Friday, November 13, 2020



Took a night and a day off to head over to the familial homestead in the metrosprawl. Big fun, drinks under the pecan tree and not a commie in sight. Great result.

Next day? Not so much, as construction crews ripped up the neighborhood like a sledgehammer and industrial scale leafblowing tore through the tranquility of the morning.

Well, whoever said life'd be easy? I remember no such promise and we repaired to Bishop Arts for a grilled cheese sandwich. It was full of people ignoring the "6' distance!" signs on the pavement and having fun in the springlike weather. 

You wouldn't have known, for a second, that our Republic was hanging by a thread under the threat of massive, industrial scale vote rigging and that our democracy was an ephemeral scam, a smokescreen hiding a transnational kleptocracy.

No, everyone was happy and rightly so. The Climate, our Old Enemy, smiled upon us. Maybe she'd been paid off in some weird carbon credit, pay-to-play version of Danegeld. Whatever, all was good.

But will it be good if 45 wins this battle and flips the media-called election in favor of life as opposed to death? I don't know this, but I do know the Left will go HOG WILD when and if the Kraken awakes. Don't drop your hammer on the scorecard on your way out.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Looking forward to January 2025 when #46 is inaugurated.

drjim said...

Georgia is getting a recount, Alaska was called for Trump, and Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin and going under a microscope.

I keep praying for strength for the patriots among us working to uncover and prosecute this immense fraud.

LL said...

The up side is that if we pay that trillion dollar tax to the weather gods, the senile old fool who wants to live in the white house will first, shit his pants, and second, will declare the Earth, healed. Of course, a trillion dollars is not nearly enough. There will have to be regular payments (danegeld) to the weather.

LSP said...

WSF, I'd like to see Pence, or maybe Ivanka :)

LSP said...

Same here, drjim. It's... a heckuvva thing.

LSP said...

That's exactly right, LL.

Danegeld, like "protection" or blackmail itself never ends.

The Weather God is a jealous God.

Pay up, pay up, and play the game.