Saturday, June 29, 2019

Maine Gets A New Bishop!

That's right, the simpering manly Thomas Brown who's theoretically married to former Methodist pastor Thomas Mousin. Brown was appointed to the Episcopal Church's top job in Maine at a special promotion ceremony last weekend, during which participants were captured on video calling the Holy Spirit "she."

In pretty much the same breath, the bishop figures and their newly elected colleague say they believe in "one, holy, catholic and apostolic church." Informed, apparently, by some kind of pagan goddess.

Leaving aside the rampant skulduggery, malfeasance and blasphemy in Maine's latest excursion into Episcopal degeneracy, we have to ask, will those who go against the Holy Spirit be relentlessly destroyed by that same Spirit?

The Diocese of Maine's Average Sunday Attendance has fallen from a pathetic 4,980 in 2007 to a risible 3,694 in 2017, a dismal drop-off of over 25%.

Perhaps Brown and his new rainbow deity will reverse this discouraging trend.




LindaG said...


Undergroundpewster said...

My former diocese lost me when the Bishop decided to bless what should be repented. The people (what's left of them) and clergy of Maine have voted with their feet like lemmings on their way over the cliff. I advise any remaining traditionalists to get out of that mad rush to the precipice.

Adrienne said...

The fact that over 3000 people are willing to put up with this disgusting crapola is cause for worry.

It looks like the poofter bishop is "married" to a much older man. Daddy issues??

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Being an unchurched lapsed Methodist, I can only imagine the frustrations of the members who have left (forced out by conscience). Many of my relatives and friends have their local church as the center of their lives.

Ed Bonderenka said...

At least a remnant has the sense to flee, but where do they go when their denomination is lost.
Will they find other fellowship?

Kid said...

Whenever I see people demonstrating, I remind myself demonstrations and protests have never accomplished anything except the protests over the Viet Nam war, which actually caused it to be prolonged.

Then I think of the woman who had some sort of protest a few years ago - 600 people came, after which she remarked "I think we really accomplished something here." No idea what the protest was about. I've never been to a protest and I think people who go are looking for love or have a mental disease, sometimes curable, sometimes not.

Well, when I extremely briefly think of two men having sex, nothing like rainbows, or unicorns, or the word gay come to mind.

Jim said...

I was raised in the Episcopal Church and this sort of things saddens me.