Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good old Detroit

You know the way it is, people 'phone in to send Easter greetings and it's all well and good. So it was with me, lovely to hear from old friends and family, including a close relative who persists in the Motor City experience. Our conversation ran something like this:

"Alright LSP, happy Easter!"
"Alright chap, great to hear from you! How's it going?"
"Good, you know, church, work..."
"Well, that's Easter for you."
"Yeah, you know..." awkward silence, then the first animal is jettisoned, if you'll forgive the phrase, "Yeah, I've gotta go to court on Tuesday."
"My shotgun went off."
"I've hired a lawyer."
"Right. So you'd been drinking?"
"Unnh, yennh."
"Just tell them that it went off in your back yard while you were cleaning it," said I, innocently. "Uonh, but it wasn't in my house," replied the gunman. "What do you mean, 'it wasn't in my house'?"
"No, it was, ummm, in an abandoned building down the road." He was feeling sheepish, you see, "But no-one was hurt!"
"Well that's alright then," I replied, as gruesome pictures flashed through the LSP cranium, "You know, there's this basic rule - don't mix booze, ammo, guns and the ghetto; keep them all separate, old boy.It's important."
"Yeah, well, they've got my shotgun now..."
"That's probably a good thing..."

There you go, an everyday tale of life in central Detroit. The wonder of it is that anyone bothered to call the police and a miracle that no-one was hurt. Why was he messing around with a loaded gun in the ghetto, we ask ourselves? Who knows - exploring, probably.

I tell you, much as I enjoy firearms (a lot) and support 2nd Amendment rights and say 'no' to the nanny state, 'progressives' etc. - I sometimes have to wonder if certain people are qualified to own weapons. Also, it seems to me that the holy Guardian Angels, which I believe in, have a vastly unfair workload.

I, for one, was fortunate to leave Detroit unscathed. But that was a very long time ago.

Shoot safe.



Albert A Rasch said...

Good one, and right you are!

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Big Snake Hunting in the Everglades

Anonymous said...

As I am with you, while supporting liberty,and individual rights.

I just sometimes wonder if some folks should have guns, drivers licenses, or children.

All Seeing Eye said...

If even MSNBC are carrying 2nd Amendment-supporting graphs such as these then there is hope for freedom yet.


Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are some people who should not be using weapons.

They just closed down an unregulated shooting area here on Forest Service land because someone got shot accidentally.

The NRA (I'm a lifetime member) encouraged me to agitate to get it opened again. I refused. I've only been up there a few times and every time is was a scene right out of a scary "what not to do" training film.

I go shoot at the Army range or pay my 8 bucks for the private range.

darlin said...

Great message LSP! And I too agree, Guardian Angels are overworked. Mine sure were until about 4 1/2 years ago, now they're on a bit of a holiday, they've worked hard to earn this one! :-)

LSP said...

CS - I share your concern...

I'll second that, ASE.

Have fun at the range Silverfiddle!

Good to hear all's well Darlin.

The Razors Edge said...

I totally agree I'm all for being allowed to own firearms which can be a total pain the ass up here in Canada. But there are people out there who should never be given a squirt gun let alone a gun. Their either too immature to respect what a weapon can do, or to stupid to understand what it can do.

Snarky Basterd said...

Such a nice story, LSP. Our cities are so cosmopolitan. Where else can you find a God-fearing person messing with alcohol and a shutgun at abandoned property? It's a testament to His Holy Reluctance God/King Obama. Our futures are so bright.

LSP said...

Thanks for stopping by Razors Edge - I don't know about Canadian gun law, but I guess it's a little similar to England's; and yes, squirt guns are too much for some...

LSP said...

Albert - great to see you back!

LSP said...

Snarky, thanks for the comment. At least my friend's a believer - just not to be trusted with guns. As for the 'God/King' - well... I'd best not get started.