Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Cheese Slides Off Cracker


I took the call this morning, "LSP, this is getting off-hook, there's bad crazy weirdness everywhere, you couldn't make it up if you tried. Like the guy in a dress who's in charge of nuclear power, there he is, stealing women's luggage at the airport."

"Like for what?" I asked, "For the dresses?" A short silence, "Yes, exactly. Then there's the Admiral, Dick Levine. He's just this old man dressed up like a woman, but everyone knows he's not a woman, it's obvious, like Bruce Jenner."

But we're supposed to think the evidence of our senses is wrong, utterly wrong, because science meets rainbow and anything else is literal Nazism. Wow, watch out for those biology Fascists all you neutered soy serfs of the NWO. But back to the point.

We thought about this for a minute or two and my friend came up with a solution, it's what he does, "This insanity's too deep, it's beyond our expertise, we have to hand it over to the professionals." I agreed, "We're not up to it on this side of the divide, we don't have the skills." He agreed, "We don't, God needs to take them home, this is beyond us."

Apparently it is. When something so basic as the difference between a man and a woman is seemingly beyond our grasp, then we have to apply to a Higher Power. How he sorts that out is another thing again. In the meanwhile, gentle readers, don't forget that Baphomet, the demon, is trans.

And a minor aside. Why, if biology's so unimportant in the gender scheme of things, do people pay so much money to alter it to become a surgical/chemical parody of their opposite sex? Could it be that demons are driving this? See pronouns They/Them or in other words, we are legion.

Vade Retro,


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Russia Says No To Rainbow


Looks like Russia's Canadian Embassy's speaking truth to power. A "Family is a man a woman and children." How. Dare. They. What utter, total, literal, brazen NAZIs, yes, Soviet Nazis. Thank Rainbow Gaia we're pouring billion$ into this fight to defeat heterosexualists autocrats who lock up protesters for years without trial. 

even drag queens scorn Justine

Imagine, when we win, as the West always does against Russia, the sheer rainbow utopia of it all. A trans bathroom on every block of the Kremlin and a plateful of insects in every sustainable, biodegrable plate. Exactly, you'll own nothing and be happy. That's what we're diversity fighting for. Seriously, how many soldiers are down with this? Just asking.


Monday, November 28, 2022

They're Not Even Bothering To Hide


We all know about Balenciaga's bondage bear devilry but the plot thickens to Fashion IT girl, Lotta Volkova, Russian born super stylist to the hyper rich, #BillSoc industry and Balenciaga associate. Here she is.

In case we didn't get the picture, Vogue's Spring Accessories 2021 provides some context, a demon.

And check out America's top celebrity art witch and friend of the Podestas on the cover of Ukrainian Vogue. Don't say Spirit Cooking.

Point being? I'm no prude, but there is dark, satanic evil in high places and it's not even bothering, at this point, to hide. Have a look online if you like, I couldn't post the grosser images, especially the ones involving children. But maybe you're not convinced? I'll leave you with Lotta itself.

You see, it's all fun and ironic art games 'til you look up and your possessed pal's eating a baby's forearm.

Defende Nos,


Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cambridge Trans Christ?


Worshipers at Evensong in Trinity College Cambridge were scandalized by a sermon claiming that Jesus was trans, with some leaving the chapel in tears and calling the college's Dean a heretic.

The sermon was given by junior research fellow Joshua Heath who reportedly stated from the pulpit, 'In Christ's simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body.'

According to the Daily Telegraph, Heath used the 15th century painting Pietà with the Holy Trinity by Jean Malouel to prove his point, blasphemously likening the wound in Christ's side to female genitalia. In response to outraged churchgoers, Trinity College explained Heath's sermon was simply an exercise in art philosophy and didn't imply Jesus was trans.

So that's alright then, except that it isn't. That Trinity's Dean and his unfortunate homilist would be so spiritually tone deaf is bad enough in itself, much less the subject matter. For the record and now that we're in Advent, the Word was made flesh as a man.

Out demons out,


Saturday, November 26, 2022

Pictures of War


And more

Verdun on left

The people driving this slaughter deserve the greatest penalty. UKR forces at Bakhmut have, apparently, been given several hours to surrender by end of play tomorrow.

That would be the first Sunday of Advent. Kyrie Eleison, Lord have mercy. And as we pray this, pray too that we don't descend into the same hell. I mean that most seriously.



Are You...

