Thursday, May 13, 2021

Look How Great Everything Is!


Some Fool

What's your favorite thing about the way we live now, apart from adorable Shibas? Maybe you love waiting in line for gas and paying moar for food. Then again, perhaps you're excited about Wooden Top, John Kerry, being back on the national stage. 

Others love our open southern border, war in the Middle East, mandatory mask wearing and DC being turned into an armed camp to protect our beloved leaders. Who, you know, are so popular they need razor wire protection. That's why they got so many votes.

Our Beloved Leader

The list goes on, but seriously, are we in the grip of some kind of collective psychosis? A weird insanity where having a border makes you Fascist, believing in biological gender makes you a bigot, where wearing a mask, from a box which specifically tells you that the products therein don't protect you from viruses, protects you from viruses.

Apparently we are, to say nothing of our churches shutting down unlike, say, Costco, because worshiping God isn't "essential." And that's just it. The Church, writ large, should have acted as a beacon of light and truth over the last year, guiding and facilitating the most essential thing there is, the worship of God. But no. 

A Fierce Shiba

With notable exceptions, such as the Polish pastor in Calgary who was arrested the other day for holding services, the Church has been silent or complicit in what amounts to a corporate sponsored Cultural Marxist putsch. Go figure, it's been evident for decades that our heirarchs either support this or are too scared to speak out clearly against the current ideological and emotional ascendancy. 

Let's see what comes out of the other end of the meat grinder. My prediction, for what it's worth. A lot less lib churches, they shut themselves down and they'll stay shut, and those who actually believe, across the denoms, will stay standing and grow.


Church aside, who knows. But at least we can all agree that it's a beautiful thing to see our beloved rulers protected by razor wire in CAMP WASHINGTON DC.

Kyrie Eleison,




Look, cryptically named 'LSP,' you can't hit people with an evil gang music sonic attack on the Feast of the Ascension, even if it does make for an interesting musical parable of civil war and associated wickedness. 

Thus spoke the voice of reason over morning coffee on the back porch and I hit delete, such is the miracle of technology. Then the kid called in from Camp Humphreys in Korea, where he's getting ready to leave for Fort Hood in a month or so.

Part of the "out processing" involved a J&J Covid shot on Sunday, which caused such an allergic reaction that he ended up in hospital. He's recovered, thank God, and it's more than tempting to go on a rant about the evil chicanery that's overtaken us in the name of health and safety. But I won't, here's a prayer for the day instead:

GRANT, we beseech thee, Almighty God, that like as we do believe thy only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the heavens; so we may also in heart and mind thither ascend, and with him continually dwell, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.


God bless,


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Socialists Are So Very Awesome


And here zhe is, the Great 0 zhirself.

One of the ways you can spot a socialist is by their multi-million dollar Martha's Vineyard mansions. Because, you know, global warming's gonna raise the sea levels which is why they're investing in coastal mega homes.

Don't say hypocritical, white washed sepulcher fraud. No, check out the Intrepid Reporter on the current rumblings in France.



Notes From The Front Of The War On Weather


It's May, here in Texas, and you'd expect the kind of light and heat which promises blast furnace, frontier intensity in a month or two. But that was before we went to war against the Weather. Maybe you remember how it started, in the days of the Great 0. It was called Global Warming back then, remember?

Our planet was heating up, the ice caps were going to melt, adorable polar bears would all die and Venice, London, Martha's Vineyard, New York, Aberystwyth and Hull (What? Ed.) were going to sink beneath the waves. Unless we paid more tax, a lot moar tax.

So we went to war against the weather and paid for it too, after all, wars don't come cheap. Just ask the French who patriotically embraced daring green taxes on "Le Petrol." But that was then, this is now. Fast forward to today and the North Central Texan Front of the war.

I tell you, it's not easy, because the enemy's smart, unpredictable, the climate changes. On a dime. And it's cold in Texas today, thunder rumbles  relentlessly like the guns of Kursk and rain pours down, threatening the flimsy architecture of today's corporate sponsored, rainbow hued Marxist utopia with collapse.

