Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Country Stroll

One of the many benefits of living in LSPland is you get to go for gentle country walks through the sylvan boulevards of bucolic Texas. I do that every morning with Blue Pastoralia and it's become something of a ritual. Sometimes we walk by the Meth Shack on our way to the Pick 'n Steal (PnS).

Meth Shack Patriots

The Meth Shackers aren't usually up in the morning but sometimes you'll see them passed out and shirtless in the drive after a particularly hard and toothless night on the meth. Still, chances are they'll be stacking collectibles around the shack later in the day.

Stack 'er Up!

They find things on foraging expeditions, you see, and stack 'em up. Child's plastic car? Stack it on the roof and keep that yard in order. Speaking of yards, the Shack was hidden from view on one side by a vacant lot which had returned to nature, like ancient Rome in the 7th century. Then disaster struck.

Chop 'er Down!

Woodsmen turned up earlier this week and chopped down the meth jungle to make way for a new house. The Shackers aren't happy about this, not for a second, and look on in dismay as back hoes and chainsaws clear away assorted junk trees and trash. Who knows, maybe it'll be the shack's turn next.

Random skulduggery

And with that, we leave the Meth Shack and head to the Shamrock PnS for a strong cup of coffee. It's still run by Nepalese, despite being Irish, and Texan.

I file this exciting story under "country life."




Kid said...

I"m betting on the dude in the knee high stockings and red shirt.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Maybe the meth shackers will move on.

LL said...

Ah, yes. Life in Texas Hill Country.

Carry on, walk softly, carry a big stick, and keep a firm hand on Blue Attack Dog, lest you need to cry havoc and let slip the Blue Avenger.

LSP said...

Excellent advice, LL. My stick's a Glock 21 (thx for the tip) and no problems so far.

Of course Blue Total War's a powerful force multiplier.

I get on pretty well with the shackers -- padre style.

LSP said...

WSF, that's my feeling. On the plus side this town's getting fixes up. Thank you, Mr. President, and "Chip and Joanna."

LSP said...

Hmmmm. Kid... I'll wager the mobkey on red shorts too.

Always On Watch said...

Reminds me of certain sections of DC, although the terrain is different.

LSP said...

It is a bit like that, AOW. I used to live on the Maryland border of the District years ago and it got a bit... jungly.

Always On Watch said...

The word jungly fits!

LSP said...

All the way, AOW.