe Biden verbally abused a woman in New Hampshire at one of his pathetically small campaign events, calling her a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier." What does that even mean? Here at the Compound  we believe a picture's worth a thousand words.

Two typical dog-faced pony soldiers. Tell the truth, boys.

A good dog-faced pony soldier looks after his horse and that's no lie.

Dog-faced pony soldiers operate in all weather conditions. Sometimes they tell the truth, sometimes they don't.

Biden's used the cryptic phrase before, dementedly claiming it's a quote from a John Wayne movie. But so far the aging politician's rhetoric doesn't seem to be working, with  Real Clear Politics showing the presidential hopeful polling at an underwhelming fourth or fifth place in the New Hampshire primary.

Whether the 77 year old politician's habit of insulting voters with gibberish will reverse this dismal trend remains to be seen.

Ride on,


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Coronavirus Update

It started off almost innocently, a playful thing of happy workers eating bats in the utopia that is the Celestial Kingdom.

Then, oh dear, maybe the weirdly contagious and fatal bat virus came from a Wuhan bug factory, a deadly weaponized virus that broke free from a bioweapons lab. Coz, you know, bats infected with killer pathonogens don't bite anybody.

Fast forward. According to official Chinese estimates there's 35k++ victims. Or would that be 350k? Who knows, but what we do know is that over 400 million Chinapersons are locked up, giving new meaning to Chinoiserie.

Good thing it's not contagious.

Prep up,


Friday, February 7, 2020

The Sheer State Of Socialism

Via Anon:
The Left is dead and like all dinosaurs the fact that it is dead takes a long time to reach the brain. History has turned. The paradigm has shifted. The old elite is hemorrhaging power and authority. The elite-led Parisian revolt of 1968 is now an ideological busted flush.
The Parisian revolt of 2020 is not led by the elite. It has not arisen from the Sorbonne, it has not been hyped by the media or the Universities and is a threat to the globalist left as much as it is a revolt against global capitalism. 
The West stands on the brink of a new Philosophical and Intellectual dawn, free from the twin ideological tyrannies of the Post-Modernism and Marxism.
The Democrats like the British Labour Party will be out of power for at least a decade, if not a lot longer. Unless they purge their parties of the extremists, racists and nutters they will remain unelectable. If they cannot be reformed then they are finished as mainstream political parties.
I'd say Anon has a point but feel free to discuss.

Your Comrade,



Lt. Colonel "Teletubby" Vindman's been given the Order of the Boot today and was escorted off the NSC and the White House by security. His brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, was also kicked off the NSC and had to leave the building.

Teletubby was briefly famous for his role as a lying rat traitor in the risible Ukrainian impeachment putsch. And, according to the failing New York Times, the treasonous officer abused his position to advise the Ukraine on ways to counter Trump's foreign policy. But that's not all.

Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the EU, got the coveted SNLR Award (Services No Longer Required) today too. Sondland played a star role in the dismally unsuccessful coup attempt to remove the president on bogus charges of a "quid pro pro" (surely quid pro Joe? Ed.) abuse of power by the president.

Three down in one day as President Trump levels up with bonus superpowers following the risible, underhand, lying, corrupt, elite, deep state drive to seize power through coup attempt #2.

Question - how deep, patriots, does the Ukrainian rathole go?

MAGA/KAG 2020,