Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Behold The Raj Today


1947, that fated hour when the bankrupt Raj handed over to Asian Subcontinent. All yours, as it were, and you can't help but be moved by Sandhurst's Indian Army room, I assume it still exists. But, curiously, the Raj lives on as evidenced by its former units, not least cavalry:

Is there a moral in this? Of course there is, but in the meanwhile...

Eyes right!


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Get It On


Get it on, well yes, quite, but what exactly. A Burris Fastfire 3 RDS onto a Glock 45 Compact Crossfire. Should be easy, right? Just buy Glock's cheap adapter kit and away you go, but not so fast. Everything goes swimmingly well until you notice the slide adapter plate's canted up at an angle towards the rear sight as opposed to flush with the slide.

Bad Error

Bad error. Why would this be? Two reasons. 1: You over-torqued the screws affixing adapter to slide. 2: The screws which you've handily set aside from the gun's original slide plate, the same screws which Burris tells you in its wisdom to fasten sight to slide, are too long. They protrude from the bottom of the adapter plate onto the slide and raise the thing up. Useless.

So what's the fix. Burris tells you to go to Burris and buy their special, proprietary lock washers, which will act as a kind of shim to lift the offending screw (s, there's two) by about a millimeter and hence flush with the adapter plate. Huh. Why not include M3 .50 x 7 in the adapter kit, you tightwad cash heads.

Solution? Go to the hardware store, buy some fresh M3 .50 x 8 screws and some toothed lock washers, it'll cost around 2 bucks if that. Then take them home, file or clip off the teeth of the washers. Then fix the adapter plate to the slide using Glock's provided 6 mm length screws, being careful not to overtorque, "hand tight" says the manual. 

This Locktite accomplished, fix the sight to the adapter/slide by way of custom washers. And there you go, one RDS topped pistol ready to hit the range with all of its compact fury. Will it perform? Let's find out. More anon.



Monday, March 20, 2023

Cooking With LSP - Venison Sausage Pasta


So how exactly do you cook with LSP? You mutter skeptically. But not so fast, here's how. Go out and shoot a deer or get someone else to do it for you. Either way is good, your call. Then get some of that venison processed into sausage, so far so good. Next step?

Slice the sausage up into tasty morsels. It's not hard and I use a vintage Sabatier which has a miraculously keen edge. You might choose a different knife, and that's up to you, no "rule." Mission accomplished, dice up onion and garlic and chop up tomatoes. Behold a task well done.

Then fry up the onion in olive oil until translucent and add garlic. Fry for a minute or so 'til fragrant and add venison, brown it as you reflect on bond yields, interest rates and Credit Suisse shareholder wipeout, then add a tablespoon or so of tomato paste. Stir that beast around for a minute or two. Result. Add chopped tomatoes to the mix.

Well done, you've got this far, no small feat. So use your Old Wooden Spoon to stir the pot, adding 2 bay leaves, salt, pepper and basil to taste. Have a glass to celebrate this not inconsiderable victory and add a glass of red wine to the mix, just for kicks. 

Then let it simmer and listen to uplifting music; don't be in a rush, for goodness sake, let tomato, onion, and venison combine together into one compelling whole, you'll smell it when it's done. Word to the wise, let the oil seperate but in the meanwhile, boil up pasta to al dente perfection. Then fall upon your scoff.

Like a Warrior,


Marking Time


Just marking time,


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Pistol


You're not allowed to own a pistol in England unless you're a criminal or a cop, but you can in Texas. You see, free citizens are able to defend themselves whereas serf-slaves cannot. That in mind, here's a Sunday pistol.

Just a little 9, a Glock 45 Compact Crossover Gen 5. Note improvements to magazine well and slide and I tell you, this little barker fits well in the hand. An improvement on Gen 4? Hey, all you Glock experts can argue it out but I'd say yes.

This handy pistol comes with a Burris Fastfire 3 red dot, which I'll set up tomorrow. Then let's see how this diminutive beast performs. Fast, I'd wager. That in mind, I favor .45s with all their explosive power.

Still, I like this little fella.



Saturday, March 18, 2023



Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, clergy can roam across the internet in search of sermon material; you'll find, to be fair, all kinds of errant nonsense. For example, Jesus' meeting with the Samaritan woman at the well was an exercise in non-exclusionary feminist, anti-racist ethical imperative. Choke that down if you can.

Still, Harvard (Satan's Vatican) & Co. absurdity aside, you'll find an occasional gleam of ruby or diamond in the dust. I liked this, on Christ's famous statement in John 9, "I am the light of the world."

ὅταν ἐν τῷ κόσμῳ ὦ, φῶς εἰμι τοῦ κόσμου.

Hotan en to kosmo o, phos eimi tou kosmou

As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world

A more literal translation of this short verse would be more Yoda-like: “As long as in the world I am, light I am of the world.” Although I use the phrase “I am” twice in the translation, Jesus does not use the formulaic ego eimi at all in this verse. Instead he uses the present subjunctive for “I am”: ὦ (o); and then the present indicative εἰμι (eimi), without the first person pronoun ἐγώ (ego). [I just saw some graffiti today that read, “Your ego is not your amigo”]. So here, Jesus is being ego-less (:

Jesus includes the “ego” when he first identifies as the Light of the World in chapter 8 verse 12, a statement which, as I suggested in a John-in-July post, was intended to reference Isaiah 9:1-2 in response to the Pharisees’ insistence that “no prophet is to arise from Galilee” (7:52). According to Isaiah 9, “God will make glorious the way of the sea, the land beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, those who lived in a land of deep darkness—on them light has shined.” Jesus says, “You know that light Isaiah talked about in the context of Galilee? I am that light. I am the Light of the World (Ἐγώ εἰμι τὸ φῶς τοῦ κόσμου).

