Sunday, April 30, 2023

Spirit Of The Age


Hey now, gotta love a bit of space rock, and so timely, don't you think? All hail Ladbroke Grove.

Your Friend,


Ma LSP Update


I drove to Dallas after the Sacred Mysteries to check in on what Mr. Wodehouse liked to call "the aged P," aka Ma LSP. And there she was, sitting up in bed at Methodist hospital, recovering from surgery on a herniated diaphragm.

The op was a success, thank God, and while quite weak she was in good spirits, if annoyed to be in hospital. Being sick or infirm ain't her style at all, let the reader understand. 

So I left and returned in the early evening to find her rallied, which was reassuring. It's no small thing for a person pushing 80 to go through pretty major surgery.

She thanks you for your prayers, as do I. Please continue to pray for a strong recovery.

Pax et Bonum,


Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Good Shepherd


Christ teaches the people that he is the Good Shepherd. St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, comments:

I am the Good Shepherd. Surely it is fitting that Christ should be a shepherd, for just as a flock is guided and fed by a shepherd so the faithful are fed by Christ with spiritual food and with his own body and blood. The Apostle said: You were once like sheep without a shepherd, but now you have returned to the guardian and ruler of your souls. The prophet has said: As a shepherd he pastures his flock.

Christ said that the shepherd enters through the gate and that he is himself the gate as well as the shepherd. Then it is necessary that he enter through himself. By so doing, he reveals himself, and through himself he knows the Father. But we enter through him because through him we find happiness.

Take heed: no one else is the gate but Christ. Others reflect his light, but no one else is the true light. John the Baptist was not the light, but he bore witness to the light. It is said of Christ, however: He was the true light that enlightens every man. For this reason no one says that he is the gate; this title is Christ’s own.

However, he has made others shepherds and given that office to his members; for Peter was a shepherd, and so were the other apostles and all good bishops after them. Scripture says: I shall give you shepherds according to my own heart. Although the bishops of the Church, who are her sons, are all shepherds, nevertheless Christ refers only to one person in saying: I am the Good Shepherd, because he wants to emphasize the virtue of charity. Thus, no one can be a good shepherd unless he is one with Christ in charity. Through this we become members of the true shepherd.

The duty of a good shepherd is charity; therefore Christ said: The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep. Know the difference between a good and a bad shepherd: the good shepherd cares for the welfare of his flock, but the bad shepherd cares only for his own welfare.

The Good Shepherd does not demand that shepherds lay down their lives for a real flock of sheep. But every spiritual shepherd must endure the loss of his bodily life for the salvation of the flock, since the spiritual good of the flock is more important than the bodily life of the shepherd, when danger threatens the salvation of the flock. This is why the Lord says: The good shepherd lays down his life, that is, his physical life, for his sheep; this he does because of his authority and love. Both, in fact, are required: that they should be ruled by him, and that he should love them. The first without the second is not enough.

Christ stands out for us as the example of this teaching: If Christ laid down his life for us, so we also ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.

Such wisdom, and as we reflect on the image, don't forget that a good shepherd beats off wild beasts, thieves and robbers with their staff.

God bless you all,


Friday, April 28, 2023

Now Look Here You Lot


It's quite simple, all I want is a decent sized Georgian house and a place in Town. Speaking of which, Ma LSP always favored the former and scorned the latter. Of course, ahem, I want both. 

That in mind, you might say a prayer for her, she just got out of surgery and the Docs are saying all went well. But it's no small thing for someone pushing 80 to undergo surgery of any kind. Pray for a full recovery.


Bury Killzone Update


What happened in the bucolic, quintessentially English town of Bury St. Edmunds was horrific. A two-bit bicycle crim with scores of convictions, allowed to roam freely, robbing stuff, until the Psycho Kings took him out with a 27" ninja sword (excuse me?) and a commando knife. 

