Monday, February 28, 2011

Alien Head, or ACoC?

Nasa's rover "Spirit" has sent back images from Mars where something that looks very much like the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) is shown.

Nasa scientists dismissed the image as a rock, however, but church analysts are not convinced.

"Their eyes are about 5cm apart, with a small sharp chin, just what you'd expect from the tiny church" said one expert.

UFOlogists dispute this, arguing that the small Mars object is a fossilized alien head instead of the tiny, lost, off-world denomination.

You be the judge.



Anonymous said...

so today i was cleaning up my yard where my old pourch use to be, and i saw this wierd looking roke half barried so i picked it up and brushed it off and i realized it want a rock its a fossle. it scared the living shit out of me. it looked like that little alien guy off of men in black. but anyways i decided to do some reasearch on google looking though pics and from the discription they look freakishly alike.... i want to go and get this checked out but i dont know where? i live in montana but if u could help or know of what i should do please email me at

LSP said...

Alright there Anon -- that sounds pretty scary! Send a photo of the "weird looking roke" and I'll post it.

Might be an alien. Might be a Canadian bishop. Might be something else altogether.

I think we should let the readers decide.

God Bless.