Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coyote Hunt

Scouting done, it was time to move in on the coyotes. My philisophical friend and all-round sportsman, GWB, drove down from Dallas to join in and off we went. The moon was high and so was the adrenaline as we got to my parishioner's farm; you could hear multiple packs howling in the distance. An eerie sound but exciting, maybe we'd get a dog. So we made our way to the first setup, got downwind, waited for 10 minutes and listened, senses alive.


Then GWB called, using a cell phone and a remote Bluetooth speaker, while I scanned with a red light. We were definitely in the presence of coyotes and GWB's certain one padded around our position to check out the interesting Jackrabbit distress call. Could be, something was was out there in the sage with us but we didn't see it, so no shot.


The next setup was a better position; slightly higher ground in a small copse, with a good field of vision and the calling began again, but the coyotes had moved on and so did we after about 30 minutes. Then it was back to the truck through swarms of rabbits, you could've caught them with a net, and dinner at the Compound. GWB had bought several varieties of duck he'd shot and that made for fine scoff.

No kills but a good night was had by all.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Scouting Coyotes

Scout the Farm

A parishioner's farm has been terrorized by coyotes lately, (they killed a cow) so I went to scout out the problem and see where the dogs were running.

Coyote Crossing

It was a beautiful day to walk the fencelines and sure enough, the coyotes had worn a path through the bank of a creek. A kind of coyote highway to rabbits, mice, chickens, goats and cows.


I figured that might be a good area to setup and call; a safe place to take a shot and obviously visited by the offenders. If that didn't work, I could fall back 100 or so yards to a copse on high ground and try from there. 

Then it was back to the truck via a turtle shell, Polled Herefords and some chickens.

Polled Herefords

Great to get out in the field and remember, 2014 is the Year of the Gun. 



Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get a New Gun?

What Gun?

I'm thinking of getting a new gun, probably a bolt .308 or .30-06 but it's confusing because there's a lot of rifles out there in the right price range and they all seem good. Like the Ruger American or the new offering by Savage; very affordable. That said, I'd prefer something that wasn't black plastic. Maybe I should look for a used rifle, one with a wood stock?

Mighty Ballistics

Then there's pistols. I fired a friend's XD .45 the other day and really liked it, so now I want a new pistol. But it's like rifles -- which one? Something chambered for 9mm, perhaps a 4th Gen Glock, or the CZ SP-01 (steel frame)? Then there's SIGs and XDs. Tricky.

I think they're all good, and they are, but feel free to advise. I want to get several. 2014 will be the Year of the Gun.

Shoot straight,


Monday, January 13, 2014


SBW's Crossbow

There's a skunk in my house. It must have crept in through the basement and made its way to the downstairs bathroom, where it's made itself a kind of den. Animal Control has put a trap enclosed in a black plastic bag at the entrance of its den. 

Skunk Den

So far the skunk has resisted this ploy. It has also resisted the temptation to spray, for which I thank God. Church people have urged me to shoot the skunk with a crossbow. But I won't; I am a man of peace.

The Egg

In other exciting news, I was sitting on the front porch with some of the team, when a chicken ran into an adjacent hedge, squawked loudly, laid an egg, then strutted off quickly from whence it came.

The egg is now in my fridge.

That is all.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

And So The Fun Begins


TransNativities. Just another step in the new normal, or, as our legal team reminds us, quoting Lord Justice Scruton in Crowley v. Constable (1934):

" I thought I had seen it all. I thought everything that was wicked and depraved had at one time been presented before me...." 

Apparently not,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sharky's At It Again

Sharky Gets Dorky With The Pope

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Old Etonian oil executive, Justin Welby, who is popularly known as "Sharky", is backing a new Baptism service which doesn't mention sin or the devil. 


In the existing rite, candidates are asked to "reject the devil" and "repent" of "sins." However, the Church of England's Liturgy Commission decided to remove these words in favor of more "culturally appropriate and accessible language." Now that Satan and sin have been removed, candidates will be asked to "reject evil, and all its many forms." This, presumably, will be so culturally accessible and appropriate that British atheists will be drawn to the church in droves and reverse the Church of England's drastically declining membership.


The logic's simple and runs like this: the less there is to believe, the more people can believe. That's it, the Disbelief Gambit and it's beguiling, isn't it. If only the church lowered its membership requirements to reflect a disbelieving society then all the disbelievers will start going to church again. 


Anglicanism and just about every other Western denomination has been deploying the Disbelief Gambit for at least 30 years, in the hope that watered-down, anodyne, dumber and dumber liturgy and doctrine will somehow convert people. But convert them to what? To nothing? They already have that in the comfort of their homes, which is exactly where they've stayed instead of darkening the doors of our churches.

The Old Crook

Welby, who gained the nickname "Sharky" for his sharklike business acumen in plundering Nigerian oil while employed by Elf oil, seems intent on following the path of recent Archbishops, all in the hope of getting disbelievers into church by making the church disbelieving itself.

Good luck with that.


Goodbye, Calgary

Bison Head

After a good night under one of Calgary's many highlights, the Bison Head, it was time to head back to Texas and Lonestarism. All too soon in a way, because I like Calgary and the Calgarians a lot. I like Canada too, which now seems to be rather less sovcom than the U.S. Who'd have thought it?

Just a bit of LSP

Reflections on the hideous iniquity of our political class aside, a minor snowstorm was blowing in as I left the Canada's economic engine. I was half hoping my flight would be delayed but it wasn't and US Airlines duly dropped me off in the hellhole that is Phoenix airport before taking me on to DFW.

Modern air travel, like getting a bus to Gloucester from London via Chepstow in the '80s.

Now that I'm back in the country I notice my neighbors have added several goats to their herd of chickens and roosters.

Texas Prepper

Nothing like being prepared for the coming crash. 

Have a blessed Epiphanytide,


Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Government Is Your Friend!

The Government is your Friend 

Last year saw a big push by the Government and it's willing lackey, Piers "New World Order" Morgan, to ban guns. Hand in your firearms, they argued, and the State will look after you, just like it's going to do with your health!

Trust the State!

America wasn't convinced by this Himmlerian logic and bought guns in record numbers; smart move, arm up, but please stop hoarding .22LR because we need readily accessible plinking ammo. Sayin'.

Demented Space Creature

Also, as LL reminds us, do the exact opposite of anything Nancy Pelosi recommends, this will help you. Likewise, as we move into 2014, only fight wars as a last resort and fight to win. 

Ride on,


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Stephen Avenue

It was all about a Block War last night until it started to snow. A member of the fire-team was moved to say "this is a wondrous miracle moment" and sure enough, Stephen Avenue was transformed into something beautiful. Even our ancient grudge against the contemptible Marriott was carried away by the cleansing snow, Block War forgotten.

The Marriott. Enemy

This morning I went off to find a coffee and fell in with a rodeo person who knew several of my church-people. All for bull riding and bronc. PBR. Small world, aint it.

Have a great New Year,