Saturday, June 22, 2019


Yes, the Summer Solstice was yesterday, an important date by anyone's reckoning. How did you celebrate? 

At the Stones?

Perhaps the Tor.

Here at the Compound we cleaned guns, like this handy CZ Bobwhite 20.

And flew the flag.

Witch way, mysticke sister?

One flag to rule them all. 

Dixie forever,



LL said...

I forgot all about the holiday, and missed my opportunity to pull on a speedo/banana hammock and run around the woods singing at the top of my lungs to try and stave off the coming ice age... ooops, were all gonna die.

Adrienne said...

Yes - well - even if you take down a post it lives on in my Feedly. I actually like that AJ video.

God bless.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I shall try to be a better person.

Kid said...

I cut the front grass.

LSP said...

I forgot about it too, LL. Then it hit me... SOLSTICE! So I cleaned some guns and flew the flag.

Didn't make it to the stones, sadly, maybe next year. And who knows, will they be an ice sheet?

LSP said...

Well done, Adrienne, good resolution.

I pulled the post because I thought it'd make a good Sunday sermon. Up now.

LSP said...

Kid, that sounds like a very good way to celebrate the Solstice. A crew turned up and took care of the compound, looks good.

Always On Watch said...

I went to the swimming pool. No worship of Gaia, though.

LSP said...

AOW, Age of Aquarius!