Monday, July 22, 2024

Up Comrades UP


Rock on, and don't take no for an answer. While we're at it, dam Grant and Sherman. What devils.  Well, they went on to kill the Indian and the buffalo. Good work, satanists. Here's a short video:

Your Unreconstructed Pal,


Sunday, July 21, 2024



Crazed leftist Bolsheviks slaughtered these people, "until the floor ran slick with blood." Think about it, there you are, a Red Commie, and what do you see? A woman, her daughters and a man in a basement. You HATE them and stab and hack them to death. This is working class retribution. No, it is satanic hell.

The same devil-possessed persons tore with their nails at the icons and iconostases of Russian churches, like enraged beasts. They hated Christ and his image. They hate him today. They will do all in their power to abolish and destroy his body, the Church, the Mystici Corporis, from the face of the earth.

That in mind, how can Christians in good conscience count themselves as Marxists or Progressives or whatever the hell they're currently passing themselves off as. Cut it out.

Instead, believe in the revealed Word of God and the Faith once delivered by Christ to the Apostles and find life instead of death.





What a Two-Bit Fraud

At last, the most popular president in the 81 million vote history of popularity has stepped down. And all it took was a simple message of resignation from the race on social media, not even his they/them staffers knew. So clandestine, so professional, so not a coup and wow, it didn't even take a vote. And the people rejoice, check it out:

Unreconstructed, eh?


Saturday, July 20, 2024

Some Kind Of Pathetic Joke?


Some buffoon called "Don" Lemon said that Michelle Big Mike Obama is more attractive than Melania. Yeah, right, that's really true, "Don," and here's the thing. These people, our mendacious, corrupt, bought-and-paid-for, malfeasant, duplicitious, condescending media live in the land of gaslight absurd.

Biden? Sharp as as a tack. Oops. Melania? So ugly compared to beautiful Michelle. Old Joe who didn't even bother to campaign, the most popular president in the entire history of popularity. Trump? Clearly a Kremlin agent in the pay of GRU. And on.

For goodness sake, the sheer level of lying drivel being spewed at us by our agitprop press and beloved rulers has reached dropped-on-head-as-infant levels of Soviet imbecility. Have you ever seen anything like it, here in the West. I haven't, this is a whole new stage of weirdness. And where will they go, they being our unelected rulers whom we love so much.

Mitchell, as a swoop in save the party kinda deal, Kamala, the Whore, a corpse? Well, we've got one of those in the Oval Office right now. Who knows, all cards are on tha table. But I do know this, the Trump Train has momentum, energy, unity and common sense.

Reestablish the border, make our cities safe, bring jobs back to the country, boys are boys and girls are girls, no more drag queens messing with our kids, stop the neo-Maoist crazy, lower taxes, rebuild our manufacturing base, make everyone better off, not just our financialized millionaire class. And on.

Common sense, I'd say, but to the Left? NAZI, NAZI, NAZI. Unhinged or what, and that's just what you'd expect from persyns who think men can be women and vice versa, emph on vice.

Your Old Buddy,


Operation Golden Calf


A Typical Bunkhouse of Bishops

A guest post by your favorite and mine, the Dyslexic Deacon:

Archbuckaroo of Canterbury Justsin Wobbly is riding roughshod over members of the General Sodyn opposed to ‘Operation Golden Calf’ - his plan to turn Anglican pastures, lawfully the preserve of sheep, over to cattle.

In an interview for The Church Crimes he said unleashing Buckarette of London ‘Shotgun’ Sarah Doolally to stampede herds over all in their way was ‘a radically inclusive response to an urgent pastoral need’. Any surviving sheep, he promised, will be corralled and safeguarded by the Bunkhouse of Bishops - pending a final solution.

Shepherds are arming themselves and preparing for a long shoot-out.



Yours Evre,


Thursday, July 18, 2024

DEI Hard


People accuse Americans of being without humor, as though they were Germans.

Are you DEI Roof sure about that?

If so, you might want to recalibrate your red dot

Beware, all you Feds, the sloping roof!

And can we once and for all indict DJ Trump as the literal Hitler, Russian spy, agent of GRU, Fascist, assassination evader, enemy of democracy, totally Hitler, racist, transphobe, enemy of Gaia and diversity is our strength DEI... (breathless? Ed.) can we please indict this sociopath, bullet missing NAZI and have done with it? Please?

