Sunday, June 30, 2019

Stand Off Sunday

It was a good morning at the Missions, no doubt about it, not a liturgical dancer in sight, no one calling the Holy Spirit "she," not one single priestess for miles around. I know this shocks you, but how very awesome and we returned to the Compound in high spirits, only to find a stand-off.

That's right, a stand-off between Blue Territorial and a Cat. The Cat was taking it easy, relaxing in the shade of the porch, and this fascinated the ferocious dog. He wanted to get at the Cat but couldn't, because of a leash. 

So he settled down and stared at the invader, who didn't seem to care in the slightest. You know dogs, maybe if I look at it long enough I'll get it, but he didn't and that seemed exciting to him. He sat and stared, got up and grinned, tried to speak to the Cat and failed, not having vocal cords, and sat back down again to stare at the kitty.

Who got bored of the performance when the sun hit her perch and ran off, leaving Blue Destitute devoid of cat company. And that was that. I enjoy having animals around and who knows, perhaps the Cat will be back. She can stay on the porch and no further.

In other exciting news, President Trump's been busy making peace with the Norks, much to the disgust of the warmongering Left. How did that happen? Do you remember how the Left used to be all about peace? But now they're all about war, Russia, Korea, Iran, you name it, let's bomb it.

Not dissimilar, when you think about it, to Obama who was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for keeping America in a state of constant war. Not that he was a mindless drone of the New World Order hivemind or anything like that.



Saturday, June 29, 2019

Maine Gets A New Bishop!

That's right, the simpering manly Thomas Brown who's theoretically married to former Methodist pastor Thomas Mousin. Brown was appointed to the Episcopal Church's top job in Maine at a special promotion ceremony last weekend, during which participants were captured on video calling the Holy Spirit "she."

In pretty much the same breath, the bishop figures and their newly elected colleague say they believe in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church." Informed, apparently, by some kind of pagan goddess.

Leaving aside the rampant skulduggery, malfeasance and blasphemy in Maine's latest excursion into Episcopal degeneracy, we have to ask, will those who go against the Holy Spirit be relentlessly destroyed by that same Spirit?

The Diocese of Maine's Average Sunday Attendance has fallen from a pathetic 4,980 in 2007 to a risible 3,694 in 2017, a dismal drop-off of over 25%.

Perhaps Brown and his new rainbow deity will reverse this discouraging trend.



Friday, June 28, 2019

Trump is Apex Troll Putin is Cool

Yes, it's now clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that 45, President Trump, isn't just King of the Trolls, he's Apex Troll. But if Trump's an Apex Troll, Putin's cool, pitching common sense populism in the face of a globalist NWO elite that's ignored the people they rule in the interests of their own bulging pocket books. 

"The obvious problem is the gap between the interests of the elites and the overwhelming majority of the people," stated the Russian strongman in an interview with the Financial Times this week. President Trump, argued Putin, realized the imbalance and this explained his America First policies, to say nothing of electoral victory.

Putin, who only gets more cool by the day, went further, spearing the Illuminati dragon in the eye with the lance of truth. In the wake of NWO encouraged mass immigration "the liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population." Predictably enough, the lib elite are whining, "No! You're wrong!" Whatever, nobody cares, Illuminati overlords.

Here at the Compound we think that Trump and Putin are on the same page, putting their respective countries and people first in the face of an aggressive, satanic, transnational elite that cares for nothing beyond the confines of their already burgeoning bank accounts.

Lest you think that's some kind of exaggeration, consider the fury of the elites in question against both these leaders. 

We may thank God that Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the fake Indian are the best that our adversary the devil has to throw against the revolution.

Your Old Friend,



Here at the Compound we're delighted to bring you this exclusive photo of the winners of two nights brutal sparring in the Democrat Presidential Primary debates.

As the Corsican upstart once said, never interfere with an enemy while zhe’s in the process of destroying zirself on the jagged edge of  a broken rainbow.



Thursday, June 27, 2019

Castro Trans Abortion Baphomet

Everyone knows that the Democrats are the abortion party and the transsexual party. So why not combine the two into one compelling whole, which is just what Julian Castro did last night. Via the National Review:

“All of you on stage support a women’s right to abortion. You all support some version of a government health-care option. Would your plan cover abortion, Mr. Secretary?” asked MSNBC debate moderator Lester Holt.
“Yes it would. I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice. And what means is just because a woman, or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community — a trans female — is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exercise that right to choose. So I absolutely would cover that right to have an abortion,” Castro said.

Reproductive justice as opposed to, you know, that old fashioned reproductive oppression where women actually have babies. Those days are gone when Castro ascends to power and the poor, starving, exploited, transsexual masses will at last be able to get a taxpayer funded abortion.

