Thursday, June 6, 2019

Well Done Boy

I know, it's been a protracted deal and you've probably had enough. But hey, whoever said it'd be easy. That in mind, the eldest LSP boy swore-in yesterday and now belongs to USGOV.

Random Waylon

Well done, "Nodal Systems Networks" and all of that, following Basic at Benning in August. In the interim we mark time. How, riding, shooting, fishing, hunting? 

Suggestions please.




drjim said...

Just hang out with him as much as you can, and make sure he knows you're behind him 100%.

It's a huge step in his life and will impact the rest of it.

Our prayers and best wishes are with him, and you.

LL said...

Ft. Bending in August... it could be worse. It could be Ft. Bliss.

Jim said...

Benning in August. At least he's used to the heat. Enjoy your time with him doing whatever.

LSP said...

Thanks, Jim. I really appreciate that.

LSP said...

The end of August, LL, so that's a slight help... maybe... Oh well, character building.

LSP said...


LSP said...

Ride, fish, shoot, grill is the plan, Jim. I think it's a gopd one!

Kid said...

I'm going to assume he was brought up correctly, so heck yea, Fun Fun Fun til the Army takes the T-Bird away.