Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hold The Fort

The sun was rising, Blue Perimeter was on the front porch, I was finishing off some coffee in the kitchen, and there was a voice, "Hey, Padre, where you at?" 

I looked 'round to see a rodeo buckle strolling in, "Dog didn't bite you?" Apparently not. "No, I just walked 'round him," said the cowboy, "Let's go to Fort Worth." 

And that's what we did, drove down I35W to the metrosprawl to elect a new bishop for the Diocese of Fort Worth. I know, you think "so what?" So a lot. 

Fort Worth  is the last Anglo-Catholic diocese of stature to remain standing against the libtransgay revolution that's doing its best to turn us into genderless satanic drones of the NWO.

We stood against that and elected Fr. Ryan Reed to be our next bishop. He's a good man, pray for him and his wife, Kathy.

This diocese will continue to stand firm and resolute for catholic truth.

Hold The Fort,



LL said...

I would have voted for LSP if I'd had a vote, and of course, I didn't.

drjim said...


Prayers sent for the new Bishop.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


LindaG said...

Praise God.