It seems like a simple case of self-defense, but is it? I reached out to LSPland's UK legal expert whoweighed in, thus:

On a legal take, they apparently weren't acting in self defence or defence of the home at night, nor using reasonable force in the prevention of crime under section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967. On the reported facts they did not effect a lawful arrest but simply killed the guy in a public place much like Al Capone or the IRA would have done. The verdict would have been the same in 1700 as the Crown does not delegate the power of execution to ordinary subjects. Indeed until the 20th century they would have faced being hanged themselves, unless they could have pleaded manslaughter successfully.


the Crown does not delegate the power of execution to ordinary subjects. There's weight in that, anyway you look at it. But what happens when the Law breaks down, when bicycle riding ciderhead junkies roam the streets unhindered, ripping off your goods. They get the ninja sword.


To put it another way, when you erode all standards of decency and declare every aspect of right and wrong, morality itself, to be a figment of our imagination or at best a practical compromise with self-interest, don't be surprised when people act accordingly.


Expect things to get a helluva lot worse and in the meanwhile, I'll call the Bury case. Three bad birds taken out with one stone. 

Mos Maiorum,


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Bury St. Edmunds Killzone


Perhaps you've heard of Bury St. Edmunds, perhaps you haven't. It's a beautiful market town in Suffolk or at least it was. It has an ancient Abbey, now a cathedral, and a lovely hotel, the Angel, along with a tiny pub which pays homage to a mummified monkey. 

Debenhams, you may recall, attempted to take the town over and were cursed. But that was then, this is now. Bury has become a dangerous place, a kill zone.

Try not to splutter and choke on your drinks, it's true. David and Edward King, father and son, weren't happy with serial bicycle riding thief Neil Charles, so they took him out with a faux samurai sword and a commando knife. Take that, scumhead.

the Kings

Charles, you see, had messed with the wrong boys, who sallied forth when the bike riding perp was caught on the King CCTV system. Quick, they thought, let's take that fkr out, and so they did, stabbing the lowlife and chasing the ciderhead crim off their property.

Neil who is now dead because chancing tackhead

Bury's two-bit tackhead  crim subsequently died of his wounds. Oh dear. The Kings have been sentenced to decades of gaol time for murder vigilantism. So what's the score?

Were the Kings right to take out the pestilent thief who terrorized their dismal rural welfare project, or were they wrong? I call right, free men are able to defend their property but... samurai sword, commando knife? Maybe the Kings belong in the lockup too. Sayn.

Law & Order,


The Sun Shines


Yesterday may have been Eschaton but today is Elysium. The sun shines, Mass has been said, sturdy venison sausage pasta is on the go and all is well in this focal plane of the great state of Texas. Elsewhere? Maybe not so hot, but it's alright here, today.

Speaking of elsewhere, I've heard that many people in this country don't cook at home, they have these trophy Viking ranges and kitchens full of status gadgetry, but it's all unused. Instead, they eat out every day or did before our wise and beloved Administration made this unaffordable for all but the socialist rich.

You know what they say, all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. That in mind, Doktor Swankenstein sent in this helpful infographic, here it is:

Diversity is our strength, eh?



Wednesday, April 26, 2023

The Dog Is Free - In Mem Blue

Just a quick blast from the archive. I miss that Blue.



Thunder Lightning Eschaton


Thunder roars and rumbles across the sky and lightning sears and cracks the heavens as rain lashes down with elemental fury. Yes, this is Texas, and the days of our small rural farming community may be numbered as assorted trash, needles, broken shoes, dime bags and weaves wash away in the flood.

A cleansing, perhaps. But on a practical note, as you look up from weapons cleaning, polishing Sam Brownes and ironing uniforms, it's said that enough rain falls in Texas to keep your compound irrigated throughout the year, if you collect the rain.

We have yet to build a cistern(s) and that's clearly overdue. You see, when the grid goes down how will you get lifegiving water to your home via electric pumps which don't work? 

You get the point. In the meanwhile, we're watching this storm in all its incandescent fury.



Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Just Look At Haiti!


Just kidding, it's Baltimore. Maybe you want to live there?



War's A Racket & The Church


War's a racket? Check this out:

You'd think the Left, supposed enemies of corporate fascist capital, would be calling this out, but no, they're cheering it on even as they champion Big Pharma Mengeles who castrate, sterilize and mutilate their children.