...a STRAT?

Or a TELE?

Two very fundamental questions and I'm not sure there's a right or wrong answer, but you may disagree. Fair play, and let's not forget Gibson.

Maybe you're an SG?


Your call, no "rule," except one. As with guns, you can't have too many.

Rock on,


Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Reflection Of The Soul


It's said we create in our image, which is more than a little terrifying when it comes to this tepid Kebob Stand on the Information Superhighway. But still, think of the bigger picture. Previous ages built, sculpted, drew and  painted beautifully. Their artists produced beautiful things to elevate soul and mind. Why?

Because the soul of those artists was filled with beauty, the beauty of God, of reality Himself, and they tried to express it. Flash forward to today. We live in a time of unparalleled wealth and unparalleled ugliness, witness our hideous art and architecture.

This reflects the state of the souls who create it, and what a miserable, demonic state it is. Witness the latest Balenciaga ad series, featuring children, bondage bear bags, pedophilia and more. They've issued an apology, but so what? The Devil's in the detail and he's still there.

The problem, of course, is that a degenerate, filthy, nihilist revolt against all that's good and true will produce its accordant ugly offspring. And how ugly that is. Stand against it, don't put up with it, don't sponsor it. And yes, I'm looking at you, Podesta Brothers, be assured of justice before the throne of God as you are cast into the Pit and Lake of Fire.

That in mind, strive to fill yourself with the beautiful, good and true, with God; creation follows.

Imago Dei,


Happy Thanksgiving!


Here's a prayer for the day:

O MOST merciful Father, who hast blessed the labours of the husbandman in the returns of the fruits of the earth; We give thee humble and hearty thanks for this thy bounty; beseeching thee to continue thy loving-kindness to us, that our land may still yield her increase, to thy glory and our comfort; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


God bless you all,


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Very Serious Clubbing


A well known solutions provider commented on this shallow, barely read mind blog, "You need to build your own club. Maybe not in Texas Hill Country, but close enough. It would need to have at least a pistol range. I'd go and hang out. If you build it, they will come."

As a notorious clubman this got me thinking. What would such a place be like, like some hideous faux Tudor country club, complete with links, a 20k joining fee and JEB! sinking into a leather armchair? No, nothing Rat Claw Rubio like that. I replied:

A ranch house (extended), fires throughout, 12' ceilings (cooler) with wrap 'round porch. Trophy Room (smoking), Light Cav Bar, Living Room, Ante Room, Dining Room, Billiards/Pool Room and maybe a pool. And a Writing Room (laptops allowed). Food? Club special = Chicken Fried Steak, your choice of sides and Fried Pies for dessert. Or your choice of cut, Rib Eye, Strips etc, all from the club's herd. Farm to table you see, this club's sustainable.


A RANGE. Pistol, skeet and 100, 200, 500, 1000 yard

Ideally there'd be a river to fish too, but I know you can't have everything. Would there be old retainers? Well yes, of course.


In other words, a home from home and a real country club, you see. Would it have accommodation? Yes. Some members would stay year 'round. Would it be exclusive? Obviously, no libs allowed except for my pals. Expensive? Not necessarily, depends on who you are, for some it's free, thank you for your service. Would it be "fancy"? No, of course not. Think lodge. Recip rights? Oh yes, especially with the Savage. Women allowed? Accompanied by a gentleman.

Just some thoughts,  Must get a consortium together and explore this further, thanks LL for the initiative. Good call.



Vicarious Venice


An old musical pal texted in from Venice, "As a guest of the Biennale I get a chauffeured boat. My driver runs his boat FAST and listens to Italian METAL."

I thought about this for maybe a second and fired back, "Where's my BOAT? Dammit." He replied with another photo.

"Venice. 23:37. Quiet." It's quiet here too in the North Central Texas Exclusion Zone, and a gentle rain falls upon this small farming community. We call it "Skywater." 

But back to Venice, wasn't the place supposed to be underwater by now? Someone's obviously been paying their weather tax. That in mind, more on this Venetian exploit as the story unfolds.



Nonbinary Freakout


Lo and behold, turns out the alleged Colorado gay club shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, identifies as "non-binary," uses they/them pronouns and the title, "Mx." Aldrich's pansexual identity came to light thanks to a court filing on Tuesday. Mx. Aldrich is accused of killing 5 people and wounding another 18.

