Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Behold Your Rulers


There you are, the quasi nephew of Nancy Pelosi, friend of the Gottis, owner of vinyards and the Governor of California to boot. You've got it made. So whaddya do? Head to the French Laundry for a rarified meal with Big Pharma lobbyists while locking your state down. And all in the name of socialism, of sticking it to the Man.

Well, nothing says Anarcho-Marxism quite so much as the Laundry's menu. Go on, have a look:

Degenerate? No, Mmmmm. Yum. Food for people that don't need to eat, and guess what, it's really cheap, coming in at around 40 bucks an entrée. Such value, and don't even think of computing Newsom's champagne bill.

Like... wow. Right at the time you've destroyed local businesses, restaurants included, with a lockdown order. Could it be that your friends are fixing to buy the dead properties for pennies on the dollar?

This is what we mean by Millionaire Socialism, rampant, blatant, corrupt, in your face hypocrisy masquerading as care for the poor and oppressed. But ask yourself, who's making money out of this?

Amazon, Walmart, Big Box Inc. etc, and Pharma profits have soared in the past year, while small business have been ground under. And guess what, the Left applauds this or more to the point ignores it, in a stunning fit of willful ignorance and denial.

That Trump, of all people, should have reinvented the GOP into the party of the working class is bizarrely miraculous. That the Left should become the party of elitist, corporate, corrupt, French Laundry snobs is equally strange.

I know which side I'm against.

Mirabile dictu,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

The GOP. In the main, gutless go along get along opportunists, IMO. President Trump would make a fine old school Democrat.

Adrienne said...

I read somewhere the bill came to about 15K for the meal.

Okay - minor rant:

I detest restaurants that "decorate" the plate with your food. While I think food should be plated nicely, that whole scallop on top of a pile of peas and drizzling crap all over the plate is nonsensical. Didn't mommy ever teach these over rated chefs to not play with their food?

Newsom's wife? In other photos showing off her sartorial brilliance she appears to be wearing a chenille bedspread, complete with little puff balls, and sporting a pair of ugly ass shoes that would make a hooker blush. And the hair? Good God, woman - cut that ridiculous hair. You're not 16 yo anymore.

Speaking of hair, Gavin could use a re-do himself.

His choice of dress? How about baggy in the ass jeans, a black windbreaker, and some sort of sport shoe. Trust me on this - non of us would be admitted to the hallowed hall of food as decoration dressed like that. Jackets required, ties optional!

Don't believe me? Check out this photo.


The menu you linked is way out of date. Go here for a more recent one. There's only two menu options. It will set you back about $1000.00 for dinner for two.


Infidel de Manahatta said...

I used to be more optimistic but now I'm not. I doubt the public will rise up. For starters they get their "news" from the lying SOB's in the press who keep telling them to trust their superiors. Also many Americans still assume this is a free country and a Republic. It has been neither for a very long time.

Kid said...

Which side I'm against, been there, still doin it.

Oddly, it ocurred to me early on that the big money was buying up the hugely valuable artificially distressed real estate. LA, NYC, Manhattan, etc. I was reminded by remembering that Andrew Carnegie (considered a hero in Pittsburgh) bought up tons of real estate during the depression as actual people were tossed into the street.

Otherwise, How stupid are people? Let me check with Alfred Einstein.

Well, here's a plan. Don't shoot the governors. Take away their perks. Ya know, one way or the other. Red Dawn style but without bullets and sticking to misdemeanors.

Old NFO said...

On the same side I've always been on...

Ed Bonderenka said...

They have no shame. Literally.

LL said...

The menu at the laundry looks delicious. You can pretend to eat for $400 a head + booze. I wonder if they drive through somewhere and pick up a chili dog on the way to the ball, just to tide themselves over. And hit Taco Bell after to cure the ten Singapore Slings they sloshed down? It's difficult to get into the progressive mind.

LSP said...

LL, I'm struck by the utter, corrupt, degeneracy of the thing. The wanton hypocrisy of the Millionaire Socialists is breathtaking.

And they don't even get a good meal. Satan has a wicked sense of humor.

LSP said...

Ed, it's brazen.

LSP said...

Same here, NFO.

LSP said...

Kid, remember the dems shutting down coal? Who started buying those mining properties at pennies on the dollar?

DJT threatened the whole criminal enterprise and does so still.

Let's audit the Fed while we're at it.

LSP said...

I know you know the media, Infidel. And for sure, millions are plugged in to NPR, CNN etc.

As LL reminds us at his place, the revolution has to "secure the radio." That's pretty much done. Still, evil has a way of collapsing on itself. I take heart from that.

Kid said...

Exactly LSP. Always a reason and it ain't the shiny fuzzy ball in the middle of the room.

LSP said...

Top rant, Adrienne!

I noticed her bedspread frock but not the shoes. I'd imagine $10 per puff ball? Conservatively? And it doesn't even look good.

Then there's the degenerate, wildly overpriced, faked up, "art" on the plate food. I scorn it. Ma LSP HATES it, btw.

And as LL notes, they don't even get a meal. There's a perverse logic to the Pit.

LSP said...

That, WSF, is a very good point and I'd agree.

Unknown said...

Once upon a time in San Francisco, the former Kennedy White House chef ran a restaurant called "Le Petit Trianon" that served up similar-looking stuff for too much a so-called plate. Snobby service went with the whole deal. Cuisine Minceur, it was called, which I think means, tiny food, or something like that. Meh. Old ideas all around from that crowd. I saved up for months to go, fool that I was, felt a fool while I was there, and gained a good appetite for repentance. Later in life I went to The Blue Boar (in Boston, I think) and was better served and satisfied, though it waren't cheap. Proper beef. Anyone voluntarily going to a place where they promise to take you to the cleaners ("The French Laundry." Hmph) should not be surprised when they are...