I'd argue, for what it's worth, that we're dealing with insane satanic nihilism and you'd think the Church would wake up and sound the cry against such wickedness. Evil which is being paid for in peoples' blood. 

But no, ἡ ἐκκλησία walks like a blood-drenched agitprop zombie through the present crisis as if, heaven forfend, it's leaders are bought and paid for shills of the Beast.

To put it another way, their way of speaking truth to power equates to parroting state propaganda devices, the NYT, Guardian, NPR, BBC et al, all the while flying rainbow flags off the nearest spire. 'Coz, you know, a rainbow flag and a trans bathroom makes everything OK.

What a risible joke and what can we say. The apostates have dug their pit and deep will be the mire of it. Hope you're long Raytheon.



The Feast of St. Mark


It's the Feast of St. Mark today. Mark was close to St. Paul and St. Peter, and his Gospel is believed to be the earliest; he was martyred in Alexandria. The wicked Venetians stole his relics from that city in the early 9th century A.D. and adopted the Evangelist as their patron saint. Perhaps you've enjoyed the basilica built in his name.

Here's Austin Farrer, preaching in Trinity College chapel to students:

Happy is the man who learns from his own failures. He certainly won’t learn from any one else’s. Here I am on a safe ground, for you are all failures, are you not? when it comes to serving God. So there is no fear of my missing my target in any of you, and especially, perhaps, just at the end of a vacation. Vacations tend to be spiritual disappointments. It is humiliating how, when you get back into your families, childish faults of temper reassert themselves which you hoped you had outgrown; humiliating how, as soon as you lose the encouraging company of your Christian friends here, your religion languishes. You have not prayed nor worked nor controlled yourself as you hoped to do. God has given you much; you have not given anything worth mentioning to God. Well, St Mark went back from the work in Pamphylia (if he is indeed the same man), and in Gethsemane none of the disciples behaved with credit. It is by these desolating experiences that God teaches us to trust him, not ourselves. The more emptied out you are, the more hope there is of your learning to be a Christian. Now is the very moment—there will never be a better—for you to put your trust in the God who makes something from nothing, who raises the dead.


The more emptied out you are, the more hope there is of your learning to be a Christian. Now is the very moment—there will never be a better—for you to put your trust in the God who makes something from nothing, who raises the dead. 

Such wisdom and truth.

Pax et Bonum,


Monday, April 24, 2023



Dam, Truth is speaking through Tucker, and btw AJ is a national treasure.

Your Pal,




Do you believe in spooks? Well sure, we all know they're out there operating the arcana of their dark art, and the insouciance of latter day youth denigrates their online presence, "Glowies." But what about real spooks, ghosts, apparitions, typically of the dead. People see these, no doubt about it, and so have I. Here's a short story.

Back in the '80s our family lived in an Edwardian rectory on the outskirts of 'Nam, Cheltenham. My room was on the top floor and, when it was time for dinner, Ma LSP would shout out from the ground floor, "Dinner!" and off we'd go, all 5 kids.

a typical glowie

The pattern repeated. One night I was a bit slow off the mark and left the eyrie late. Walking by my parents' room  I did a quick eyes left and there was the silhouette of a woman, it was winter, the lights were off and she was combing her long hair in front of a mirror on the wall in the darkness.

I thought it was one of my sisters, being a comb your hair in the dark hippy, and was going to tease her for the malfeasance but thought better of it. Don't be a churl, LSP, let her enjoy the moment, so I duly walked down another flight of stairs and thence to the breakfast room, where everyone was present. No kidding, what had I just seen.

True story. Was it a ghost and if so, what are they, spirits of the dead in some kind of limbo? A transdimensional occurrence, a slip in  the fabric of space and time? Or something else. Feel free to weigh in.



The Purge!


Wow, Tucker's out at Fox and now there's absolutely no reason, at all, to watch this risible excuse of a news channel.  Well done, Fox, you pulled a Bud Lite. Here's a helpful infovid:

In other news, someone called "Don Lemon" has been axed at CNN. I don't know who this Lemon is but apparently he's "stunned." 



