Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fathers Day Washout

It was a simple plan, elegant even. Say Mass at the Missions, expound on the Trinity and then drive back to the Compound for an afternoon's Fathers Day grillout with the Recruit. What a great plan, then it fell apart.

The kid got roped into working for an elderly churchperson. Well done, charity is key, and there went the lunch component, but not to worry, adapt and move the grilling forward to the evening. Pleased with the evolving genius of the plan I watched clouds move in from the West, storm clouds, dark and ominous.

Boom, deluge, and that was the end of that. We consoled ourselves by sitting on the porch as lightning cracked, thunder rolled and rain poured down with all the fury of an enraged god, the Weather God, our ancient enemy.

Still, it was neat to watch the storm from the safety of the compound's porch. Like being on the bridge of a ship, I always think.

Try Not to Lose Your Lunch

In other exciting news, Groper Biden's apparently well ahead of 45 in the polls which is why the toothy politician's attracting such, ahem, massive crowds. Who knows, maybe Michelle will lurch out of left field and boost the Party's fortune. Think, what chance would Old White Privilege himself have against a transsexual woman of color? 

Candace For Press Secretary

Perhaps Trump would do well to counter this not inconsiderable threat by taking on Candace Owens as Press Secretary, as opposed to Stephanie Grisham. Just a thought.




Adrienne said...

In other exciting news, Groper Biden's apparently well ahead of 45 in the polls


Sorry about Father's day, LSP.

LL said...

You have no sympathy from me. You could have opted for a Mexican food feast (with free cultural appropriation) at Monte's or you could have gone to Karen's for a brisket burrito.

Poor old senile Joe Biden seems as though he's barely getting through his speeches with a couple dozen bored listeners. I wonder if he has to pay people to show up the way that Hillary did?

Will Michelle burst onto the scene to save the party? I can't say. She's likely to win a dick measuring contest with the Butt guy, and an arm wrestling contest with Kristin Gildibrand.

Fredd said...

LL: you seem to think Michelle Obama will step in and save the day for Dems, taking a play out of Hillary's book: marry a guy who's going places, and when he's done wrecking things, fill your name in on the ballot and carry on.

Did not work for the Old Crone, won't work for Moochelle either.

Borepatch said...

Completely off topic, but today is the anniversary of the adoption of the Nicene Creed in 325 AD.

LSP said...

Almost as fake as Groper's smile itself, Adrienne.

But Father's Day was ok, we had fun watching the storm!

LSP said...

LL, I'd say all of those observations are TRUE.

Now I've got a good mind to drive off to the wilderness that is Itasca for some delicious bean and brisket.

LSP said...

I hope you're right, Fredd.


LSP said...

It's odd, Borepatch, but one conservative/trad Anglican emailed me the other day saying that the Nicene Creed was "divisive" and he didn't like it.

I was flummoxed. Divisive as in separating right from wrong? Divisive as in the apostolic confession of the Martyr Council standing against error?

People can think the most blinding rubbish from time to time.