Friday, November 20, 2020

Just Taking it Easy


Frying striper.

And taking it easy.




drjim said...

What are you having for sides? Fries and coleslaw usually go well with fried fish. Our parish always had a Friday night "Fish Dinner" where we had fresh made fries, fresh made slaw, fresh made onion rings, and breaded, deep fried walleye pike.

I can smell it now....

LL said...

Strippers have been declared by the Deep State to be essential workers, and you're frying them? Wow, how progressive is that?

And Deep Purple. I recall when that was considered "hippie music". There was a time, and I can't attach a date to it, when I was listening to "Riders on the Storm" and it was conflated by the other listener to be an indication of dissolute youth. It wasn't NINE INCH NAILS, was it?

I will walk the picket wire until morning and keep the sentries on their toes.

We will stand-to at dawn with bayonets fixed to meet the heathen, should they come. That's all I have to report, Commandant.

LSP said...

I just had fries, drjim. I like the idea of that walleye... yum.

LSP said...

RHSM, STRIPERS not STRIPPERS. I know, confusing, but there it is.

Interesting to think that Deep Purple were thought "hippie." More of a biker thing by the time I got 'round to it.

Regardless, excellent report. We stand ready, resolute.

drjim said...

The Friday night Fish Dinners were something to be looked forward to all week. They even made Lent quite tolerable.

LSP said...

I do like a good fish fry, drjim.