So why does Jesus identify again as the Light of the World in this context, after likely quoting a Jewish proverb? Moreover, how does this serve as an answer or response to the question of suffering?

Johannine scholar Herman C. Waetjen writes, “According to Philo of Alexandria, the ‘light of the world’ is the light of the first day of creation, and it is an image of the divine Logos who makes itself intelligible by means of interpretation.’”[1] One does not have to agree with Waetjen’s argument that the Fourth Gospel was written in Alexandria to accept that Philo’s ideas were clearly in the air that the Fourth Evangelist breathed. On the first day of creation, the Word (Logos) of God proceeded from God and produced light: “God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light” (1:3). For Philo, the light and the Logos become one and the same. So by calling himself the Light of the World, Jesus is saying that he is the light of the first day of creation, a manifestation of the Logos of God.


... the light and the Logos become one and the same. So by calling himself the Light of the World, Jesus is saying that he is the light of the first day of creation, a manifestation of the Logos of God.

Daniel Deforest London, you may very well be a Girardian, TECite heretic and for all I know lost in Ivy League heterodoxy, but that was beautifully put. Thanks.

Turn to the Light and utterly reject the works of darkness.

ἐν ἀρχῇ,


Trump Arrest Rant


45, that infamous Russian spy in the pay of the Kremlin may finally be brought to justice by Manhattan's fearless DA, Alvin Bragg. Why? Because the God Emperor had the brazen temerity to send his crooked lawyer, Michael Cohen, a hefty 130K related to Stormy Daniels. We have to ask, was it paid in Rubles?

Keen-eyed readers may remember brave GOP stripper Stormy Daniels and her crusade to get restitution from the Russian agent masquerading as a US President. Stormy lost that battle and had to pay a solid $300K to Team Trump, her totally not cocaine-fueled, Formula One lawyer Michael Avenatti ended up in jail. 

Trump, presidential candidate and ongoing GRU asset, believes he will be arrested next Tuesday and has called for protests. 

OK, enough of that, we can all read the news, such as it is, and it's amusing to reflect on the absurdity of media agitprop in support of our Ruling Elite. But serious question, if Trump was arrested in a fit of kabuki theater leftist posturing, would you protest?

Perhaps not, perhaps you wouldn't welcome that 4 a.m. knock on the door by an FBI SWAT Team. Maybe you wouldn't want to end up in solitary confinement for years without trial. And this raises another question, equally serious if not more so. What have we become?

Nothing good, >30T in debt, not counting all the rest, on the brink of nuclear war, inflation at 6%, an effectively open border, look out wages, and the apparent inability to parse even the most basic math. Viz. What's the difference between a man and a woman. Or, "Hey, let's give our kids puberty blockers while surgeons cut up their genitals. Because freedom." What utter Mengeles.

This is all apparently beyond us, and no wonder. A people that has rejected God will accept his opposite, Satan, a murderer from the beginning and the Father of Lies.

Light v. Dark,


Friday, March 17, 2023



It was a fierce and direct age, when mistaken pronouns could result in death (What? - Ed.) and so to duels. What happened, and it was frequent, is that a gentleman would perceive his honor threatened and challenge the offender to a duel, to the death.

It became an issue, with the officer class effectively wiping itself out, such that Louis XIV banned dueling in the late 1600s. However, the ban was ineffectual and such mortal combat remains today. Here's a brief Compound infovid, play up boys:

By the monkey, I tell you they played fast.




What is it about Stations of the Cross on Thursday evenings which invites ferocious weather. I don't pretend to understand the mystic corollary between the Via Dolorosa, Golgotha and our ancient adversary the Weather, but there it is, the battle between Good and Evil played out in the cosmos itself.

It started with brisk wind and slight rain, which fast escalated into a beating tempest. A lull, a calm, a quiet point as birds sang thinking it was Spring. And then?  Clouds rolled in from the South, tornado watch, and it was time to capture the moment from the front porch.

Would this burgeoning storm blast our bucolic farming community or would Weather's wrath pass us by? Thank Gaia, our enemy the Weather chose to strike East and punish the Deep South, like Sherman's army. We pray our brothers and sisters survived.

Stand firm, resolute, and draw the moral of this story as you take it.

Your Old Pal,


Thursday, March 16, 2023



Perhaps you've forgotten Charpentier. Not so fast, punters. And then there's Lully.


Wolf Truce


Hundreds of wolves, not a few dozen. You may not know that ferocious wolf packs savaged German and Russian soldiers in the Great War. Remarkably, both sides reportedly fashioned a truce to fight the wolves.

Here in Texas, wolves have been shot out leaving coyotes without a natural predator. You can hear them howl, ascendant.

Cave Canem,


Tracer - An Apology


Huh, so-called LSP, we came to this mind blog looking for neat photos of tracer fire and all we got was another Waylon video and a poorly written mini-rant. Guilty as charged, so to make up for the deficiency here's some tracer.

Yes, I want this rig

Russkie tracer

US tracer


There you have it, tracer. Word to the wise, mind how you go shooting these little miscreants in the dry heat of a Texan summer. Don't want to set the countryside alight, you see.

Shoot straight,