Friday, April 9, 2010


Tom, at Boomers, rebuked me for a grievous lack of angling posts. The reason for that is simple - I hardly ever go fishing, but I feel as though I should and enjoy it when I do. To partially make up the deficiency, here's some words of encouragement from Mr. Walton:

"You are assured, though there be ignorant men of another belief, that
Angling is an Art: and you know that Art better than others; and that
this is truth is demonstrated by the fruits of that pleasant labour which
you enjoy, when you purpose to give rest to your mind, and divest
yourself of your more serious business, and, which is often, dedicate a
day or two to this recreation." Compleat Angler

Thanks, GWB, for the fish photo. It's an incentive...

Just noticed via the All Seeing Eye that the United Kingdom is interested in aliens, and that Maine is evidently infested with space creatures. This blog continues to stand against ongoing extraterrestrial attempts to wrest power from the human race.




darlin said...

Cooked over an open fire, yummm!

Anonymous said...

You reminded me I need to go get my fishing license. Ice out is coming soon to the Colorado Rockies!

tom said...

I need to get you into Ultra-Light Spincasting, it's more effective than flies at times and it's a fun challenge to catch big fish on 2-3lb test. Friend is having Temple Fork of North Texas up by you making 2 and 3wt fly rods set up for ultralight spinning reels, as far as grips. He used to teach fly fishing at LL Bean when they were more an outfitter than a shirt, so he knows his stuff pretty well. I'm still learning.

Add to the Parsonage locker of Parson survival goods in case of emergency or emergent white bass in a local stream. :-)

LSP said...

Thanks Tom - fly fishing sounds like a definite plan.


tom said...

You can ultralight spin-cast in situations that fly fishing doesn't work or you don't have room to do a decent cast. But the 2-3lb monofilament allows you to spincast flies if you feel like it. Joe started working on it when he decided he wanted a challenge because he was pretty good at fly fishing already. The ultralight line also allows wet flies and little lures to drop a lot deeper as they float downstream due to lessened hydrodynamic resistance caused by the line, so if the fish are running deeper than normal, a fly cast up stream might drop a couple feet before you bring it back with fly-line, but with ultralight spincasting it will drop many feet and you'll get fish when fly fishermen are being skunked.

Joe's a little bit smarter than your average bear.