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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Putin Finds Elixir of Life

A series of photos has emerged proving that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, hasn't aged since at least 1920. Many are speculating that the former KGB strongman is immortal, and some suggest that the animal-loving ruler of the Russian Federation may, in fact, be a vampire.

Vampires Don't Cross Themselves

We dispute that claim, here at the Compound, and for several reasons. Unlike a vampire, Putin is frequently seen in daylight and has a reflection. He also goes to church, venerates icons and receives Communion. Vampires do none of these things.

Vampires Don't Venerate Holy Icons

However, Putin has clearly found the key to extreme longevity if not "immortality." This suggests that he may have found the Elixir of Life, and possibly the Philosopher's Stone, which turns base metal into gold.


So we call the question. Is Vladimir Putin an Alchemist and if so, what does that make Barack Obama?

You, the reader, be the judge.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Motherland Awakes

Thanks, Drudge.

Crimea has opted for Russia. It seems they don't want to be part of the EU secularlist supergaystate, but for an anti take, see here. In the meanwhile...

In other news, I've been offered a Foundation Quarterhorse gelding. Walk, trot, canter, gallop, RUN!

Ride on and keep a holy Lent,


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Holy Mother Russia

Some people might think that blessing armor was somehow bad. I'm not one of them. But on an Orthodox theme...

Here's a picture of Putin who is supported by Patriarch Kirill and disliked by Pussy Riot, an all girl band of punk rockers who performed a "punk prayer" in front of the Iconostasis of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Russia's largest church.

Pussy Riot
Pussy Riot asked for supernatural assistance against the Russian leader, thrashing their heads and shouting out "Mother of God, drive Putin away!" Kirill denounced Pussy Riot's "prayer" as a "devilish mockery" and the girl punks were arrested. This action was cheered by the far right nationalist group, Orthodox Banner Bearers, who according to HuffPo are renowned for their hatred of Madonna, attacking gay pride marches and driving a stake through a toy monkey to protest Darwinism. They claim their intention is to "fight against slander rather than to kill people."

Orthodox Banner Bearers

Members of Pussy Riot face up to seven years in prison for hooliganism.

Holy Russia

There are an estimated 100 million worshiping members of the Orthodox Church in Russia.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Berdyaev Sunday

It's all very well to post dubiously genuine photos of Vladimir "Lord of Awesomness" Putin riding sharks and manning about but it is, I admit, frivolous.

So here's some 1917 vintage Berdyaev to get things back on track.

The soul of the Russian people will be tempered within a more austere morality. Russia has its own mission, distinct from the mission of Germany, France and England. But the fulfilling of this mission lies through culture, through a duty of obedience to the burdens of civilisation. We have mistaken our backwardness for a point of excellence, as a sign of our higher calling and our greatness. But the terrible fact is that the human person for us is drowning in a primitive collectivism, and this is nowise a point of excellence, nor a sign of our greatness. It makes totally no difference, whether this all-engulfing collectivism be that of the "Black Hundreds" or of the "Bolsheviks". The Russian land lives under the power of a pagan khlysty-like element. In this element gets submerged every face, it is incompatible with personal worthiness and personal responsibility. This demonic element can pull forth from its bosom no true face, save only the likes of Rasputin and Lenin. The Russian "Bolshevik Revolution" is a dreadful worldwide reactionary phenomenon, just as reactionary in its spirit, as the "Rasputinism", as the Black Hundred khlystyism. The Russian people, just like every people, has to pass through a religious and cultural discipline of the person. And for this, it is needful to repudiate Russian illusions. The perishing of these illusions is not at all a perishing of the world. For us it is not given to know the times and seasons of the end of the world. And is not the eschatological and apocalyptic investigation of the religious populists of all the Russian woes and the Russian sins -- is this not one of the Russian illusions and temptations, begotten of the Russian self-conceit?

Nothing like a bit of Berdyaev to get the Sunday going, I always think.

God bless,