So you're a woman who's become a man and you've run out of cash and you're pregnant. No fear, Castro is here, baby gone on the government dime. Or perhaps you're a guy who became a girl and thought it'd be neat to have a baby, only to get buyer's remorse when the pole dancing gig got shut down along with the bank account. Castro to the rescue.

And on. Leaving aside the bizarrely satanic aspect of people claiming they have a right, an inherent human right, to kill their children, we have to ask: Are these people insane? Good luck running on the trans abortion platform, Demoncrats.

This engaging mind blog never ceases to remind its large international readership that Baphomet is trans, as are 0.6% of the US populace.

As above? So very below.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Substitute Teacher

Just coz,


Law & Order in Rainbow Land

Speechless? Who knows, maybe the crims'll die laughing.

Your Friend,


A Country Stroll

One of the many benefits of living in LSPland is you get to go for gentle country walks through the sylvan boulevards of bucolic Texas. I do that every morning with Blue Pastoralia and it's become something of a ritual. Sometimes we walk by the Meth Shack on our way to the Pick 'n Steal (PnS).

Meth Shack Patriots

The Meth Shackers aren't usually up in the morning but sometimes you'll see them passed out and shirtless in the drive after a particularly hard and toothless night on the meth. Still, chances are they'll be stacking collectibles around the shack later in the day.

Stack 'er Up!

They find things on foraging expeditions, you see, and stack 'em up. Child's plastic car? Stack it on the roof and keep that yard in order. Speaking of yards, the Shack was hidden from view on one side by a vacant lot which had returned to nature, like ancient Rome in the 7th century. Then disaster struck.

Chop 'er Down!

Woodsmen turned up earlier this week and chopped down the meth jungle to make way for a new house. The Shackers aren't happy about this, not for a second, and look on in dismay as back hoes and chainsaws clear away assorted junk trees and trash. Who knows, maybe it'll be the shack's turn next.

Random skulduggery

And with that, we leave the Meth Shack and head to the Shamrock PnS for a strong cup of coffee. It's still run by Nepalese, despite being Irish, and Texan.

I file this exciting story under "country life."



Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019


You know me, so desperately reactionary as to think wimmin shouldn't be priests or soldiers or, in Hillary's case, presidents. But what about colonels?

Yes, honorary colonels of horse, like Empress Viktoria. Perhaps you don't think she looks smart and brave in her Deaths Head Hussar rig.

That would be your call and I disagree. Melania, by the way, is the honorary colonel of an irregular Texan cavalry unit. D'ye think that improves morale?

Right dress,


Sunday Sermon

Heard it before? Some messages are worth repeating.



Saturday, June 22, 2019


Yes, the Summer Solstice was yesterday, an important date by anyone's reckoning. How did you celebrate? 

At the Stones?

Perhaps the Tor.

Here at the Compound we cleaned guns, like this handy CZ Bobwhite 20.

And flew the flag.

Witch way, mysticke sister?

One flag to rule them all. 

Dixie forever,


Friday, June 21, 2019

KAG 4 Eva

45 was so impressed by Carpe Donktum's infovideo that he broadcast it to his millions of followers. TIME magazine was quick to reassure its declining reader base that the inspiring animation wasn't, in fact, a TIME cover.

Is Lord Trump King of the Trolls?



Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hate Speech

Hate speech. The scourge of our time. It's just like the 1940s with millions of people being tortured and killed in gulags and KZs by words. That's right, violent, hate-filled words. Except they weren't, they were being killed by actions and they are today, ask a Christian in, say, Mosul.

Point being that words, in and of themselves, don't hurt anyone. Try it for yourself, say the most hateful words you can imagine, such as all Blue Heelers must die! and see if a single Blue drops dead because of your hate speech. Trust me, they'll probably look at you and beg for treats.

Where does that leave the heinous crime of hate speech? Let's cut to the chase and go Orwell. It's an attempt to erase thought crime, the precursor to real crime. And that's just it, hate speech, objectionable as it is, isn't a crime and the attempt to control our thoughts by force is. Where will it end? Let's guess.

A massive, violent, hate-filled lashback against the left.

Remember kids, everything the left enacts produces pretty much the opposite of its intended result. It's like an axiom and by way of a parting shot, remember how women's liberation was going to free women? To be what? Wage slaves. Now everyone has to work for their Illuminati overlords. 

So go ahead and beat people up for thought crime hate speech, but don't be surprised if your risible experiment in mind control backfires disastrously.

Your Old and Best Friend,


Trump Goes 2020

You may disagree and that's fine, there's no "rule," think what you like, but I thought Trump pretty much knocked it out of the ball park last night. And to be fair, the Democrats have created a minefield for themselves.

Such as the great Russia Hoax coup conspiracy, Hillary's 33,000 missing emails, the hate-filled attack on Kavanaugh, open borders migration vote grabbing masquerading as compassion and, perhaps above all, failure. 