Sunday, April 23, 2023


Kyle Rittenhouse was defending Kenosha Wisconsin during the 2020 riots when he was attacked by three white hoodlums. Kyle shot and killed two of these mostly peaceful protesters and blew the bicep off another, Gaige Grosskreutz, who pointed a pistol at the then teenager.

Kyle was declared not guilty on all charges because he clearly acted in self defense, but now bicepless Gaige is suing the Kenosha Kid for "damages for emotional distress, humiliation, loss of enjoyment of life, and other pain and suffering on all claims."

A rapper's made a video supporting Kyle, here it is:

Carry on, as you were,


Supernatural Sunday


Mass at the Missions went well, despite our old enemy the Weather, and everyone was happy, the Spirit moved. The Spirit moved! How lightly we take that phrase, the third person of the Trinity moved with infinite power amongst the people of North Central Texas. Really? Yes, really. That in mind, I recall a time outside Philadelphia, in a failed, asset-stripped steel town.

The church was beautiful, very, and had a perfect side chapel, I do not say that lightly. So that was used for daily Mass, the Divine Office and, at Noon, the Rosary. There I'd be, at 12, praying the rosary and sometimes a few people joined in but mostly not. No bad thing, say your prayers, LSP.

Well, one day I rolled up for the devotion, all very cassock and beads, and said the prayers, I forget which mysteries. And, as I recited out loud, was pleased to hear a few voices behind me joining in, the rosary's better in company.

Good, I thought, this habit of prayer's catching on. Then, when the devotion finished I turned around and no one was there. Had I hallucinated? Conceivable. To test things out I invited a friend to join me the next day, which he did.

The same thing happened, several voices joining in, they sounded like women, and no one was there apart from us. I asked him if he'd heard what I heard, and he had. He is now a priest.

Make of this what you will and as you do, remember Lepanto.

Stella Maris,


Saturday, April 22, 2023

Green Leader


She may have been utterly betrayed, but not by Green Leader.

Roger that, cheers,


Blue Died


Blue died this morning. I'd let him out on the front porch with food and water and he didn't want to eat, very unusual, he just sat there panting. So I stroked his head a few times, walked over to the Pick 'n Steal for coffee and when I returned he was lying down by the front door, very still.

What a good boy! He came to the Compound in the Fall of 2014, a stray, and set up on the front porch until I fed him, doctored him up and took the furry little fella in. 

Of course he was young then and full of high spirits. Woe betide the unwary guest who dared leave a fried cherry pie untended on the dining room table, or a juicy steak, or Eduardo's chickens, or errant Fedex men. 

But that was then. Over the last year he became increasingly deaf and blind, not that he seemed miserable for it, but he certainly slowed right down and spent most of his time sleeping. 

I won't bang on; it's a mercy he went out as he did, quick and at home. I buried him today beside the house.

Blue Brigand, you will be very missed,


Friday, April 21, 2023

Up In Kenosha


Hey now, here we are, a rifleman behind every blade of grass and that's no idle boast. Yep, it's true. But really? Imagine, things go Defcon, and the cheese slides off the cracker when our worthless money implodes and trans globo rainbow tyranny can't afford to pay the Army. Oops. What then. III Corps et al decide to roll. 

Tricky spot for leftists. They're baying for moar war but hate the Army which delivers it, because not trans rainbow. This endears the Army to the Left and makes it utterly loyal to them. Ahem.

Cut to the chase: Will CONUS balkanize, is a national divorce on the cards and where will the armed power fall? I'm not a betting man but I'll wager my increasingly vicious monkey on the boys with the guns.


Women Priests Are So Very Very Awesome - Eschaton


Why are wymxn priests so very, very awesome? you ask with bated breath. Good question.

some kind of risible joke?

Is it their winsome hands-in-the air jollity?

cross dresser?

Boyish good looks?

you apostate dykes

And obvious reverence for the sacrament they blasphemously pretend to confect.


We were told, you may recall, that if we didn't ordain wimmin to the priesthood no one would take us seriously and everyone would stop going to church. A powerful argument made all the more compelling by the ethical force behind it. Viz. Not having wymxn priests is unjust, bigoted and evil, so we must have they/them.

