Monday, January 13, 2014


SBW's Crossbow

There's a skunk in my house. It must have crept in through the basement and made its way to the downstairs bathroom, where it's made itself a kind of den. Animal Control has put a trap enclosed in a black plastic bag at the entrance of its den. 

Skunk Den

So far the skunk has resisted this ploy. It has also resisted the temptation to spray, for which I thank God. Church people have urged me to shoot the skunk with a crossbow. But I won't; I am a man of peace.

The Egg

In other exciting news, I was sitting on the front porch with some of the team, when a chicken ran into an adjacent hedge, squawked loudly, laid an egg, then strutted off quickly from whence it came.

The egg is now in my fridge.

That is all.



bluesun said...

Believe me, just shooting a skunk doesn't stop the smell. Outside is one thing, but I think the plastic bag trick is as good as anything if it's inside...

I did just see a special solid trap supposedly made for skunks at the feed store the other day. Wonder if Animal Control has seen those or not.

Third News said...

"February marks the start of the adult skunk breeding season. March and April is breeding season for yearling females."

You have a month till Valenskunk day, but the pheromones, and urine left behind is an open invitation to other animals -Beastly

LSP said...

Haven't seen a special skunk trap, Bluesun. So far it hasn't sprayed...

Very Beastly, Third News!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Once when the northern monkey and i were in VA, we pulled up outside a the lad we were visiting's place, he sees a skunk and foolishly chucks a lump of wood at it. Big, Big Smelly Mistake. I may have to confiscate the Xbow to keep you from temptation.

LSP said...

Ah hah, SBW!

Message to market. Don't chuck stuff at skunks. Off to shoot coyotes (hopefully), too bad you're not here to join in. Cheers.