Friday, June 7, 2019

Where Is That Great Leviathan?

The Compound's training schedule isn't complex, no, far from it. In between group readings from Maritain, Gilson, Aquinas, Mascall, Berdyaev, the awesome Ratzinger, Farrer and so many more, we go fishing.

X in search of, sort of thing, and that's what we did today, headed out to Lake Whitney dam and tried our luck against the ferocious prehistoric ambush predators, Gar. Well it wasn't easy. Sure there were plenty of fish but they were shell shocked by the current.

You see, thanks to climate change it's been raining, turning Texas into a cross between an Amazonian rain forest and a floodplain. We caught the floodplain today and that meant no catching, the fish were all rolling on the current and not biting.

Still, good to get out in the sun by the water and enjoy the mighty Brazos. It was better once, before the dam and the lake, but that's a different story. 

In the meanwhile, Blue Nugget looks on. Hope, all two of you readers, springs eternal.

Your Old Pal,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Poor starving dog!

Fredd said...

Me and the other guy who reads your stuff are wondering just how long Blue Nugget will remain polite as he stares at those goodies on that lap. They appear to be breaded fish fillets? Maybe a confection of sorts? Whatever they are, Blue Nugget would make short work of them given the chance.

For now, 'good dog.'

LL said...

Blue Jonah thought that there might be fish for dinner...being as it was Friday and all.

Jim said...

If you wanted to catch the really big stuff around here, you're a few million years too late. At one time a shallow sea covered Kansas, and one of its denizens was the megalodon, a shark that could swallow a great white whole. I'm not sure what tackle you'd use, however, and I don't think Robert Shaw would be much help.

Kid said...

Looks like a nice day there.