Why did they/them go postal on the LGBTQ club? Our objective, honest, unbiased, truth telling media initially blamed the GOP in general and Lauren Boebert in particular. Evil, bigoted rightwingery provided the motive, but that narrative's fallen curiously flat.

For what it's worth, I'd suggest "they/them" implies some kind of schizophrenia at best and demonic possession at worst. Or is there something else going on here? Regardless, the Unicorn's clearly a dangerous beast. 

In related news, outgoing RINO Adam Kinzinger's attacked a cartoon cat on social media. You can read all about it here.

Mind the gap,


Monday, November 21, 2022

Who Were These Men?


Who were the men who built the mighty British Empire? Were they effete, tofu gorging, soy swilling, self-apologizing, climate aggrandizing soi bois? Were they puberty blocking trans Rainbow Warriors? No, they were not. Here's IKB:

You'll note he had a knighthood, in contradistinction to Paul McCartney, give that man a K. My, how that worm's turned. Then there's Gladstone, the Great Statesman. Look at his face and ask, "Would he have been in favour of trans marriages, for a second."

No, of course not. Point being, who were these men? Giants.

Arduus Ad Solem,


At Last You're Fired

It took a while, some would say too long, but at last Alberta's hated Chief Medical Officer Deenah Hinshaw has been fired. Hinshaw was notorious for recommending policies which shut down schools and churches, to say nothing of draconian vaccine mandates. Those who didn't comply were fined, arrested or fired.

Hinshaw's well deserved axing came as Alberta's new Premier Danielle Smith made good on election promises to purge the province's self-serving, dictatorial Health Services (AHS) quango. Smith's kept her pledge by firing the entire AHS Board along with the repellently smug leftist Hinshaw. The eleven person board's been replaced with one man, Dr. John Cowell.

In an open letter, one of the terminated board members Tony Dagnone accused Smith of being "against science" and "unhinged" accusing her of acting "under the guise of freedom." Via AlbertaPrimeNews:

"The current premier defies all those aspirations as she spews wacko accusations at Alberta Health Services and its valued workforce," he wrote. 

The premier has chosen to "play to her misguided followers who rant against science and academic medicine under the veiled guise of freedom," Dagnone said in the letter. 

“Her warped stance on COVID, which I remind the premier was and is a public health issue not a political punching bag, is nothing short of borderline dereliction when the lives of AHS staff and Albertans are at stake," Dagnone wrote.

“In light of her unhinged public pronouncements, the premier represents the bleakest of role models for women who aspire to be accepted in positions of influence and leadership.

What can we say. Spews wacko accusations, warped science, unhinged, bleakest of role models, dereliction? Tony, Hinshaw and the rest of you, if the hat fits. And think yourselves lucky while you're at it. In the meanwhile, the increasingly popular rulership of the United States persists in faux Covid emergency, one of the last countries in the world to do so. 

Make of this, gentle readers, what you will.

Drinks at Ranchmen's all 'round,


Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday Sermon


I won't preach, done that already, but here's Conrad Black via Zerohedge:

That the Democrats and their lock-step allies in the national media succeeded in putting across the colossal smear that former President Donald Trump is a supporter of violence and a threat to the constitutional system could be interpreted as a long step toward the national suicide that Abraham Lincoln foresaw is the only way in which the American project could perish.

Former CIA Director John Brennan called Trump a traitor; former National Intelligence Director James Clapper declared as a matter of settled fact that Trump was a Russian intelligence asset. The corruption of the FBI and the intelligence agencies in the dissemination of the infamous Steele dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign as authentic intelligence revealing Trump as completely unsuited to public office and the profound dishonesty of former FBI Director James Comey in white-washing Clinton’s alleged destruction of subpoenaed evidence and his recourse to surveillance granted in response to false affidavits while attempting to destroy the Trump presidency have escaped legal retribution by the somnambulant Durham investigation, and there will be no retribution for any of it.

Yet, Trump is the tainted protagonist. The Russian collusion hoax was the most monstrous defamation ever inflicted on a U.S. president. The spurious impeachment of him, for an innocuous telephone call to the president of Ukraine about the commercial activities of the Biden family in his country—now notorious but probably a matter of political suppression of the normal working of American justice—was in the same category of misuse of the political system for the lowest and most destructive partisan ends.

