Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Russia Says No To Rainbow


Looks like Russia's Canadian Embassy's speaking truth to power. A "Family is a man a woman and children." How. Dare. They. What utter, total, literal, brazen NAZIs, yes, Soviet Nazis. Thank Rainbow Gaia we're pouring billion$ into this fight to defeat heterosexualists autocrats who lock up protesters for years without trial. 

even drag queens scorn Justine

Imagine, when we win, as the West always does against Russia, the sheer rainbow utopia of it all. A trans bathroom on every block of the Kremlin and a plateful of insects in every sustainable, biodegrable plate. Exactly, you'll own nothing and be happy. That's what we're diversity fighting for. Seriously, how many soldiers are down with this? Just asking.



LindaG said...

Good for them saying that.
Be safe and God bless.

LL said...

I was going to ask how Trudeau keeps getting re-elected. I'm sure that he uses the Arizona method and the Canadian Secret Police keep affirming it.

Anonymous said...

I'll just point out that, just like feminism, BLM, Antifa, the 'Greens', etc., the LGBTQWERTY agenda and organisations are, and always were, conceived, supported and funded by ... Russia.

So, they quite cheerfully admit how destructive the cult they spread, facilitate and fund in the west is, but don't want any of it themselves?

Anyone who actually believes Russia is the 'good guy' here is either irredeemably naive, indescribably stupid or ... complicit.

Hint: When an establishment and media who have lauded and feted Russia, in all its forms, for decades, staffed entirely from top-to-bottom with die-hard cradle-to-grave true-believers, suddenly 'appears' to be anti-Russian both Occam and basic common-sense would suggest they are, as usual, performing their anti-western roles, just in a novel manner. (You might like to consider that all the pro-western/anti-Russian media is/has portrayed the west as entirely corrupt, evil and incompetent, whilst Russia is the 'saviour of normality and all that is good'. A point to consider, no?).

Is the west's 'leadership' entirely and completely corrupt, malicious and incompetent? Patently yes, but you might consider that those 'leaders' (just like Putin) are all members of the same club, the globalist, collective, totalitarian (WEF members to man/woman, including comrade Putin don't forget before it is memory-holed) 'marxists'. (Putin and Xi 'own' most western politicians, you might like to consider their actions in the light of that fact).

The (supposed) enemy of my enemy is ... my enemies enemy, nothing more. He most certainly isn't my friend.

A simple question. Was Ukraine any less corrupt, less run by perverts and criminals when run directly by Russia, or its puppets? No, then in reality we are seeing, not a fight against that corruption and blatant evil, but merely a "faction fight" over who is in control, and who gets the profits. (Every 'lab' and perversion existed for years before Russia left, so of course they know exactly where/what they are).

There are 'no' good guys here and accepting the narrative plays into their hands (just as the assumption the uniparty is made up of opposites has worked out so well, yah think?).

Anonymous said...

That video of Justine with the drag queens is very, very sick, it's scary to think this man is in charge of Canada!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

What does this say about the current insanity in the west if Putin (thug that he is) is now the adult in the room?

Wild, wild west said...

A couple or three things:

1. I wonder if The Rev-er-und Jesse Jackson thinks the cultural misappropriation of his Rainbow Coalition to be a good thing on balance.

2. Fidel Jr. got a spanking from the Chinese recently, so they don't seem to like him any better.

3. Not to mention, Fidel Jr. is doing a bang-up job of managing Canookian health care, wot?


LSP said...

Right on, Linda, about time someone did.

LSP said...

Well yes, LL, then there's the weird little deal with the Sikh run Lib party. Those turkeys need to stop voting for Christmas.

LSP said...

"faction fight"

Good call Anon.

And one faction says "globohomo rainbow" and the other doesn't? Not disagreeing but isn't the West, ie the US, pretty much behind the "gender is a construct" thing? Russia says no to that even if they started it with the infernal Frankfort School. Hmmmmmm.

LSP said...

It's just awful, Anon. Please, Canadians, sort this out.

LSP said...

It's really weird, Infidel. Putin says marriage is between a biological man and a woman. What a brazen Nazi, better fight him to the tune of billion$.

All those neutered soy serfs don't come cheap you know.

LSP said...

Great link, Wild. For what it's worth, Mrs. LSP left AHS a year ago in protest.

Just fkn outrageous.