Regardless, we press on, resolute in the Great Patriotic War against our Old Enemy, the Weather.

Stand Firm,


Monday, May 10, 2021

Grand Hotel


Tonight we dine at Hotel Ritz. Quite. 

Shiba, this Lambo's not about to buy itself. In the meanwhile, don't be scared, just hold and think of the power of mimetic value.

Your Old Fiduciary Friend,


Happy Late Mothers Day


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Texas, the sun shone, the morning Masses had gone well and there I was on the back deck enjoying a glass of the right stuff when the phone rang. I picked up, "Ah, Colonel Wolf!" Yes, it was LL calling from his mountain fastness in the Arizona Highlands.

We talked about the present insanity and moved on to religion by way of politics. It went something like this:

"Look, RHSM, you move in these circles, but it strikes me that we're living in the kind  of corrupt chicanery that'd make the seventeenth century French blush with shame. Come back Mazarin, all's forgiven."

"Right, you can't even fathom the depth of it, the fish rots from the head down. And we're at this point where the higher law, the law of the New Testament, of the Savior, is too much for them. Just the basic law'd be a start, right?"

"You mean, don't rip your buddy off and steal his wife?"



Good point. Then it was time to ride the highway to Dallas and Mothers Day. We grilled burgers, delicious, and talked into the earlies on the candlelit porch. What a beautiful night, and I know, a buck short and a day late, but...

Happy late Mothers Day!


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Blood On The Floor

Look, I won't lie, there's no point. Fact of the matter is that the Peoples Currency took a brutal clubbing last night, after a coordinated dump sent the magic internet meme token plummeting in value. That's right, the Shiba went from a heady >75 to somewhere miserably near .40. What a wipeout.

Blood on the tracks. That in mind, spare a thought for the brave Shibes who went over the top in the 70s. It's gotta be tough out there, underwater in no man's land. But take heart, we're coming for you, no shibe left behind. Speaking of which, the price has rebounded, and miraculously sits at around .530.

Stay tuned for further moves into the swinging 60s and go Calgary! Check it out, a literal Doge on the literal Moon. And I've gotta say...

Ad Lunam,


Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Venetian Coronation


The Moslem fleet met its end at Lepanto and Western civilization was saved. Don Juan? Death light of Africa, love light of Spain. A glorious, supernatural, tempestuous, pneumatic, wind-driven victory. 

An exuberance of the Faith, if you like. In our own day the threat's no less real, perhaps more so. Swords about the Cross, are you in?

I'm up, just sayin,


Friday, May 7, 2021

The Waiter


Behold genius, thanks to our man in California,


Dinosaurs And Breakfast


The day dawned bright and clear, such is country life in the pastoral idyll that is North Central Texas. Hey, I'm not complaining, and after the morning ritual of Morning Prayer, walking the dog to the Pick 'n Steal, checking the news and all of that, it seemed right to go for a Mexican breakfast. Why?

Because I like it and always get Huevos Rancheros; it's a tradition and a good one. So off I walked down the streets of this erstwhile cotton town to Montes and adventure, and there it was, a dinosaur! Two, in fact.

Impressed and startled, I took a few photos, imagining the time these ferocious beasts roamed the land, tearing their prey apart limb from limb until they miraculously turned into attractive birds. A parable, perhaps, for the diner itself.

Some say dinosaurs still exist, such as the Loch Ness Monster, Pterosaurs and other throwbacks to an earlier age, and perhaps they do. You'll remember the long extinct Coelacanth that was discovered alive and well in the waters of the modern world.

Regardless, I fell upon the delicious breakfast like a raptor before heading back to the safety of the Compound, mission accomplished. And now? Time to fry up some Striper and watch the People's Currency test all time highs. We hope.

