Saturday, November 14, 2020

This And That


Please don't yawn but our diocesan convention was semi-virtual this year because of the Chinese scamdemic. This meant we met by regional deanery and conducted business via Zoom. Of course I'm in the Deep South Deanery and drove off to Waco and Christ Church.

Downtown Waco

Have you been to Waco? It always strikes me as a town that was bombed during the last Big One and never really rebuilt. Still, Christ Church is going strong and there's signs of life returning to a downtown gutted by asset strippers and associated malfeasants. Good.


There's also the amazingly awesome, incredible, faked up rubbish rip off worth every penny SILOS. You can buy a beautiful made in China tin mug at the Silos for around 10 bucks, which is value because the mug's got Magnolia written on it. Owning the beautiful mug not only makes Chip and Joanna even richer, but adds you to their marketing team, for free! Except that it's not free, you've paid $10 for the privilege. 

Typical Waco Street Scene

Silos aside, the Zoom convention went well enough and it was fun to see some of the Deep South clergy and laity; a faithful crew. As I was pondering this blessing, and working up sermon notes while a Nigerian bishop bellowed over the Zoom link, the PFC called in.

Somewhere in Korea

He's on a mission somewhere in Korea and having fun protecting the border against the commies. Well done, kid, a happy soldier's a happy father. 

In related news, somewhere around a million people descended on DC to march for 45, freedom, and the integrity of our election in the face of a perceived, I'd argue actual, billionaire funded leftist coup. They didn't loot, burn or attack anyone. They were attacked by hate filled leftist revolutionaries.


Curious, isn't it, that all the violence is coming from the left. Shouldn't it be the other way around, given that Trump's literally Hitler and his supporters Nazis? But that's not the case. Patriot doesn't = National Socialist. Does Democrat = Bolshevik? Not necessarily, but the Donkey's strangely silent in the face of the violence and hatred it's encouraged for at least four years.

As we reflect on this disturbing trend and forecast even more disturbing outcomes, remember that evil has a strange way of overplaying its bestial hand.

Your Old Pal,



LL said...

Google censored all information about patriots gathering in DC.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The PFC should soon be SP 4.

LSP said...

Oh yes, LL.

Hate speech is not free speech.

LSP said...

Right on, WSF.

I keep telling him, "Get a degree, of any sort, then OCS."

His call.


We have hundreds of millions of guns. Probably multiple trillion rounds of ammunition. If were were, at our core, a group prone to violence, you'd know it.

FYI, I'll text you a couple of results from my last trip to the range. Going again tomorrow.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Welcome to the socialist workers paradise, comrade.

And remember, our free speech is hatred and their hatred is free speech.

RHT447 said...

HUZZAH to the PFC. I have no idea what promotion requirements are for TIS/TIG (time in service/time in grade) these days. If he really likes hands-on tech stuff, maybe Warrant Officer? If not, yes, OCS. Then he will be a truly rare commodity--a mustang officer.

Fixer Upper. Yeah, well it certainly fixed her up nicely. And that's fine, I don't fault either of them for that. Wife and I enjoyed the show at first, but then like all of those shows, too scripted, too much fake drama. Now, the folksy facade is just that. There is a note over on Wiki that they paid the EPA a fine of $40,000 for miss handling of lead paint. No wonder the tin cups are $10.00.

Old NFO said...

He's gonna get into the Soju... LOL THEN he will have the hangover from hell! And yes, the violence will continue until we stop it.

LSP said...

N, yes.

Have fun at the range!

LSP said...

Commissar Infidel, I for one welcome our new rainbow Soviet Utopia.

The sooner EVERY statue of Christopher Columbus is demolished the sounder we'll all sleep in he gulag.

LSP said...

We'll watch the military drama as it unfolds, RHT! He should be in for a promotion fairly soon, I think. But regardless, he's liking it, which is good.

And I'm with you, good for them, well done. But the Silos/Magnolia thing kinda crosses the line into extreme rip-off territory. People travel from miles and miles around and beyond to behold its astroturf glory. Bizarre.

LSP said...

NFO, I have a feeling he probably will. Shudder.

Until we stop it? Exactly.