Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey, Move to Detroit!

come on, move to Detroit!

Last time we checked into Detroit my old friend Red had been putting rounds down range in the local crack house on Commonwealth. He got off, no harm no foul sort of deal. But things have escalated. The onetime Motorcity is now bankrupt and fixin' to become a city of ghosts.

Not to worry. Detroit is so totally a "one off" and the unicorn will come and save you! With all the helpful money its borrowed, or invented, or stolen somehow.

In the meanwhile, America's "middle class" rates 27th in the world, apparently, and our cities are off the hook urban hellholes doing just fine. 

Good luck, hope 'n change,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Boat Team

I'm pretty keen to avoid the old "he's right out of central casting" charge, so I went out and got a boat. Just an ancient aluminium V hull, with a view towards getting out on the lakes for a bit of casting and, perhaps, duck hunting.


The boat's a bit of a project but look, it floats (I made sure) and it came with a trailer and a trolling motor, both of which work. The two last make the whole deal financially worthwhile. So that's alright then.

Get out and fish, or shoot, or whatever.

God bless,


Monday, July 15, 2013


Fish On

I wouldn't want anyone to think I was some kind of stereotype, or something, so I eagerly took up a friend's offer to go Kayak Fishing on the Brazos, on the outskirts of Waco, off I35.

We stopped at Walmart to pick up some spinners and lures and I seized the opportunity to spray my legs with insect repellent, or sunscreen, which I found open at the sporting goods counter. I got into a fight about that with a Walmart person. but don't worry, it wasn't a real fight, just a verbal.

some guy facing off a bear with a hatchet

Fleeing Walmart we stopped at a Starbucks because I wanted a Latte, and spied a senior philosophy prof (?) from Baylor. I resisted the urge to hurl unkind taunts about "old bald head" and reminded my friend about Elijah and the bears.


Then a whole lot of fun kayaking along the river -- the fish (Bass) were jumping and I was catching nothing until we pulled into some shallows and cast from there. Caught a baby Bass and a Drum(?) and as always felt inordinately pleased at the catch. Put the fish back and progressed upstream to home.

Fish Rising

Great fun. Message? Fish more often, get a boat.

Fish on,


Shoot the Lee, for God's Sake!

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You may have thought that I'd forgotten about firearms, being so busy with the Mission Field and all. But no, despite a grievous lack of readily available ammo -- please, someone, sort it out -- I've managed to get to my friend's range a couple of times.

Upgrade the glass, yo.

I was especially pleased with my "project Lee," an old 1917 SMLE that'd been sporterized once, badly, then re-sporterized by me in an amateur attempt to own a make-believe Lee Speed. Not being a stereotype, I want to own something approximating to the hunting rifle of the British Empire.

Sand, Plane, Rasp, Blue

Whatever, the mock Speed shot pretty well, putting rounds in a Dime with a used Burris(!) scope. Not bad for a WWI rifle that's gone through several porch project gunsmith hours. 

There's a Rifle on the Table1

Some people have motorcycles in their front room, or "lounge." Others go for Lees on the Mahogany. Same strategy, different tactic? 


In other news, the oddly named Gavin SameSex Welby has come out vastly in favor of wimmin bishops and rather cautiously in favor of gay sex. Go on, Gavin, bite the bullet!


Yours unstereotypically,