Your Pal,


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Vive La France

It's the habit of the English to mock the French, but I don't mock this, an open letter signed by senior officers of the the French Army, Air Force and Navy. The French Army Chief of Staff has threatenned the officers with court martial. Here's the letter, via TGP:

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Members of Parliament and Government,

The situation is serious. France is in danger. She faces many mortal perils.

We who, even in retirement, remain soldiers of France, cannot, in the current circumstances, remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.

Our red, white and blue flag is not just a piece of cloth. It symbolizes the tradition, handed down through the ages, of those who, whatever their skin color or faith, have served France and given their lives for it.

On this flag we find in gold letters the words, “Honor and Country”. Today, our honor today lies in calling out the destruction of our country.

This destruction, under the guise of so-called anti-racism, follows a single aim: To foster unrest in our land, even hatred between communities.

There is much talk today of “racism”, “white supremacy” and “decolonization”. But what these hateful and fanatic activists actually want is race war.

They despise our country, its traditions and its culture. They want to see it destroyed by robbing it of its past and its history.

When they attack our statues, they are actually attacking our glorious military and civilian past, a heritage passed down in words that are centuries old.

This destructive attack, together with Islamism and the criminal hordes in the ghettos, is dividing our nation with dogmas that are contrary to our constitution.

Every Frenchman, whatever his faith or lack thereof, is at home everywhere in France. There cannot and must not exist any city or district where the laws of the Republic do not apply.

This destructive attack causes hatred to outweigh our bonds of brotherhood.

The government pits the police, as their proxies and scapegoats, against our citizens expressing their despair in Yellow Vests.

Meanwhile, masked and hooded radicals ransack businesses and threaten these same police officers, who are only trying to obey the sometimes contradictory orders given by you, the government.

The danger is mounting. The violence is increasing day by day. Who would have predicted ten years ago that a teacher would one day be beheaded on the street in broad daylight in France, on his way home from school?

We, as servants of our Nation, who have always been ready to stick our necks out for our country, as is a soldier’s duty, cannot remain passive in the face of such danger any longer.

It is imperative that those who run our country find the courage to eradicate these dangers.

To achieve this, it is often enough to merely start enforcing existing laws without weakness.

Remember that, like us, a large majority of our fellow citizens are baffled by your hand-wringing and shameful silence.

As Cardinal Mercier, Primate of Belgium, said: “When prudence is everywhere, courage is nowhere.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, you have dawdled enough. The hour is grave, the task is huge.

Do not waste any more time and know that we are ready to support those policies which will safeguard the nation.

If nothing is done, lawlessness will inexorably continue to spread in our society, ultimately leading to an explosion and the intervention of our active military in the dangerous task of protecting our civilizational values, and safeguarding our fellow citizens in our country.

There is no more time to waste. Otherwise, tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos.

The deaths, which will number in the thousands, will be on your hands.


Lieutenant-general Christian PIQUEMAL (Foreign Legion), Major-General Gilles BARRIE (Infantry), Maj.-Gen. François GAUBERT (former Military Governor of Lille), Maj.-Gen. Emmanuel de RICHOUFFTZ (Infantry), Maj.-Gen. Michel JOSLIN DE NORAY (Marines), Brigadier General  André COUSTOU (Infantry), Brigadier General Philippe DESROUSSEAUX de MEDRANO (Train), Brig.-Gen. Antoine MARTINEZ (Air Force), Brig.-Gen. Daniel GROSMAIRE (Air Force), Brig.-Gen. Robert JEANNEROD (Cavalry), Brig.-Gen. Pierre Dominique AIGUEPERSE (Infantry), Brig.-Gen. Roland DUBOIS (Transmissions), Brig.-Gen. Dominique DELAWARDE (Infantry), Brig.-Gen. Jean Claude GROLIER (Artillery), Brig.-Gen. Norbert de CACQUERAY (Armaments), Brig.-Gen. Roger PRIGEN T (ALAT), Brig.-Gen. Alfred LEBRETON (CAT), Surgeon General Guy DURAND (Health Service), Rear Admiral Gérard BALASTRE (Navy).

Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen replied to the letter thus:

Gentlemen, Generals, Officers, Representatives of all armies and all branches, you have signed an open letter calling “for our leaders  to return to honor.”

Your initiative, rare in the military, testifies to the level of concern you have in the face of the worrisome deterioration of the situation in our country. Your outspoken but fair observation, made in very strong terms, constitutes a public challenge that no one can ignore, given your reputation.

With the courage of those who have dedicated their lives to their country, you criticize our leaders very directly, questioning their responsibility quite legitimately, urging them to regain the ability to act and restore “our honor”.

As a citizen and as a politician, I agree with your analysis and share your concerns. Like you, I believe it is the duty of all French patriots, wherever they’re from, to stand up for the restoration and even the salvation of our country.

However, I believe that an open letter will not be enough to persuade our failing leadership to change its shameful ways.

The recent pronouncements by the President of France on his project to “deconstruct the history of France” indeed show us these harmful tendencies are not the result of a moment of confusion, but from a political agenda powered by fundamentally destructive ideology.

The concerns you so bravely express cannot remain a mere expression off outrage, however. In a democracy, we must look for a political solution which must materialize through a process of dialogue which must be validated by French voters.

This is the motivation for my political agenda, and of my candidacy for the French Presidency, with the objective of forming a government that will unify the nation.

Many senior officials and leading figures of society have rallied to our cause. I invite you to join us in the struggle which is beginning, a peaceful and political struggle, which is above all the struggle for France.

Marine Le Pen

This has nothing whatsoever, in any shape, form or substance to do with anything at all that's occurring in the United States. At all. Or the UK. Nothing. At. All. (Must you be so sarcastic? Ed.)



Midweek Message


While reflecting on Christ's words in the Gospel for this coming Sunday, "Abide in my love," (Jn 15:9) I was struck by this:

In 1944, the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko's mother took him from Siberia to Moscow. They were among those who witnessed a procession of twenty-thousand German war prisoners marching through the streets of Moscow:

The pavements swarmed with onlookers, cordoned off by soldiers and police. The crowd was mostly women -- Russian women with hands roughened by hard work, lips untouched by lipstick, and with thin hunched shoulders which had borne half of the burden of the war. Every one of them must have had a father or a husband, a brother or a son killed by the Germans. They gazed with hatred in the direction from which the column was to appear.

At last we saw it. The generals marched at the head, massive chins stuck out, lips folded disdainfully, their whole demeanor meant to show superiority over their plebian victors.

"'They smell of perfume, the bastards," someone in the crowd said with hatred. The women were clenching their fists. The soldiers and policemen had all they could do to hold them back.

All at once something happened to them. They saw German soldiers, thin, unshaven, wearing dirty blood-stained bandages, hobbling on crutches or leaning on the shoulders of their comrades; the soldiers walked with their heads down. The street became dead silent -- the only sound was the shuffling of boots and the thumping of crutches.

Then I saw an elderly women in broken-down boots push herself forward and touch a policeman's shoulder, saying, "Let me through." There must have been something about her that made him step aside. She went up to the column, took from inside her coat something wrapped in a colored handkerchief and unfolded it. It was a crust of black bread. She pushed it awkwardly into the pocket of a soldier, so exhausted that he was tottering on his feet. And now from every side women were running toward the soldiers, pushing into their hands bread, cigarettes, whatever they had. The soldiers were no longer enemies. They were people. (A Precocious Autobiography, Yevgeny Yevtushenko)


Abide in my love says Christ. What freedom, peace and joy there is to be had in that, as opposed to the tyranny, conflict and misery of its opposite. 

Let's choose wisely between these to paths and pray without ceasing that God's invincible love, his life, fills our hearts. Do not think for an instant that such a prayer won't be answered.

Here endeth the lesson,