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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Are UFOs A Threat To National Security?

"Holy s___, what is that?" exclaimed one shocked Navy pilot as a UFO darted across his field of view. But this wasn't an isolated report.

"It's white. It has no wings. It has no rotors."

"It didn't fly like an aircraft. It was so unpredictable—high g, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration." 

"I didn't see a trail."

"It was going 70-plus knots underwater."

These are excerpts from newly declassified military reports, in which top elite airpersons describe their otherworldly encounters with mysterious craft and the beings that pilot them.

Here at the Compound we have to ask, are these Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) on or off world? You, the reader, be the judge.

Lambeth declined to comment,


Friday, April 9, 2010


Tom, at Boomers, rebuked me for a grievous lack of angling posts. The reason for that is simple - I hardly ever go fishing, but I feel as though I should and enjoy it when I do. To partially make up the deficiency, here's some words of encouragement from Mr. Walton:

"You are assured, though there be ignorant men of another belief, that
Angling is an Art: and you know that Art better than others; and that
this is truth is demonstrated by the fruits of that pleasant labour which
you enjoy, when you purpose to give rest to your mind, and divest
yourself of your more serious business, and, which is often, dedicate a
day or two to this recreation." Compleat Angler

Thanks, GWB, for the fish photo. It's an incentive...

Just noticed via the All Seeing Eye that the United Kingdom is interested in aliens, and that Maine is evidently infested with space creatures. This blog continues to stand against ongoing extraterrestrial attempts to wrest power from the human race.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A great expanse of prehistoric stone structures have been discovered in South Africa, including a set of monoliths that evidently align with the constellation of Orion as it was in the night sky 75,000 years ago. Michael Tellinger wrote a book about it, 'Adam's Calendar', and goes on to say that humanity's genesis was brought about by aliens, who then left for greener galactic pastures. Interesting, but surely the space-faring creatures would have left more technically advanced ruins behind? For that matter, some would say they never left...

Anyway, the buildings in question seem vastly ancient and I'd like to think them ante-deluvian. Tellinger certainly does, so he's opening a museum/visitor's centre out of an erstwhile sports bar called Sharky's. Well worth a trip to the veldt.

Adam's Calendar



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Space Creature

I thought it was just Episcopal Church 'decision makers', and Nancy Pelosi of course.
No, its deeper than that.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Churches I Don't Like

I try to avoid religious polemic on this blog, apart from the odd playful dig at His Grace, The Lord Archdruid of Canterbury, his waspish boybishop sidekick, Katherine Schori and, of course, the slaver proponents of The Religion of Peace. But sometimes enough is enough and you have to speak out against churches like Holy Trinity, Wall Street. Why? Because of their **y Clown Eucharist. I don't like that church; I think its its a right mockery. Unfortunately its paradigmatic of the The Episcopal Church as a whole - wealthier than a truckload of Nazi Gold, and as risable as a gang of clowns. Chances are they're not even humans beneath the clown masks; no, they're probably Aliens, or robots, like Nancy Pelosi. With that in mind, I award Holy Trinity Wall Street a sturdy 9 out of 10 LSP Rubbish Church points. A high score, by anyone's reckoning.

After dwelling on that for an unwholesome ten minutes, I hoisted a Texan Flag outside the Parsonage. Uplifting.

Hang Out More Flags

Have a blessed Sunday, remember to shoot safe, stay on the horse and beware of sinister clowns, ecclesial or otherwise.



PS. Thanks to Texanglican for the unsettling clown picture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alien Invasion!

People are undecided about Nancy Pelosi. Is she a robot or a space alien?

I thought it was just TEC (The Episcopal Church) that had been taken over by Aliens, but I was naive, myopic even. They're here in far greater force than at first I thought. Here's what Mind Stew has to say on the subject:

"Is Nancy Pelosi some kind of robot or is she an alien? One thing is for sure. There is no way in hell she is human.

Physical Observations:

Skin. It looks as though she has some sort of synthetic skin covering. It could be some kind of bio-mechanical material draped over a mechanical or extraterrestrial skeleton.

Eyes. Always open to the point it looks insane, her eyes are simply creepy. In addition, her eyes never blink. This has people all over begging the question “What the ***k?”

Face. Varies greatly in shape and structure from the human species. Again, this appears to be made of some plastic or synthetic material. Definitely not carbon based."

You can read the whole analysis here, but I'm afraid its not just Nancy. No, there's plenty more candidates and, just think, they're running the country.

Yours contra Alien menace,


Friday, July 17, 2009


Back in Texas after journalistic foray to California and TEC's triennial General Convention. So what was it all about? Something called "gender identity expression" apparently, which means:

Lifting a self-imposed ban on consecrating "LGBT" persons as bishops
"Developing" same sex blessing rituals
Suing any Episcopalians who disagree and want to get out
Telling the rest of the Anglican world to get with the program or get lost

At least that's the way the world's media saw it, which prompted Jefferts Schori, pictured above, to accuse the press of "so much misinformation". Perhaps she didn't like headlines such as "House of Deputies Goes Gay", or "Retired Bishop Denies Sacrament of Marriage". Maybe she didn't appreciate attention being drawn to the fact that TEC's new budget earmarks $4 million for lawyers to sue parishes and dioceses that are busy leaving her pansexual union - at a rate of around a thousand people a week.

Anyway, as a simple country priest who likes horses and guns I don't think you have to be a genius like St. Thomas Aquinas to work out the fact that some changes in doctrine are valid developments and some aren't. The criterion, I suppose, is consistency and what TEC's been up to in Anaheim is the opposite of around 2000 years worth of teaching and scriptural warrant on Faith and Morals.

Except for a minority of Provinces on TEC's declining payroll, the vast majority of the Anglican Communion knows this and looks set to break off an already tenuous relationship with Jefferts Schori's denomination. My feeling is that she knows this and simply doesn't care.

Why? I'll stick with earlier thoughts about aliens - some say they have a large base on the dark side of the moon, I'd recommend looking a little closer to home, at 815 2nd Ave. NYC and The Episcopal Church Center.



PS. Here's a link to the famous fighting monkey, Jacco Macacco.

Friday, July 10, 2009

GC2009: Aliens?

Its now Legislative Day Three, Session Two of TEC's (The Episcopal Church) 76th General Convention. As all the world knows, the theme of this conference is all about Ubuntu, an African concept denoting unity and ancestor worship. Why, then, is the Convention so keen to adopt one or all of thirty LGBT resolutions which will, in the words of Bishop Love of Albany, "rip the Communion to shreds". It doesn't make any sense until you realise that many of the Deputies and Bishops are not of this world.

How can you tell? I think this (from the excellent Above Top Secret site) helps:

"Many of you people are not actually humans. You may have human bodies and human blood, but you are not humans. You are extra terrestrial beings.

How do you know that you are an extra terrestrial being? Here are 6 easy steps to find out:

1) You always had a feeling that you don't belong here on this planet.

2) You've always felt being very different from humans.

3) You have a strong longing to "go home", although you don't know where home is (but its' not on this planet).

4) You often tend to watch humans and think "Why are they making things so complicated? It's really not that complicated."

5) You have a strong sense of purpose - that you are on this planet for a reason.

6) You may posses supernatural abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, super empathy, etc.

Thank you ATS for helping out - I was confused but now its clear(er). Most Convention goers aren't from this planet, of course they don't think as humans do.

Just a thought between "stories".