Monday, November 16, 2020

Get Yer Ya Yas Out!

Ya Yas? No, not the famous Rolling Stones album but Ya Ya's Mexican diner, which used to be called Montes. It belongs to Ya Ya now because she took it over from the previous owners after being a waitress there for years. Good for her.

The menu's the same, though the waterproof tablecloths have changed from faux western style worked leather to an attractive dun color, complete with horseshoes. And I tell you, it's the best Mexican food in this small Texan farming community. 

I always get huevos rancheros, refried beans, fried potato chunks, two eggs over easy on corn tortillas with salsa fresca. And it comes complete with two tasty homemade tortillas, which you use to clean up the plate as you listen to Mexican dance music over the tannoy and drink strong coffee. Delicious, right on the money and good luck Ya Ya, may you prosper.

There's a dinosaur museum next to the restaurant, featuring reconstructed saurians and even whole fossilized skeletons. It used to be a filling station, the HQ of a chain that extended, according to local legend, to Europe. I haven't been in because the hours are strange, but I will; it'd be good to learn about our Jurassic past after a satisfying encounter with Mexico at Ya Ya's.

We're told by the experts that a comet or asteroid strike killed off the dinosaurs, and maybe it did. We're also told that humans in any way, shape or form didn't exist then, and it seems preposterous to think we did. That said, why are there fossilized human footprints running alongside those of dinosaurs?

Science says they're fake, not dissimilar, when you think about it, to our election results.




LL said...

That will take some getting used to. I will likely still think of it as Monte's. Is Karen's burrito shop still open and called Karen's?

Congrats to YaYa for her ambition and efforts.

LSP said...

It's very odd, LL, I have to say. I think of it as Montes too.

But Karen's is still there, thank God, and Ya Ya hasn't changed the menu, so all's well. I'd be upset otherwise.

Jim said...

Sounds like the breakfast of champions. Now I'm hungry.

Kid said...

I'm thinking an asteroid or comet struck the Earth which seriously decreased the plant and therefore food supply for carnivores and herbavegans. Less food for vegans = less burgers on legs for the meat eaters. I think the dinosaurs evolved into smaller critters land and sea and what we're left with are things like alligators, 'small' sharks and Blue Jays instead of pterodactyls.

As far as Mexican food when it's good it irresistible - for me anyway. We had tons of the places in the Phoenix area, and only two that we know of in the Cincy area that are any good but those two are darn good. Los Cabos and Don Rigos.

Adrienne said...

For years Sunday breakfast was almost always huevos rancheros at a restaurant in Houston called Mexico City. I'm sure it's long gone by now since that was over 50 years ago. That's where I got addicted to warm buttered tortillas rolled up around chopped onions to scoop up all that great salsa. Yum!

LSP said...

So tasty, Jim!

LSP said...

Kid, we're spoiled for choice but Montes is right on the money. Delicious.

LSP said...

That sounds DELICIOUS, Adrienne. Yum.

And I like Houston, oddly.