Saturday, November 7, 2020

Deep Fix


We all have options, free will. You can, for example, choose to vote or you can invest in technology to rig the vote, don't say Dominion. Fine, such is choice, but wherein lies freedom, true freedom? Augustine tells us it's found in choosing the good, anything else rapidly turns to slavery.

That in mind, I fired up the grill. It beat thinking about the deep fix our rulers and their agitprop media have been busy foisting on the country. You can imagine the backroom deals. "Sure, you get the presidency and we get to keep the Senate. C'mon man, we'll split Congress!" and the profits.

Neat plan and it's being celebrated right now by the propaganda arm of the State, as the Corpse tells a car park he's the 46th President of the United States. Only problem being, with apologies to the now hated Boris Johnson, is that he's not. There's still that pesky problem of free will to be dealt with in the form of votes.

Yes, hundreds of thousands of them which may or may not be legal. We'll see, no one's conceded yet and even if the Corpse wins this battle, a significant portion of the electorate won't believe it, and with good reason. They'll feel cheated by a gang of thieves who stole their freedom with suitcases and coolers full of ballots in the dead of night.

Sure, the fix was in but this war is far from over, just don't drop your hammer on the scorecard on the way out. And the burgers were delicious.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Biden/Harris may prevail. They may "savor" their victory. They will never change the opinion of many of their fellow citizens that they are lying scum.

LSP said...

WSF, I like the way they're calling for "unity" after 4 years of calling us racist Nazi bigots.

Their Father, the Devil, is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.