Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get a New Gun?

What Gun?

I'm thinking of getting a new gun, probably a bolt .308 or .30-06 but it's confusing because there's a lot of rifles out there in the right price range and they all seem good. Like the Ruger American or the new offering by Savage; very affordable. That said, I'd prefer something that wasn't black plastic. Maybe I should look for a used rifle, one with a wood stock?

Mighty Ballistics

Then there's pistols. I fired a friend's XD .45 the other day and really liked it, so now I want a new pistol. But it's like rifles -- which one? Something chambered for 9mm, perhaps a 4th Gen Glock, or the CZ SP-01 (steel frame)? Then there's SIGs and XDs. Tricky.

I think they're all good, and they are, but feel free to advise. I want to get several. 2014 will be the Year of the Gun.

Shoot straight,



bluesun said...

I think if you're going "new rifle," the Ruger American or the Savages are hard to beat in terms of price and performance. As for pistols, I really like my XD9, but if I was going to start over I would probably just get a glock. Of course, I pretty much only carry my little revolver anymore, so take that piece of advice with a grain of salt.

Michael Peterson said...

Wood stocks are cool. It's why I love my SMLE .303 - that plus the fact that my dad carried one like it all over Europe. The stuff soldiers carries today looks like it was made by Hasbro.
Happy hunting.

LSP said...

"just get a Glock" -- I'm inclined to agree, Bluesun.

I think the best strategy is to scout about the gunshops and see what feels best. They seem to shoot about the same (in my price range...).


LSP said...

I love my "Lees", Michael, and have a couple in various stages of "project completion" + a #4 in original config. A lot of fun to shoot. Fantastic that you should have your dad's rifle!

That said, "black plastic" has its place, but with you, I'd like something less "hasbro" -- already have several plastic offenders...

Good shooting .

Anonymous said...

.577 Martini Henry Mk IV

lukeya said...

For goodness sake go and get a decent walnut sporter stock for the other .303 Padre - do your duty man!

As for sidearms, I prefer not to comment except to say that personally Austrian Plastic has never held a lot of appeal. I'm a classicist. Perhaps a .45 1911 in Chrome with pearl handles? Outstanding Padre - Charie, as we know, don't surf.

LSP said...

The good old Martini, Anonymous! A friend has several... and I wouldn't mind getting one, but that's for later. Right now I want something practical.

Boring, I know, but...

LSP said...

Ah hah, Lukeya!

I'd love a good 1911 and I WILL get one. But I'll have to save up, unless you donate one to the team and that way live pistols, er, vicariously.

As for those Lees -- 2014 will see the one sporter completed (it needs iron sights) and the other turned into a "trench gun carbine" per SBW recommendation.

So don't delay, hurry up and send me that 1911!

Anonymous said...

my husband just got a ruger scout rifle in .308 I believe, and really likes it. Nice balance, handy to carry, and accurate. I think they come in wood stock.
for carry, the Glocks are light and reliable, you can't beat that. But for good looks, I'd go with a 1911. Check out Rock Island. Mine was less than $500, all steel; comfortable grip; adjustable trigger & sights, and shoots perfect. Plus they have a lifetime warranty. All for less than the other brands.

Anonymous said...

You got the boat.....get a punt gun!!

LSP said...

I've been looking at a Ruger Scout rifle -- I like the idea of the 10 round magazine, iron sights and scope rail and I like the shorter length.

Sort of "one gun to rule them all" and inspired by Jeff Cooper. I'll check out the Rock Island 1911.


LSP said...

"Punt Gun", Anonymous?

Now you're talking.