Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019

Oh Look, it's ACoC!

Just when you thought ACoC (Anglican Church of Canada) had vanished forever into the icy void of deep space than she reappears, boldly "crossing the rainbow."

Keen-eyed xenologists will note ACoC's new top bishop figure, Linda Nicholls, at the back of the tiny church's procession. 

Take Me To Your Leader

Whether the small and getting smaller off-world denomination will attempt to establish a base on earth or return to the vacuum remains to be seen.

Ad Astra,


Sunday, July 14, 2019


It gets pretty hot in the summer, which is why we need ice to cool things down. But some people don't like ice, they think ice is fascist and literally Hitler.

Goof-off Got Himself Iced

So they fly flags against the ice. Others hate ice so much they throw bombs at it and get shot, not that you'd know it much from our honest-as-the-day's-long media.

Epstein No Longer On Ice

Seriously, since when did it become Nazi for a country to have a border? Since someone decided a massive influx of cheap labor into the US would boost the corporate bottom line and, by the way, make for some handy votes. 

For example, how many seats in the electoral college would California lose if it lost all its illegals? Good question.

No Comment

In other exciting news, our old friend Pedo Epstein's found himself back in jail again. And we have to ask, is this just the tip of the iceberg?



Friday, July 12, 2019

Man-Made Climate Change Doesn't Exist

Startled boffins in Finland and Japan were shocked to discover that man-made climate change, aka anthropogenic global warming doesn't exist.

In a bombshell report, the weather experts found that the human contribution to the last century's 0.1% rise in temperature amounts to a negligible 0.01%. Via ZeroHedge:


During the last hundred years the temperature increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C”, the Finnish researchers bluntly state in one among a series of papers.

Climate scientists in Kobe, Japan, agree and pin the blame on low clouds brought about by cosmic rays, producing an "umbrella effect."

High-Energy Particles

New evidence suggests that high-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth's climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an 'umbrella effect.'

High energy particles from space clouding everything up. Perhaps the effect's not limited to the weather?

The Cosmic Ray

Here at the Compound we look forward to a new Cosmic Ray Tax (CRT) to fund our brave new borderless rainbow utopia. All those immigrant votes don't come cheap, you know.

Your Friend,


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Rise And Fall Of LSP Pt. II - The Drugs

One minute you're riding high and the next, sunk into the depths of misery and another statistic in this nation's burgeoning opiate crisis.

There I was, strapped into a gurney on the way to Hillcrest, Waco, after a hard fall from a Mad Arab. "75 Fentanyl," said the EMS specialist as he administered the serum into a handy IV. "Might be a bumpy ride, stay with it." Which is what I did, all the way to Hillcrest ER.

Boom, outta the gurney and into a bed in Emergency. Smooth operation, they just lifted the sheet and put me on a new bed, no need to scoot over, "Well done!" The nurses liked that and laughed, "At least you're not some overweight thug."

Next thing you know it's endless corridors, elevators, more corridors and then a room on the 5th floor, where a nurse asks "how's your pain on a scale of 1-10?" A pause, "I'd give it a sturdy 4.5." Right answer, in goes some Morphine to top off the Fentanyl.

This went on till around 2.30 am and with it the news that I'd be operated on sometime that morning. Sure enough I was.  Lying there under the lights, the surgeon gave me a choice, "You can have a General, that's what most old people do and it works. Or you can have an Epidural which'll cut out feeling from the waist down. I know, you're thinking, 'that's gonna hurt!' No it won't, because we'll give you an IV sedative so you won't even feel the needle going in."

I opted for the second path and overheard the surgeon and a nurse discussing the IV, "Yeah, Morphine, Fentanyl and some Ketamine." The IV started to kick in, the needle did its work and that was that, oblivion.

Some time later I came to, feeling good, then remembered where I was and it was time for more corridors, elevators and back to the room. Pan to scenes of "how's your pain on a scale of 1-10?", Oxycontin and Morphine at various intervals and... by Sunday everything was getting a bit hazy.

Go figure. Then Monday came 'round and it was time to go after a couple of quick and painful (8/10) physio sessions.

