Sunday, November 29, 2020

Famous British Psychic Speaks To Biden's Dogs

Famous Brit celebrity psychic Beth-Lee Crowther claims she contacted Joe Biden's dogs, with her mind. According to the UK's top pet mind reader, Biden's two dogs Champ and Major are excited about kenneling up at the White House.

"They do know about it," stated Crowther in the UK's Metro newspaper, "they are very excited. They are rescue dogs with huge personalities and they do show me that Joe is a very empathetic person and that he will be a President that we have never seen before." What smart dogs. Some might say psychic.

Psychic Rescue Dogs - Champ and Major

In related news, Joe Biden, the 78 year old almost octogenarian presidential hopeful slipped, fell, and hurt his ankle on Saturday while "playing with his dog." 

Biden is NOT Urfa Man

Playing with his dog. You might want to hire some extra security, Joe. After all, it's not as though anyone else has anything to gain; that'd be corrupt and fraudulent, right? And as we all know, that's impossible here in the US. 

Kamala Harris is Not a Demon

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Was he clothed? Asking for a friend....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

At his age he should know he can't bend over that far to sniff.

LSP said...

Reverend Ed, do you remember all those people who hanged themselves from door knobs?

LSP said...

WSF, I feel he's somehow... befuddled. Sorry! Driven utterly insane by Satan.

Dogs can sense that and don't like it.

LL said...

Who says that Camela isn't a demon wearing a skin suit. If you were to ask Willie Brown who is said to know her inside and out, he might confirm popular suspicions that she is. He did say that she was, "Crazy as a shit house rat." Does that make her a demon, no, not necessarily. We need Willie to clarify things. Maybe when he's in the White House as an advisor or some such.

Kid said...

Saw this in print the other day and chuckled - Kamala Sutra.

I think the criminal pedophile Joe embodies what is wrong with America. He's the perfect president. Like Caligula only with 12 yr olds. Like Nero but with no talents. A perfect example of why we don't even need a president these days. They don't have any effect on anything unless they happen to be Donald Trump.

LSP said...

I know it's a curious thing, LL, but the DLC RHSM does have dual rank: EXORCIST. I've always liked the patch, Trident impaling a Red Demon.

Please tell me these corrupt, satanic, sneering mountebanks won't take over. Maybe Champ and Major will stand up and be counted?

LSP said...

Kid, if I said it wasn't disturbing I'd be lying. It seems like the lid's coming off the scamshow and who knows, maybe people will wake up. Is it too late? That's the question.