It’s obvious that the potentially millions of harvested ballots that couldn’t be verified in the 2020 presidential election could easily have provided the 50,000 vote switchover needed in Pennsylvania and two other states to flip that election to Trump in the Electoral College. The dishonesty of the universal media stone wall that 2020 was a pristine presidential election is compounded by the judiciary’s abdication of its coequal role in government and reassertion of its refusal to consider overturning the apparent presidential election result.

Democratic strategists deserve a near-perfect score for tactical judgment...


I'd say Black's got a point and you can read the whole thing here if you like. He concludes:

The only way to complete Trump’s work and root out and politically exterminate those who have corrupted the intelligence and justice arms of the federal government and have dragooned the contemptible but still insidiously influential national political media in full metal jacket Trump-hate, is for Trump to identify and support the successor whom he favors as Republican presidential candidate.

He shouldn’t go back to his 2016 playbook and insult all the other prominent Republicans. He has exchanged enough fire with his Republican enemies, contemptible though many of them are, and did well to win the first round and come so close in the second. The third round last week was an acute disappointment, and the Republican Party doesn’t need, and the American public doesn’t wish for, an internecine war on the scale that would rage if Trump sought another presidential nomination. But another candidate plausibly pledged to the enactment of the Trump program and supported by Trump but not stigmatized by him, could lead the desperately needed national political purgation.


Black's awesome "full metal jacket Trump-hate" line aside, do you think he's right or wrong? Should 45 run for 47 or not? Serious question. 

In the meanwhile, the most popular president in the history of history, turns 80. Just think, a million votes for every year of our beloved leader's life, and a little more.



Saturday, November 19, 2022

Battle Cry Of Freedom


Maybe you don't think this relevant, maybe you're a fool. That's your call.

States Rights,


Tax 'Em And Scourge 'Em


Do you remember the chorus of teeth gnashing, incohate rage when now defunct Tory Premiere and her POC Chancellor had the literal, brazen temerity to cut taxes in the Sceptered Isle? Sure you do, and the unfortunately named Truss was kicked out of power along with her pet POC.

Lo and behold, a new budget's been announced in the UK by the ruling Brahman and the media love it. It goes like this, we will raise taxes, a lot, on anyone earning over 100k a year. Yes, you'll be hit, you robber barons, with a punitive 60% levy on your ill-gotten gains. Take that, capitalist swine!

In the meanwhile, Deep State civil servant pensions rise exponentially in tune with inflation. All animals, you see, are equal but some are more equal than others, not least retired Whitehall Mandarins. Nice gig if you can get it, which most Britons can't. They're being replaced by low cost immigrant labor to the tune of 100s of thousands of people a year. 

What I love most about this is that the Progressive Left applauds it. Get taxed outta existence, small business owner, and rejoice in your new trans bathroom as Blockrock takes over the franchise. Top hats, private jets and exclusive island clubs all 'round.

In the old days we used to know where these people lived, they were landowners on a grand scale and accountable to their estates. Today? That's gone, along with their contract to the people they should serve and manifestly don't.

It will end in tears, I tell you, and as always...

Guinea on the Monkey,


Friday, November 18, 2022

Is This Allowed?


Is BB King still allowed? Or is he banned along with Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima? Oh, desperately sorry for appallingly racist benign stereotypes. To be replaced with what, exactly? Look, here's  a helpful infographic:



Behold The Light


Drive into the light on the way to yesterday's evening Mass at Mission #2, by the lake. There it was, a Texan sunset and there I was, powering into the incandescent beauty of the thing. Is the infinite glory of God revealed to us in creation? It certainly was to me on the way to Lake Whitney and I was reminded of a time, several decades ago now, in London.

It was one of those points when pretty much everything seemed to have collapsed and I was utterly miserable, staying at  Fr. Michael Hollings' eclectic community in Bayswater. He lived, this cousin of the Duke of Norfolk, in a small office which somehow doubled as a bedroom and in I marched to pour out my tale of woe, and it was exceedingly woeful. No kidding.

Well, the priest listened, smiled and said, "Look out of the window at the sky," it was uncharacteristically blue, "and the trees. Beautiful, God is very, very good." So I looked out of the window and yes, it was beautiful, and my heart felt peace at that moment in the revealed goodness our loving God. 

Sentimental, mawkish piety? No. Bear in mind, Hollings had fought at Monte Casino in the Guards, I think as a Major. No small thing, and the point of this story? There's several, not least this. Look out, open your eyes, and behold the glory, goodness and love of God. As even the pagans of antiquity sensed, Sol Invictus. There's immeasurable hope in that.

