Monday, March 31, 2014

Alright There

So what's been going on in LSPland? Lent, obviously. Also some shooting and some not very successful small game hunting, but hey, it's good to get out in the field.

And some riding. About time too! 

I've been offered a Foundation Quarterhorse gelding and have a good mind to take it on, but first things first, let's meet the creature.

Have a blessed Lent,


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ordinary Russians Scorn Obama

Ordinary Russian

While Russian leader Putin's inner-circle have responded to President Obama's sanctions by calling the U.S. ruler a "prankster", ordinary Russians are responding in kind, banning "Comrade Obama" from their "amenities", such as workplace cafeterias and toilets.

Obama Sanctioned

Comrade Obama has so far held back from levying sanctions against strongman Vladimir Putin, who is described by some pundits as a "New Constantine."

Russian Street Art

Putin vigorously defends the Church, in contrast to Obama, who attacks it. 


But seriously, who would ever have thought that Russia would end up as the defender of Christianity against godless prog left secularism? 

The spirit blows where it wills.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Motherland Awakes

Thanks, Drudge.

Crimea has opted for Russia. It seems they don't want to be part of the EU secularlist supergaystate, but for an anti take, see here. In the meanwhile...

In other news, I've been offered a Foundation Quarterhorse gelding. Walk, trot, canter, gallop, RUN!

Ride on and keep a holy Lent,


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boss Hogg

Boss Hogg

The tires on my truck need replacing, so I went to Walmart to look at the Wrangler all-terrains. A kid moves in and stares real intently at the speakers on the rack next to the tires. There we are, I'm checking out the tires and he's dreaming, in Realtree, of audio power. 

car park carry-on

The kid picks up a "roll-back" woofer, holding it up to me in its box like an offering. He looks me in the eye, pauses for courage, and says, "That's what I'm talkin' about," and  I like him for that. He wants powerful sounds in his ride. I have all the approval in the world.

"Oh yeah," I say, with a nod, and we go about our separate ways.

I file this tale under "country life in Texas."


Monday, March 10, 2014

Lena Dunham, Clay Golem?

Clay Golem

So who is she, this "Lena Dunham"? Just a willing dupe-puppet of the New World Order? Or something more sinister? 


Like an Illuminati-controlled Clay Golem, conjured up with dark magic from inanimate matter by our Elite Overlords.

The Golem Feeds

Lena Dunham. Human NWO shill, or Clay Golem. You, the reader, be the judge.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Temptation in the Wilderness


After Christ was baptized by John, He was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit where He was tempted by Satan. "If you are the Son of God," said the Opposition, turn these stones into bread, throw yourself from the Temple and finally, on the mountain, "fall down and worship me" in order to gain the power of the world.

Devil Witch?

The temptations follow a diabolical ascension, from stones to mountaintop and, arriving on the summit of wickedness, we find ourselves confronted by an inverse Sinai.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

On this evil mountain we find God's commandments reversed; instead of loving Him, we are to worship the Devil and what flows from this? Power, as opposed to love. 

Christ said no to this, and the angels ministered to Him.

God bless,


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is upon us and with it a crashing reminder of our own mortality and the need to repent of past and present wickedness. So, in a penitent attempt to atone for the frivolity and shallowness of this small donut shop on the side of the mighty information super-highway, I'll leave us with some wisdom from the Imitation of Christ:

Dear soul, from what peril and fear you could free yourself, if you lived in holy fear, mindful of your death. Apply yourself so to live now, that at the hour of death, you may be glad and unafraid. Learn now to die to the world, that you may begin to live with Christ. (Romans 6:8) Learn now to despise ail earthly things, that you may go freely to Christ. Discipline your body now by penance, that you may enjoy a sure hope of salvation.

Foolish man, how can you promise yourself a long life, when you are not certain of a single day? (Luke 12:20) How many have deceived themselves in this way, and been snatched unexpectedly from life! You have often heard how this man was slain by the sword; another drowned; how another fell from a high place and broke his neck; how another died at table how another met his end in play. One perishes by fire, another by the sword, another from disease, another at the hands of robbers. Death is the end of all men (Ecclesiasticus 7:2) and the life of man passes away suddenly as a shadow.(Psalm 38:7; 143:4)

Who will remember you when you are dead? Who will pray for you? Act now, dear soul; do all you can; for you know neither the hour of your death, nor your state after death. While you have time, gather the riches of everlasting life. (Luke 12:33; Galatians 6:8) Think only of your salvation, and care only for the things of God. Make friends now, by honouring the Saints of God and by following their example, that when this life is over, they may welcome you to your eternal home.(Luke 16:9)

Keep yourself a stranger and pilgrim upon earth, (I Peter 2:11), to whom the affairs of this world are of no concern. Keep your heart free and lifted up to God, for here you have no abiding city.(Hebrews13:14) Daily direct your prayers and longings to Heaven, that at your death your soul may merit to pass joyfully into the presence of God.

I wish you all a holy and blessed Lent,