Leaving aside the hard-edged rigor of late 20th and early 21st century theology, we have to ask: Now that we've ordained wymmin for several decades is everyone taking us seriously and going to church? No, they are not.

Oh dear, we obviously haven't worked the equation hard enough, so maybe trans vicars and rainbow marriage rituals will finally persuade everyone to go to church because we're at last serious about social equity. First phase of the revolution failed? Double down.

But this is a smokescreen. Their intention isn't to build a Church they don't believe in, which they think has been unjust and effectively evil since the days of the Apostles. No, it's to tear it down. No matter, then, if congregations dwindle and die, the wrecking unicorn will have done its rainbow work.

They'll fail in this, the gates of hell shall not prevail, but in the meanwhile "there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." And persecution such as has been never seen. This is foretold.

Pax et Bonum,


Thursday, April 20, 2023

Devil Witch?


Years ago this humble mind blog reached out to the people with a simple question, is Joni Mitchell a Canadian Devil Witch? The resounding answer was yes, she is a Devil Witch. And here we are:

Do the stats lie? Is Joni Mitchell, estimated socialist net worth $150 million, a Devil Witch? Or a free and easy champion of liberty and Volk music? You, the listeners, be the judge.

Your Old Pal,


Climate Chage Eschaton


Wow. Thunder rolled across the sky and lightning flashed like so many ME 262s going down over Stuttgart. Yes, it was a Thursday evening Mass at Our Lady of the Lake.  Question.

If you believe Christ is truly present in the Sacrifice of the Mass, if he's really there and you get to enter into communion with him, with God, at the Eucharist, why do you not attend? 

Surely not because you don't believe and the Faith is an adjunct to what really concerns you, ie making money and serving Satan.

Your Old Pal,


PS. Just a thought and a welcome opportunity to post pics of the amazingly cool ME 262.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Dallas After Midnight


En lieu of anything remotely resembling serious posting, here's another old hippy, Ray Wylie Hubbard. Remember him? All very dance at the pyramids with the Dead.

Nice, but for goodness sake, Oak Cliff Ray, time for a shower and haircut, eh? Reeking hippies aside, maybe Ray tells it like it is. Your call.

Be careful out there Kids,


Monday, April 17, 2023

JBL Flip 6 Review


Here's the deal. Your old home office aka "kitchen" bluetooth speaker dies, so what to do? Mourn the passing of your faithful 40 buck Anker Soundcore Select solution, which has served you well over the last 5 years, and go out and buy a new speaker. But which one?


There's plenty to choose from and I went for JBL's Flip6 because I know these speakers work for the same price they came in at 4 or 5 years ago, $99. You can open the speaker's attractive box with an old Kershaw but that's up to you, here's the marketing:

The beat goes on with the JBL Flip 6 2-way speaker system, engineered to deliver loud, crystal clear, powerful sound. Its racetrack-shaped woofer delivers exceptional low frequencies and midrange, while a separate tweeter produces crisp, clear high-frequencies. Flip 6 also features optimized dual passive radiators for deep bass, fine-tuned with using Harman's advanced algorithm.


Does the beat go on with the JBL Flip 6 2-way speaker system, does the advanced algorithm perform? To find out, I tested the compact and absurdly easy to set up beast against Waylon's Ghost of Robert E. Lee, Bonnie Koloc's awesome Roll Me On The Water, the Dead's Stagger Lee, McCreesh's Venetian Coronation, Lully, and Yes' Würm. Test the lo, mid and hi sorta thing.

Verdict? Bear in mind this is a $99 portable speaker and that said it works just fine, with an emphasis on low freq bass while mid and hi come through pretty much as advertised, and it's certainly powerful enough to fill the Compound's kitchen. You can even take it on walkabout, to the living room, front porch, back deck and beyond; Bluetooth, no wires you see.

So, if you're looking for a value for money, bassy, tabletop wireless speaker solution JBL's Flip 6 might be for you. The thing works, and that's at a premium in these dark, broken and barbarous times.