The Democrats represent an established political status quo which oversaw the deindustrialization of great swathes of America and the subsequent impoverishment of the people. Trump hit on it, 60,000 factories shuttered since 2001, the date China joined the WTO, and with it the loss of at least 6 million jobs. Well done, trade deal geniuses.

Democrat solution? More of the same in an ever brighter rainbow flag. You might not have any jobs, proles, and we've become South America's welfare system, but think. At long last you can, finally, throw off the chains of cisgender oppression and use the trans bathroom at Harvard while beating women at track like the man you are! Sorry, woman. 

And Trump's a Russian spy who's literally Hitler, so forget about all the industry we shipped out of the country to make us rich while you live in the ghetto. Where you can get an abortion.

It's just not a great platform and Trump gave it a beating while playing to his strengths: jobs, manufacturing, rebuilding the military, not fighting endless wars, securing the border so we actually have a country, tax cuts, deregulation, putting America first in trade and not being ashamed of Christian values and the country itself. LL puts it well here.

Of course Satanists hate all this and haven't lost any time deploying their magic power to hex the President, so maybe it's a good thing last night's rally featured a prayer:

Paula White: “Father you have raised President Trump up for such a time as this… Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus. Let the counsel of the wicked by spoiled now according to Job 17. I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy. Destroy and divide their tongues, Oh Lord.




Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fathers Day Washout

It was a simple plan, elegant even. Say Mass at the Missions, expound on the Trinity and then drive back to the Compound for an afternoon's Fathers Day grillout with the Recruit. What a great plan, then it fell apart.

The kid got roped into working for an elderly churchperson. Well done, charity is key, and there went the lunch component, but not to worry, adapt and move the grilling forward to the evening. Pleased with the evolving genius of the plan I watched clouds move in from the West, storm clouds, dark and ominous.

Boom, deluge, and that was the end of that. We consoled ourselves by sitting on the porch as lightning cracked, thunder rolled and rain poured down with all the fury of an enraged god, the Weather God, our ancient enemy.

Still, it was neat to watch the storm from the safety of the compound's porch. Like being on the bridge of a ship, I always think.

Try Not to Lose Your Lunch

In other exciting news, Groper Biden's apparently well ahead of 45 in the polls which is why the toothy politician's attracting such, ahem, massive crowds. Who knows, maybe Michelle will lurch out of left field and boost the Party's fortune. Think, what chance would Old White Privilege himself have against a transsexual woman of color? 

Candace For Press Secretary

Perhaps Trump would do well to counter this not inconsiderable threat by taking on Candace Owens as Press Secretary, as opposed to Stephanie Grisham. Just a thought.



Sunday, June 16, 2019

Heathen Banding - Holy Trinity

Here we are, on the day of the Feast of the holy and undivided Trinity itself, so how to make sense of it all, how can God be three persons in one divine nature? 

Well, you couldn't make it up, especially if you wanted to start a religion and make some loot and that, for me, is a powerful proof of the revealed nature of the thing, its veracity.

Regardless, perhaps Frank Sheed lifts us up to the brink of mystery. From Theology For Beginners (do yourself a favor and get one, it's free): 

So God utters a word – not framed by the mouth, of course, for God has no mouth. He is pure spirit. So it is a word in the mind of God, not sounding outwardly as our words sound, akin rather to a thought or an idea. What idea produced in God’s mind could possibly be God? Christian thinking saw early that it could be only the idea God has of himself.
…the idea that God has of himself cannot be imperfect. Whatever is in the Father must be in his idea of himself, and must be exactly the same as it is in himself. Otherwise God would have an inadequate idea of himself, which would be nonsense. Thus, because God is infinite, eternal, all-powerful, his idea of himself is infinite, eternal, all-powerful. Because God is God, his idea is God. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. And the Word was God.”
…Father and Son love each other, with infinite intensity. What we could not know, if it were not revealed to us, is that they unite to express their love and that the expression is a third divine person. In the Son, the Father utters his self-knowledge; in the Holy Spirit, Father and Son utter their mutual love.
Their love is infinite; its expression cannot be less, Infinite love does not produce itself finitely; it can no more produce inadequate expression than infinite knowledge can produce an inadequate idea. Each gives himself wholly to the outpouring of his love for the other, holding nothing back – indeed the very thought of holding back is ridiculous; if they give themselves at all, they can give themselves only totally – they possess nothing but their totality! The uttered love of Father and Son is infinite, lacks no perfection that they have, is God, a person, someone.

Make of this what you will but be very sure you don't go against it. That way leads to madness and destruction.  

In the meanwhile, heathen banding on the wall, if we could be bothered to build it. Chop, chop.