God bless you all,


Thursday, November 17, 2022

A Cautionary Tale


Yes, readers, in song.

Your Buddy


Karahan Tepe


Everyone's familiar with Gobekli Tepe, the astonishingly ancient megalithic temple in Turkey originally excavated by Klaus Schmidt from 1995-2014. But we're less familiar with Karahan Tepe, 46 km south east of Gobekli Tepe and equally ancient, being some 11,500 years old, maybe older.

Both sites are remarkable for their extreme age, being built at the end end of the Younger Dryas and the dawning of the Holocene Age, at a time archeologists assumed humans were hunter gatherers and incapable of monumental architecture.

It's a fair assumption. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, what were humans doing beyond drawing pictograms on cave walls, gnawing bark, collecting roots, berries and, if they were lucky, driving the odd bison off a cliff. They were like, so the theory went, North American Indians or their equivalents in Africa.

Gobekli Tepe and now Karahan Tepe change all that. These prehistoric humans were well capable of monumental architecture and art, to say nothing of astronomy. They were clearly much more advanced than supposed. For that matter, were they, in fact, hunter gatherers who came together to build and then settled in one place with agriculture and civic life rising in the wake, or the other way around or both?

We don't know, but we do know this. The larger sculpted stones of the "T-Builders" at Gobleki Tepe weighed around 15 tons and these are the earliest, dating to approximately 9,500 BC, apparently the same holds true for Karahan Tepe. Later structures at both sites are smaller, with older construction being back-filled and replaced by lesser architecture. What does this suggest?

Shockingly, that the earlier builders were more advanced as a civilization than their descendants. They initiated the building and did so massively, later generations didn't. This implies a civilization in decline, for whatever reason, and begs the question, who were the original builders and what did they come from?

It's tempting to imagine an architectural people, and all that goes with it, somehow surviving the Younger Dryas glacial period and emerging in diminished form in what we now call Turkey as the climate mercifully warmed.

But again, we don't know, and with apologies to Graham Hancock, there's precious little evidence. That said, wouldn't it be strange if humanity, whose origins keep getting pushed back into the mists of prehistory, weren't able in hundreds and thousands of years to move beyond rock chucking and grubbing for roots to something better? An antedeluvian megalithic civilization of which little if anything remains, except their heirs in Anatolia around 11,500 BC.

Well, that's as maybe. Perhaps there's a parable in Gobekli Tepe and its twin at Karahan. Viz. They devolved.

Antedeluvia Forever,


Wednesday, November 16, 2022



You no sooner attempt to step away from the news cycle to concentrate on producing an overdue magazine than boom, everything goes rodeo.

Governor Abbott invokes Texas' Invasion Clause, authorizing exceptional measures to stem the flood of migrants into the state, some 1.26 million in 2022 alone. Abbott intends to:

Deploy the National Guard to safeguard the border, and to repel and turn back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally

Deploy the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to arrest and return immigrants to the border who crossed illegally, and to arrest illegal immigrants for criminal activity;

Build a wall in multiple counties on the border;

Deploy gun boats;

Designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations;

Enter into a compact with other states to secure the border;

Enter into agreements with foreign powers to enhance border security;

Provide resources for border counties to increase their efforts to respond to the “border invasion.”

Quite a thing, to put it mildly, and that's not all. According to AP, a Russian missile/s(?) hit a farm in Poland, causing outraged cries for NATO heads to call an Article 4 meeting, frontrunners to suggest Article 5 and, well, war with Russia. No, not the proxy one we're fighting now but the real deal and all that goes with it. Huh, World War III. We can imagine the overworked DIs at Benning working 'round the clock to learn their intakes' pronouns.

But the next Big One's averted for now, thank God. Turns out the missile in question was a Ukrainian S 300 which went astray trying to take out a flying Russkie adversary. AP walked back the story and Biden confirmed the new narrative, much to Zelensky's discomfort. In fairness to the Ukraine's diminutive if coke fueled President, the most popular Ruler of America ever, Old Joe, must be a difficult paymaster. 

And then, just as you're recovering from the news that Armageddon isn't quite yet, 45 announces a bid for the White House in 2024. Will he be defeated by JEB! in the most insanely vicious revenge arc ever? 

That, along with everything else, remains to be seen. In other positive news, Nancy Pelosi's finally fired...

Saints preserve us,