Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Same Old Rock

Backyard Mexicans are playing New Country, peacocks shriek and Blue Fowler's after a chicken that's hiding under the back deck. You can't blame the bird for trying to escape the music, fortunately the dog's not lithe enough to get at the feathered asylum seeker.

Speaking of which, the wall's still not built and a few hundred thousand illegals cross the border every month, overwhelming towns like Uvalde. Democrats don't seem to mind, they see votes, while others wonder if the refugee asylum seekers should be bused to sanctuary cities. If you want it, pay for it, sort of thing.

Who knows, maybe Trump's threat of tariffs will scare Mexico into securing its border, we can but hope and wonder. Meanwhile, our Big Tech Commie Overlords are busy censoring everyone into oblivion. 

But surely the toothpaste's outta the youtube and all the sadly deplatformed unpersons will move to other media. Then Whatsapp can try and sue them for hate speech like trannies going after a baker. Good luck with that.

On the religious front, Rome's produced a document affirming biological gender. This, according to the Vatican, is a God-given fact of biology. Men are, well, men, and women are women, as opposed to being gender fluid sexless drones of the NWO hivemind. And of course the venerable if shrinking Diocese of Durham and ACoC disagree, they're busy celebrating the rainbow.

Unlike the Anglican provinces of Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria who obstinately refuse to bow to Illuminati cash and attend the godless Lambeth Conference next year. Who knows, they're doubtless scared of being gored by the vicious horns of Canterbury unicorns, to say nothing of the thudding varicolored hooves of the ACC.

In related news, a Church of England Vicar had to resign from a school board for objecting to trans sex-ed by, ahem, "Mermaids," and a couple of Brazilian lesbians killed their son because he was a boy. They tried to transsexualize the unfortunate 9 year old first, and you can read the whole disturbing thing here.

Perhaps you think that somehow wrong because you're shackled to oppressive, patriarchal, fascist ethical theory. Not to worry, you can pinpoint the problem and work on a solution with this useful Intersectionality Score Calculator. Check it out. I scored a rather respectable 8. You have a go!

Over the rainbow,



drjim said...

I find it hard to believe the Vatican actually issued a statement like that.

It's just sense after all!

LSP said...

I know, it's bizarre, drjim.

Jim said...

Beat you! I scored a 10 and only about 16% of the population is more privileged than I am.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Guess I need to check m privilege: 16.