I was fully expecting to be prescribed a week or two's worth of Oxy and a place in the opioid epidemic, but no. I got Aspirin. Good work, sensible medicos, and I tell you, they're a good crew at Hillcrest if you've come off a horse and need a bone pinned back together. And now?

Back at the Compound on bed rest while the bone heals, and scooting about on a walker. Like an ILLUMINATI MASTER.

So there you have it. Pride, my friends, comes before a fall.

Don't do drugs,


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Rise And Fall Of LSP Pt. I - The Horses

It seemed like a good idea to go riding on Friday, so that's what we did. Drove over to Waco, saddled up a couple of half-wild Arabs and went out in the round pen for a warm up.  There you have it, the rise of LSP.

All went well, so we went out in the pasture and stepped it up a bit. Fine, except that the horses weren't used to doing anything outside of a walk/trot in the round pen.

Looks Normal is Crazy

Well I didn't care and urged the uncollected, nervous, rebellious Arab forward and, when she started tossing her head and trying to get back to the barn, I turned her in a tight circle away from temptation. She hated that and went full retard horse spastic at the top of the circle and popped me off. Sic transit, the fall of LSP.

I hit the ground on my hip like a bergan full of wet charcoal landing on concrete, then got up and took stock. Could I walk? No, the old left leg was as mutinous as the horse herself. So I stood there, catching my breath.

Good Arab

The Recruit caught up soon enough, led his better behaved beast back to the barn and brought the truck around with BE. They levered me into the cab and drove to the nearest walk-in ER, which took an X Ray.

Oh dear, the upper femur was fractured below the ball joint joining the bone to the pelvis, a nasty injury, especially if an unstable bone slices through an artery and you bleed out. That hadn't happened, thank God.

Recruit Wearing a Helmet Riding an Arab

Next thing you know a busted up horseman's in an ambulance heading towards Waco central and surgery.

Moral? Never Trust An Arab or You Don't Bounce Like You Used To.

To be continued...


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

We had a parade today.

There were Revolutionary War veterans.

Happy families, because everyone loves a parade, unless they're demonically insane leftists.

And plenty of cops.

This ATV was proud to be an American.

And the Seniors Club enjoyed riding in their custom rig.

There weren't any armored vehicles but the town mustered a small contingent of cavalry. More horses on the street, please.

And the church handed out water and popsicles and everyone had a good time.

I love our parade. It's not too big but neither is the town, and there it is, good-natured, decent, patriotic family spirit on display to mark Independence. There's an innocence and a greatness to that.

Have a beautiful 4th and as always, Sic Semper Tyrannis.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Russia Rises - Bear Cav Back

Some call him a gangster, others a new Constantine and others again, a bit of both. But say what you like, Putin's calling the shots from the Ministry of Truth and getting right in the X-Ring. 

Liberalism? Failed idea. Check. Globalist NWO elite profiteering off the backs of the people they've asset-stripped? Check. 13% flat tax? Check. P. Riot locked up? Triple check. Building thousands of churches? Yes, to say nothing of being the only world leader of note to stand up for Christianity. Cheer.

Then there's Hillary. Apparently Putin cost her a job. Surely that alone calls out for street parties, coolers full of beer, grill outs, fireworks and all the rest. Unless you're an elite, rainbow riding transnationalist pawn of the brave new secularist super state. In which case Putin and Russia's a disaster, it's the "one that got away":

Once the epicenter of the Godless Bolshevik utopian experiment, Russia is now a Christian country, building on average 1000 churches a year. Its President is an [Orthodox] Mass-going, catholic Christian and as we’ve seen, over 100,000 people went on pilgrimage to the shrine of the Romanovs on the centennial of their martyrdom. 
The evil spirits have been cleansed from this suffering country, which returned to the feet of Christ, its demons driven into a herd of swine. 
No wonder, then, that today’s left, cultural and otherwise rails against the prospect of peace with Russia. It’s the country that got away, that escaped from beneath the talons of the spirits that attempted to tear it apart. 

Here at the Compound, we think COMBAT BEARS are an apt "condesnsed symbol" or to put it another way, AWESOME.

Well done, Russia. Stick it to the left and their Illuminati Masters. Feel free to disagree.

Your Comrade,


Monday, July 1, 2019


One of the best things about being an Illuminati Master is you get to go on guided Striper tours. And that's what we did, rounded up some NWO elite and went fishing.

