Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coyote Hunt

Scouting done, it was time to move in on the coyotes. My philisophical friend and all-round sportsman, GWB, drove down from Dallas to join in and off we went. The moon was high and so was the adrenaline as we got to my parishioner's farm; you could hear multiple packs howling in the distance. An eerie sound but exciting, maybe we'd get a dog. So we made our way to the first setup, got downwind, waited for 10 minutes and listened, senses alive.


Then GWB called, using a cell phone and a remote Bluetooth speaker, while I scanned with a red light. We were definitely in the presence of coyotes and GWB's certain one padded around our position to check out the interesting Jackrabbit distress call. Could be, something was was out there in the sage with us but we didn't see it, so no shot.


The next setup was a better position; slightly higher ground in a small copse, with a good field of vision and the calling began again, but the coyotes had moved on and so did we after about 30 minutes. Then it was back to the truck through swarms of rabbits, you could've caught them with a net, and dinner at the Compound. GWB had bought several varieties of duck he'd shot and that made for fine scoff.

No kills but a good night was had by all.


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