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Friday, December 6, 2019

Age Of Aquarius

So, how do you celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra? Simple, load up the rig with a couple of light rods and head out to the mighty Brazos.

Boom. Pretty much every cast a fish, it was like... like the Age of Aquarius. No kidding, I lost count.

Mostly perch but also drum, a couple of cats and curiously, baby striper. Ferocious little fish, all of them, but especially the striper. Big fun to catch when they're big and not bad when they're small. And here's the thing.

My friend Pedro was fishing silver spinners, slabs, the live perch which I gave him, and caught exactly nothing. He was going after big fish and failed. 

By contrast, I was pulling the aquarian adversary out of the water every few minutes or so on a worm, small hook, two split-shot rig on a light rod. Big success, "You're rippin' 'em up, man!"

Moral? No libs, fish smart,


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Wisdom From Down Under And The Climate Parrot

Strong words from Down Under! Then there's the parrot.

Goodnight, God bless, and have a beautiful Sunday.


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dog Days

It's ferociously hot and Blue Monarchist leads the way, Edgehill's another day. But what about Naseby and Marston Moor I ask him, incredulously. 

By way of answer he sits with loyal expectancy and asks for a treat, as though that, somehow, will stop the New Model Army and advance the last gasp of chivalry. Fond imagining, but he gets one anyway.

Quarter Master over, we went out back with a good view to capturing Banbury, Reading, Oxford, and Bristol. Quite the campaign and devil take the hindmost. Charge and scatter the enemy to the winds!

Needless, Blue No Bishop No King got stuck into the Anabaptist provisions and ate my sister's dog's toy. Typical cavalier ill-discipline, raid the enemy's baggage train in the exuberance of the after-charge. And lose the war. Good work, furhead.

Chagrined, Blue Divine Right Of Kings went prowling in search of Trained Bands to destroy and defeat. Perhaps they were hiding in the cover, in a psalm-singing fit of millenarian expectancy. Good luck with that, Blue Old Service is prowling, seeking whom he may devour.

Not least the advance scouts of the enemy, Chimney Swifts. They're protected by Law, no thanks to Edwardus Coke, and doubly by a sheet of cardboard. Undaunted by pettifogging legal skulduggery, Blue Loyalist stands guard.

As did I, when I could stand. But seriously, as a loyal Son of the Crown and an irregular cavalryman to boot, let's see a bit more Divine Right of Kings and less Satanic Rule of the New World Order.



Monday, July 1, 2019


One of the best things about being an Illuminati Master is you get to go on guided Striper tours. And that's what we did, rounded up some NWO elite and went fishing.

Before you could say Davos the fish were biting. Boom, in comes a Striper like some kind of CDS gone wrong. And then... nothing much, almost as though the algos were taking it easy.

Then BOOM again. Rod goes double once, then twice, then... pick it up and reel the monster in. No kidding. Reel. It. In. And that's not easy when a ferocious Striper's making like some kind of ferocious shark. Gave me blisters.

I tell you, big fun. And tasty too, Striper makes for good grilling and guess what? Unlike the rest of your food you know where it comes from.

Destroy the NWO and fish on,


Saturday, June 22, 2019


Yes, the Summer Solstice was yesterday, an important date by anyone's reckoning. How did you celebrate? 

At the Stones?

Perhaps the Tor.

Here at the Compound we cleaned guns, like this handy CZ Bobwhite 20.

And flew the flag.

Witch way, mysticke sister?

One flag to rule them all. 

Dixie forever,


Friday, May 24, 2019

Proper Little Blast Off

It seemed right to go for a shoot today, so that's what we did. Loaded a 12 and a 20 into the rig along with a .22 plinker, and headed to the range via the Walmart ammo depot.

A Plinker

The kid hadn't shot in a year and wondered if he'd hit anything. My apothatic advice was, "Put the bead on the clay and shoot." Which he did and successfully smoked the clays like they were going out of fashion.

A Gun

Take that, misnomered "White Flyer." And again, the easy to shoot CZ SxS 20 was the gun of choice over the clunky 12. Still, pump action's fun enough, if only for being illegal in once great nations because criminals obey gun laws.

A Boy

A couple of value packs of 12 and 20 later and two boxes of clays sent to skeet heaven, we fell back to some plinking and shot plates, shotgun shells and assorted range debris 'til it was time to head home.

A Grill

And that was that, big shotgunnery fun. In other news, Theresa May's abdicated like the low-level, failed, Eurocrat, elite, NWO globalist she is, and Trump's pulled the Declass trigger. Let the dice fall.

Your Pal,


Friday, February 22, 2019

Need A New Rig

Here's the thing, readers, all five of you, I think I need to get a new rig. Don't get me wrong, this one's been great. Thanks, Ford and Oncor for an awesome vehicle.  But it's coming to that put money into it end.

So, a new rig. I want something that's able to get in and out of the mud at the range and everywhere else besides, that likes dirt roads in the rain, has the wherewithal to deal with horses and all of that. 

I'm thinking a RAPTOR would do the trick. Or maybe a fleet 4x4? OK, a Raptor would be cool, no doubt about it, but a regular work truck 4x4 would get the job done and still be cool, with far less things to go wrong. Like electric windows?

Also, a fleet 4x4 would cost appx $10/20k less, leaving plenty of room to buy a BOAT.

What's it to be, a RAPTOR or a FLEET 4x4, BOAT included?

Help, please, and don't fear the reaper,


Monday, February 19, 2018

You Killers

Buried beneath the shocking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent millions of dollars to indict the grand total of 13 Russian trolls, was this. The US Senate voted down a bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks and the baby's ability to feel pain.

As one blogger noted, a "key lobby that opposed the bill banning the practice was the so-called Catholic lobby - members of the Senate who publicly identify as Catholics and receive political contributions on that basis." You can read the list of so-called Catholic Senators who voted against the Bill here.

You would have thought, regardless of your love of abortion or otherwise, that banning it at a late date, when the baby can feel pain as he or she is killed, makes bipartisan, shared moral values sense. No one, surely, in their right mind is in favor of infanticide.

Unless you're a Catholic in the United States Senate. In the wake of deafening silence from cardinals, bishops and priests, we have to wonder at the catholicity of the US hierarchy. Does it follow Christ or some other thing?

If the latter, be assured of this; the Woman will crush the serpent underfoot and its followers will be relentlessly destroyed by the Holy Spirit and the demon that they worship.

Don't say Moloch,