Before you could say Davos the fish were biting. Boom, in comes a Striper like some kind of CDS gone wrong. And then... nothing much, almost as though the algos were taking it easy.

Then BOOM again. Rod goes double once, then twice, then... pick it up and reel the monster in. No kidding. Reel. It. In. And that's not easy when a ferocious Striper's making like some kind of ferocious shark. Gave me blisters.

I tell you, big fun. And tasty too, Striper makes for good grilling and guess what? Unlike the rest of your food you know where it comes from.

Destroy the NWO and fish on,


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Stand Off Sunday

It was a good morning at the Missions, no doubt about it, not a liturgical dancer in sight, no one calling the Holy Spirit "she," not one single priestess for miles around. I know this shocks you, but how very awesome and we returned to the Compound in high spirits, only to find a stand-off.

That's right, a stand-off between Blue Territorial and a Cat. The Cat was taking it easy, relaxing in the shade of the porch, and this fascinated the ferocious dog. He wanted to get at the Cat but couldn't, because of a leash. 

So he settled down and stared at the invader, who didn't seem to care in the slightest. You know dogs, maybe if I look at it long enough I'll get it, but he didn't and that seemed exciting to him. He sat and stared, got up and grinned, tried to speak to the Cat and failed, not having vocal cords, and sat back down again to stare at the kitty.

Who got bored of the performance when the sun hit her perch and ran off, leaving Blue Destitute devoid of cat company. And that was that. I enjoy having animals around and who knows, perhaps the Cat will be back. She can stay on the porch and no further.

In other exciting news, President Trump's been busy making peace with the Norks, much to the disgust of the warmongering Left. How did that happen? Do you remember how the Left used to be all about peace? But now they're all about war, Russia, Korea, Iran, you name it, let's bomb it.

Not dissimilar, when you think about it, to Obama who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for keeping America in a state of constant war. Not that he was a mindless drone of the New World Order hivemind or anything like that.



Saturday, June 29, 2019

Maine Gets A New Bishop!

That's right, the simpering manly Thomas Brown who's theoretically married to former Methodist pastor Thomas Mousin. Brown was appointed to the Episcopal Church's top job in Maine at a special promotion ceremony last weekend, during which participants were captured on video calling the Holy Spirit "she."

In pretty much the same breath, the bishop figures and their newly elected colleague say they believe in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church." Informed, apparently, by some kind of pagan goddess.

Leaving aside the rampant skulduggery, malfeasance and blasphemy in Maine's latest excursion into Episcopal degeneracy, we have to ask, will those who go against the Holy Spirit be relentlessly destroyed by that same Spirit?

The Diocese of Maine's Average Sunday Attendance has fallen from a pathetic 4,980 in 2007 to a risible 3,694 in 2017, a dismal drop-off of over 25%.

Perhaps Brown and his new rainbow deity will reverse this discouraging trend.



Friday, June 28, 2019

Trump is Apex Troll Putin is Cool

Yes, it's now clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that 45, President Trump, isn't just King of the Trolls, he's Apex Troll. But if Trump's an Apex Troll, Putin's cool, pitching common sense populism in the face of a globalist NWO elite that's ignored the people they rule in the interests of their own bulging pocket books. 

"The obvious problem is the gap between the interests of the elites and the overwhelming majority of the people," stated the Russian strongman in an interview with the Financial Times this week. President Trump, argued Putin, realized the imbalance and this explained his America First policies, to say nothing of electoral victory.

Putin, who only gets more cool by the day, went further, spearing the Illuminati dragon in the eye with the lance of truth. In the wake of NWO encouraged mass immigration "the liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population." Predictably enough, the lib elite are whining, "No! You're wrong!" Whatever, nobody cares, Illuminati overlords.

Here at the Compound we think that Trump and Putin are on the same page, putting their respective countries and people first in the face of an aggressive, satanic, transnational elite that cares for nothing beyond the confines of their already burgeoning bank accounts.

Lest you think that's some kind of exaggeration, consider the fury of the elites in question against both these leaders. 

We may thank God that Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the fake Indian are the best that our adversary the devil has to throw against the revolution.

Your Old Friend,