Rock on,


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Was Julius Caesar A Person Of Color?


For years people have arrogantly assumed that Julius Caesar was an old white general who conquered Gaul, affirming their racial bias. But new research and analysis of marble busts, contemporary portraits of Caesar, clearly show he wasn't a violent white militarist but a wise and powerful person of color:

"Caesar has been decolonized," opined one expert from Satan's Vatican, Harvard, "The myth of settler superiority over Indigenous Peoples is broken. We've reclaimed Caesar as a person of color, breaking the oppressive myth of white supremacy. It is a global endeavor and the black busts of Caesar reinforce this."

In related news, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Corsican Upstart who was utterly defeated by the Iron Duke, was also a person of color.

Black portraits of Arthur Wellesley have yet to be found.

Virtutis Fortuna,


Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Turin Shroud


The Shroud's a curious thing, a faint image of a powerful man with the wounds of Christ's crucifixion and it's been dismissed as a forgery, but not so fast. The image is a photo negative.  What? a negative? Yes. It also doesn't contain dyes or pigments, it's not a painting. So how was it made?

By a "burst of vacuum ultraviolet radiation... emitted from every three-dimensional point of the body in the Shroud." Wow, an insanely atomic burst of energy that somehow seared the image into the cloth. Perhaps, though no one knows who or what might cause such a thing.

You can read about the Shroud here and here and what do we make of it? If it's a forgery or piece of art it's remarkable and miraculous, how many 13/14th C paintings were photo negatives and made without paint or dye. And if real? You behold the face of Christ.



Thursday, April 13, 2023

Typical Hippy

All hail Roy. Rumor has it he got fired by Led Zep 'coz he was too hippy, even for them. So he retired to Wales.

See You at Stonehenge,


Where is the Kaiser's Army? Oh, it's in Chile


Where is it, that goose stepping machine of Edwardian military precision. In Germany? No, please don't laugh and cough into your drink. England? Don't be silly, the UK doesn't even have an army, despite its bellicose posturing. No, the Kaiser's Army is alive and well in Chile, that'd be South America, check it out:

Zu Befehl,


PS. why are any of these people wearing medals? Have they fought in some war we're unaware of? Ah, the Great War of life itself. Waged against the Weather? And transphobia?

What Did Cleopatra Look Like?


Cleopatra continues to fascinate after two millennia. What did she look like, this fabled woman who seduced not only Julius Caesar but also Mark Antony, and bore them both children? Was she beautiful?

Popular imagination and the halcyon silver screen portray Cleopatra as a seductively winsome Egyptian Queen in the style of Luxor or Giza. In today's enlightened and decolonized movies she's depicted like this:

such idiocy

Who knows, maybe Julius Caesar was attracted by her glittery Ukrainian eye makeup, perhaps Mark Antony was captivated by the Nubian side of things. But no, hardly. Cleopatra, Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ, "Cleopatra the father-beloved" was Greek, a Macedonian Ptolomy, and she looked like this:

bust portraits of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, 1 C AD (Berlin)

Beautiful? Not conventionally, but she had power, you'll note her diadem. In that vein, she was utterly ruthless and didn't shy scared of having family members assassinated, much less waging war itself. 

This went badly for her, Κλεοπάτρα (Glory of the Father) took poison and died on learning of her lover Antony's defeat at Actium. She played for the highest stakes and lost.

Just ask the monkey,


Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cat From Hue


A kind reader of this inconsequential mind blog sent me a book, The Cat From Hue. He was, forgive me if I'm wrong, trying to make sense of the Vietnam conflict as was the author himself, a CBS journalist who got right in the thick of things. Like no fooling.

And what things they were. The book starts off in 1965 and moves from there to Tet and I'm struck by the no-nonsense of the prose, the bravery of the reporters and the men they cover. Also, and this stands out, the number of WWII and Korean vets in the story.

There they were, on their third war, yes, people who'd seen action at Bastogne and Imjin equivalents. I don't dare comment except to say that this is an outstanding book written by a good man. Read it, you won't be disappointedThe Cat From Hue.