Monday, November 23, 2020

Evening at the Compound

Life at the Compound is good, we can't complain.

(RHSM on left)

But listen to the RHSM.

Or not, at your peril.

General Mudd aka USGOV

In the meanwhile, do you feel our governance is a General Mudd style fraudulent scam? Cheered on by useful bots celebrating their captivity as a corrupt crew of corporate conmen, a professional, political, sociopath elite seize control of the West? Perversely in the guise of healthcare; and of course you know the euphemism: "women's healthcare" = death and killing babies in the womb.

The demons are waxing strong, right about now. Remember this, their days are numbered and their defeat assured.




Kid said...

Yes, our government is a fraudulent scam doing only the bare minimum to get re-elected. Now with herds of indoctrinated idiots, they won't even have to do that.

Paul M said...

Is that you and LL? hehe

While I fully agree, folks "with the veil lifted" are getting really impatient the evil-doers can get away with their "activities" out in the wide open, and the only recourse for the good guys is to mount an air-tight legal battle to "prove" what we all know to be true...all at the whim of some judge who may or may not be bought. Some Heavenly smiting is in order.

LL said...

Hold on.

I think of myself more as the Captain Kirk character. Mainly because of his middle name, Tiberias, which I lament is too long of a name to give a dog, because it's a great name.

Move forward, bayonets fixed at drag step. Front toward the enemy, LSP.

LSP said...

And the Left is celebrating it, Kid. Just bizarre, but remember, things didn't go well for General Mudd.

LSP said...

Camper, it's a foolish Commandant who doesn't listen to the advice of the Regimental Horse Sergeant Major (RHSM).

For sure, heavenly smiting is well in order and long overdue.

LSP said...

I see you as the Kirk character too, LL. That doesn't mean I i.d. as General Mudd. He's a USURPER.

Tiberias is a great name. Let's see if Blue answers to it.

No surrender.

drjim said...

For all of Harry Mudd's faults, I can't say he was malicious. After all, he's a salesman, and he's just selling whatever people are buying. Dreams, mostly.

And there's always plenty of customers seeking easy dreams....

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Never understood why Mudd made all those women. I can barely handle one!

LSP said...

I'm a bit partial to General Mudd, drjim.

LSP said...

He met his comeuppance, Dr. Infidel.