Your Friend,


Saturday, June 15, 2019


We celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity tomorrow and contemplate the revealed life of God as Father, Son and Spirit. A trinity of persons in unity of substance. I like this reflection from Fr. Crouse:

To know God as absolute Being, absolute Knowledge, and absolute Love, [Father, Son, Spirit] is to be spiritually reborn: it is to know ourselves as encompassed and upheld by Providential care, and thus it is to see our own lives in a new spiritual perspective. It is to lose ourselves in the worship of a goodness and a glory infinitely beyond ourselves, infinitely beyond all earthly things, infinitely beyond all worldly pretensions and pettiness. It is to see our troubles, our frustrations, our disappointments, our ambitions and achievements, all in a new spiritual perspective, "high and lifted up" -- a radically different perspective, the perspective of eternity. 
But perhaps we ask, with Nicodemus, "Is this really possible? Is this really practical? Can a man be born when he is old? How can these things be?" Nicodemus was a sensible man, no doubt: a Pharisee, a leader of the Jews, and he couldn't let go of his supposedly sensible, practical perspective. Jesus warned him, and Jesus warns us: unless you are spiritually reborn, you have no part in God's kingdom. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." It is what we worship that makes us what we are.

It is what we worship that makes us what we are. There's wisdom in that, to say nothing of the Holy and Undivided Trinity.

God bless,


Friday, June 14, 2019

What Dhimwits

Here's Blue Martel relaxing on an attractive Moslem rug, he's obviously not Islamophobic. Neither is Ss. Matthew & Luke Darlington, which offered to veil its crosses and a picture of Christ so that local Muslims could pray in the church without being offended. 

Offended by what? Christianity, of course, which this church used to represent. Christianity is the world's most persecuted religion. Too bad that places like Ss. Matthew & Luke are part of the problem.

Here at the Compound we call them dhimwhits.



Thursday, June 13, 2019

War Drums?

Did Iran, perhaps via its Houthi proxies in Yemen, attack two tankers in the Gulf of Oman this morning? US and Saudi officials have suggested they did but if so, why; to provoke a crippling war with the US?

That doesn't seem to make much sense, perhaps the villain is another "state actor" altogether.

I don't know about you but going to war on behalf of the Wahhabi meteorite guardians doesn't sound too appealing. Didn't they have something to do with 9/11?



Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Same Old Rock

Backyard Mexicans are playing New Country, peacocks shriek and Blue Fowler's after a chicken that's hiding under the back deck. You can't blame the bird for trying to escape the music, fortunately the dog's not lithe enough to get at the feathered asylum seeker.

Speaking of which, the wall's still not built and a few hundred thousand illegals cross the border every month, overwhelming towns like Uvalde. Democrats don't seem to mind, they see votes, while others wonder if the refugee asylum seekers should be bused to sanctuary cities. If you want it, pay for it, sort of thing.

Who knows, maybe Trump's threat of tariffs will scare Mexico into securing its border, we can but hope and wonder. Meanwhile, our Big Tech Commie Overlords are busy censoring everyone into oblivion. 

But surely the toothpaste's outta the youtube and all the sadly deplatformed unpersons will move to other media. Then Whatsapp can try and sue them for hate speech like trannies going after a baker. Good luck with that.

On the religious front, Rome's produced a document affirming biological gender. This, according to the Vatican, is a God-given fact of biology. Men are, well, men, and women are women, as opposed to being gender fluid sexless drones of the NWO hivemind. And of course the venerable if shrinking Diocese of Durham and ACoC disagree, they're busy celebrating the rainbow.

Unlike the Anglican provinces of Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria who obstinately refuse to bow to Illuminati cash and attend the godless Lambeth Conference next year. Who knows, they're doubtless scared of being gored by the vicious horns of Canterbury unicorns, to say nothing of the thudding varicolored hooves of the ACC.

In related news, a Church of England Vicar had to resign from a school board for objecting to trans sex-ed by, ahem, "Mermaids," and a couple of Brazilian lesbians killed their son because he was a boy. They tried to transsexualize the unfortunate 9 year old first, and you can read the whole disturbing thing here.

Perhaps you think that somehow wrong because you're shackled to oppressive, patriarchal, fascist ethical theory. Not to worry, you can pinpoint the problem and work on a solution with this useful Intersectionality Score Calculator. Check it out. I scored a rather respectable 8. You have a go!

Over the rainbow,


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blood And Soil - Don't Bring Harry

Detail aside, the Greens are winning massive marketshare in Germany and that's great, check it out. Crazed, mystic blood and soil Tuetons launching on some kind of shamanic Aryan quest to bring the whole heimat under the sway of Ygdrasil?

Hated Markle

With apologies to our friends in the Prussian Officer Corps, we've beat you back twice and we'll do it again. Sorry, so called "Meghan," but there it is.

The People Rise Up

In the meanwhile, craven leftists attempt to pretend that they're somehow about "the people." Like #MillSoc D-List celeb Meghan Markle; don't bring Harry.