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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Are UFOs A Threat To National Security?

"Holy s___, what is that?" exclaimed one shocked Navy pilot as a UFO darted across his field of view. But this wasn't an isolated report.

"It's white. It has no wings. It has no rotors."

"It didn't fly like an aircraft. It was so unpredictable—high g, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration." 

"I didn't see a trail."

"It was going 70-plus knots underwater."

These are excerpts from newly declassified military reports, in which top elite airpersons describe their otherworldly encounters with mysterious craft and the beings that pilot them.

Here at the Compound we have to ask, are these Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) on or off world? You, the reader, be the judge.

Lambeth declined to comment,


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Suicidal Robots

Via Zerohedge: "We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots."

You can read all about the suicidal Knightsbridge K5 security bot over at Zero and while you're at it, ponder the glorious future we were promised.

Leisure and prosperity for all.

A bit like the priestess movement. 

That was going to fill the pews.

But didn't.

In other news, Mr. Trump has told the CIA to stop giving guns and ammo to the Jihad. About bloody time.

Santiago Matamoros,


Thursday, January 22, 2015

God of Surprises

It's not every day that the numbers-thin Church of England is rescued by a stray cat on the icy streets of a provincial Russian town. So here's a helpful prayer, to mark the event:

God of Surprises, 
you call us
from the narrowness of our traditions
to new ways of being church
from the captivities of our culture to
creative witness for justice
form the smallness of our horizons
to the bigness of your vision.

Beautiful, isn't it, and while we're at it, why not join together in song? Here's one, from Worship and Rituals in a Feminist Key. It's called "You're a Lot Like Me."


In the very middle - In the very middle - You're a lot like me
A shining rainbow personality
The clothes and the skin -- are just the car you're in
In the very middle you're a lot like me.

Some got castles - Some got shacks - Some got backpacks on their backs
Many different ways to dance and sing
But the most important thing is :

In the very middle...

How very uplifting.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Curse of the Diocese of Gloucester

In today's fast-paced, equal opportunities church, there's nothing that breathes the sweet smell of success to a career clergyperson than being promoted to bishop. Well, unless you're unfortunate enough to become the Bishop of Gloucester.

Puritans Rigging up a Curse

That's because the ancient See of Gloucester has been under a curse since Laud, as Dean, dared to set up altar rails, provoking Puritan fury. 

The curse of Gloucester has apparently been active in recent decades. 

Bishop Michael Perham, a noted progleft shill and enthusiastic supporter of women's ordination retired from the troubled diocese after allegations of "indecent assault" against several young women in the 1980s. However, the case against him was dropped after police found no grounds for further action.

Perham's predecessor, Bishop Peter Ball, also had to leave the cursed See in 1993, after admitting to an act of "gross indecency" with a 19 year man. Ball was arrested this November over allegations of sex abuse with 8 boys during the 1980s and early '90s.

So we have to ask, what fortunate member of the Church of England's Talent Pool will get promoted to the poisoned See?

The bets are on.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lavinia Byrne, Devil's Disciple?

Devil's Disciple

Lavinia Byrne is a former nun who was kicked out of the religious life by the Vatican for obstinate, persistent heresy, notably advocating for priestesses. She used to be a panentheist, maybe she still is. 

Church Builder

Panentheism is a Hindu doctrine that says God evolves with the universe but is somehow beyond it. It was big in the '80s and '90s, making for good academic book fodder: Oh! you're a Professor who teaches philosophy of religion and you're a Christian, but you're also a Hindu! Whoa. Here, sign this publishing contract. 

Whatever, Lavinia was into it. I know, she told me.

She also argued, like they always do, that unless the church ordains women, it'll shrink and die, because no one will go to church. She champions the Anglican experiment. George Weigel has this to say, via Let Nothing You Dismay:

Hard experience should have taught us by now that there is an iron law built into the relationship between Christianity and modernity. Christian communities that know and defend their doctrinal and moral boundaries (while extending the compassion of Christ when we fail to live within those boundaries, as we all do) survive in modernity; some actually flourish and become robustly evangelical. Conversely, Christian communities whose doctrinal and moral boundaries are eroded by the new orthodoxy of political correctness, and become so porous that it becomes impossible to know if one is “in” or “out,” wither and die.

But Where Are The Women?

That is the sad state of Anglicanism in the North Atlantic world today: even splendid liturgical smells-and-bells can’t save an Anglicanism hollowed out by the shibboleths of secular modernity. Why British Catholics like Lavinia Byrne can’t see this is one of the mysteries of the 21st-century Church."

Mystery? I don't think so. They see what they're proposing perfectly well and it isn't the advance of Christianity, or anything like it. Empty pews are precisely part of the plan; they're after an entirely new religion and the destruction of the church. They've nearly got it too, with Anglicanism.

Just. Say. No.

So what does that make Lavinia Byrne? The Devil's Disciple.

Just in case you wondered what I really think,


Friday, May 24, 2013

Lift Up Your Hearts!


The news hasn't been good. The Religion of Peace is acting with characteristic savagery, the Administration stonewalls, lies and bullies, ammo's too expensive or unavailable altogether and we're being smitten by a plague of tornadoes. Oh, I almost forgot! Mainstream Anglicanism in the West has become a sort transsexual pantomime.


So here's a version of the Lord's Prayer to lift the spirits and get everyone closer to the goddess.

Our mother who art in earth 
hallowed be thy creation 
shekinah come 
indwell wisdom 
within this mortal person 

you give us this day 
our daily cup 
attend our deepest wounds 
for we are called to birth life anew 

tempt us with your beauty 
to pursue your desire 
and deliver us from all slavery 
present this hour 

for thine is the drink of passion 
that nursed a manger baby 
great found of mystery 

now and forever, amen.


Pretty neat, eh? Here's some more. It's a form of intercession to be used at a women's Eucharist. 

"Sophia Wisdom: Our world community today, broken, unhealed and full of suffering, cries out for women's voices and leadership. We need women witness daily for nonviolence in a world gone mad with the power of weapons and guns and greed. 

Getting rid of the guns and greed

We need women put their bodies on the line and witness to the Powers that Be to stop bloodshed. We need women name our government's squandering of the people's money. We need women call our government, church, and all institutions to transparency, conversion, and accountability. 

Wall Street Trembles

We need women speak up to the government and voice the basic needs of the grassroots -- which have gone unmet for so long. We need women preach the Good News to the poor, the oppressed and exploited, and to empower them mightily. 

Afflicting the Rich

We need women boldly proclaim the Gospel so that it afflicts the rich and comfortable -- who need shaking up. We need women name the injustices-which are many-that take us away from the fullness of our humanity. 

We Demand Respect!

We need women demand respect for our Earth and her life-giving waters. We need women restore us and our lives to wholeness/holiness-and to recreate us as community."

You Clowns

What a gang of clowns.