Monday, February 28, 2011

Alien Head, or ACoC?

Nasa's rover "Spirit" has sent back images from Mars where something that looks very much like the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) is shown.

Nasa scientists dismissed the image as a rock, however, but church analysts are not convinced.

"Their eyes are about 5cm apart, with a small sharp chin, just what you'd expect from the tiny church" said one expert.

UFOlogists dispute this, arguing that the small Mars object is a fossilized alien head instead of the tiny, lost, off-world denomination.

You be the judge.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


moving in the shadows

Set out after a relaxing ride, geared towards foundational work (walk, trot, control around obstacles), to scout out coyotes. Earlier that day I'd asked Bonnie if it was alright to setup and hunt them. She said, "Have at it!" So off I went to see where they were coming into the farm. Nothing like planning ahead, you see.

Coyote Crossing
I figured they were moving into the fields by way of a creek and sure enough they were; crossing the creek, then padding along a trail before heading left towards some cow fields. Probably after calves, or anything else they can sink their teeth into. There'd been a good rain the night before so it was easy to find fresh tracks in the mud.

Took a rifle with me in case there were any 'targets of opportunity', which there weren't, so I contented myself with planning a couple of setups and generally enjoying an armed stroll in the countryside. That, in itself, is an excellent thing. I believe it's banned, for the most part, in England.

Will call the beasts in next week, and shoot them.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Riding the Dolphin

For some strange reason the ammo has been flying off the shelves at the local Walmart; no .45 ACP, little if any 30-06, .308, .223, no 9mm and stranger still, a big lack of .22LR. Maybe the latter's not so odd - .22's a sensible round to stock up on, lots of bang for the buck, as it were. I felt myself lucky to snag one of the few remaining 'value packs' in time for tomorrow's target practice.

Surely it's not the case that people are worried and feel the need to get prepared? Maybe they are, but in the meanwhile, the rival diocese of Fort Worth is busy 'waging reconciliation', when they're not suing Bishop Iker and trad Anglicans. 

Ohl Granola
TEC Bishop Ohl has organised a 'reconciliation liturgy' and asked people to bring things to it, such as "a piece of art – a drawing, a painting, a weaving, a sculpture, a piece of ceramic..."

I think I'll skip that particular drum circle.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amazonian Guard

Mad as you Like
 I know you'll condemn me as sadly ignorant but I've only just become aware of the Colonel's (why still a Colonel after so long?) Amazonian Guard. I had no idea that Libya's crazed despot surrounded himself with a female security force until a friend sent me a link to a site accusing MG of being an "International Fashion Criminal", which he is, amongst other things. The Guards are hand picked by Gaddafi and have special training that turns them into killers. They're virgins, evidently.

Will they die defending their Leader? Like crazed last-ditch Nazis? For that matter, will the youth of the Middle East "seize the future from the gnarled hands of old men" (thanks SBW), or will the whole affair turn into a Jihadwatch nightmare?



Monday, February 21, 2011


I was going to post a short bucolic piece on the therapeutic pleasures of horse riding but got badly hijacked by Drudge and the ongoing scary saga of the Middle East. Will it all result in a new dawn of peace, love and freedom, like a big Woodstock in the sand? 

Freeloading Hippies
 Or will it be a disaster of epic, apocalyptic proportions?

Age of Aquarius
I'd say the vote was out. 

Lord have mercy.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Age Eschaton - Pistol

Getting Warmer

Everyone knows that it's much warmer now, which is why it's colder, especially in Dallas, where I was stranded for a couple of days by the New Ice Age. And to think, all brought about by the planet getting hotter, but such is the logic of the Eschaton. But I'm not complaining, it was good to retreat to the Ice Cave and take a few days off.

GH Getting Colder

Then, I suppose, it got colder so everything melted and I made it back to the country and a visit to GH's farm. We took his new Dodge down-field to an impromptu hay-bale pistol range and had some .45 ACP fun (remedial for me).


I have to say, thank God for Winchester White Box, which takes a bit of the financial sting out of a shoot - I find I have to go through several magazines before getting into the swing of things and decently on target. I tend to pull the trigger, sending rounds low left and forget to breath, thanks to excitement. Bad errors, but when corrected things swung pretty neatly onto the bull.

Calm Before the Storm

Shot from around 15 and 20 yards, with the best results from 20, oddly enough. Then it was back to GH's house to talk about the state of the Mission and TEC's iniquitous land-grab. A good day.

Now the clouds are lowering with ice and snow. Smart people are honing up on their firearms skills and stockpiling. We don't know how long the winter will last.

Shoot straight,


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vicarious Hunting

GWB's new dog, Jeb & ducks

One of the reasons there hasn't been any hunting posts on this blog for far too long is that I haven't been out hunting. Riding? Yes. Shooting? Yes, but not as much as I'd like, mostly .22 plinking, to be honest.

But I can live vicariously through my linguistic philosopher friend GWB, who made good use of duck season to get out in the field with his new dog Jeb and a cheap but cheerful Mossberg 12 pump action ($150 from Academy).

Good duck result, GWB! Inspired now to get out and hunt once the weather clears.

Speaking of hunting, check out Whitetail Woods - Rick's excellent blog.

Written from the Ice Cave,