Because Kamala, I never jailed a black man Harris, is the next great hope for a free, beautiful, rainbow utopia in our storied land. And if you believe that garbage you'll believe anything, which, apparently, is on the ballot. Let's see how it flies, not that voting means much anyway, but still, money on the monkey, what?

Guinea on Trump, takers?

DEI Hard,


Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Some Kind Of Pathetic Warty Overweight Joke?


oh my, you're almost NULAND UGLY, and that's saying something

SS diversity hire Cheatle's said her SS (Excuse me! Uncle Sepp) couldn't control the Trump shooter's rooftop because it was sloping. Presumably her DEI agents would've slid down the sloping roof and fallen to their deaths if they'd tried. Cheatle, apparently promoted from Pepsi to the SS by Jill Biden, has told the world that the "buck stops with me." Yet she refuses to resign. So here we are. And what does "are" mean?

Some kind of total incompetence met with malfeasance, skullduggery, deceit and demonic influence in high places? Perhaps, and scriptural readers will note the Apostles' warning against "spirits of the air" and "against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Yes indeed. That's our fight. You will note Satan increasingly deploys defective staff; Biden's the latest and surely most obvious example. And, when his toys fail to perform he drops them, perhaps you'll have noticed this pattern at the risible presidential debate. So here's a question, and it's a serious one.

Why did Biden's handlers allow their puppet to ascend the stage? Why did they do that? No one in their right minds would've allowed that to happen, but they did. It's like, Trump didn't even have to say anything. Are we talking a coup or simply a rational meltdown in demonic ranks. Huh, I don't know.

On topic, the curiously named head of America's SS, the grotesquely ugly if massively rich Kimberley Cheatle, has a reported net worth of over $10MN USD, was paid >$1MN USD per year at Pepsi and now languishes, grievously onna lowball salary of $280k. But what shall it profit a possessed Clay Golem to gain the whole world and yet forsake it's soul? 

Exorcisms and nooses down the Mall, anyone?

Your Old Pal,


Bridge of Sighs


I've always loved this album by Trower, and maybe you do too. Here's the signature tune, turn it up if you like, I have:

Righteous as you like. Topical? Your call.

Rock on,


Monday, July 15, 2024


\Went to the lake today to fish, and lost count of the perch, fierce little beasts. Then there's this:


What's your take. Massive, egregious incompetence or something more sinister? Either way it's bad for CONUS looking forward. Just sayn.

Your Pal,



Sunday, July 14, 2024

Like Wow


How does he even do this, superpowers?


All In A Day


First up, brew strong covfeve on the Compound's annoyingly electric stovetop, must get a gas variant, so much better. Regardless, I use one of those Pedrini espresso contraptions, which offers up the right stuff, at least for me. Perhaps you have a different method and that's fine, no rule. Coffee on the go, feed the dog on the back porch, scan Telegram channels for Ost Front news, and go back in the house, your coffee's ready.

Drink that, take a morning constitutional to the Pick 'n Steal, run through your homily on the Front Porch, it should be memorized, then launch into Mass #1. This is said, oriented, Rite I 1979 BCP, Which means, all you liturgical trads, that it's seemly and in order, if not in Latin. OK, maybe that's a defect, but liturgical Tudor ain't bad either.

The sacrifice ascended, get in the rig and drive to the lake for Mass #2. This too is oriented, face the East and rising sun all you priests, who are supposed to lead the people towards the risen Christ as opposed to chairing some kind of circular Punch 'n Judy show. Well, there's room for that too, perhaps, but this Mass is sung and again, all is seemly, reverent and in order, in a country mission kind of way.

Curiously, the people won't leave their seats until all the candles have been put out on the Altar after Mass. "I say," I asked a former Provost of Baylor who attends faithfully, "Are we all Zeroastrians now?" He chuckled in a provostian kind of way, but surely it's a good thing for the congregation to sit in silent prayer for a few minutes after Mass. In fact, we're supposed to give thanks for inestimable benefit of the sacrament we've received and so reverent silence is by no means out of place. And then?

After a few sunny hellos, climb back in the rig to give Last Rites or Extreme Unction to man in ICU in Cleburne. He's a good man and a faithful, devout, catholic Christian who ran into a cactus and got spiked by a needle. The wound became infected and he, in his '80s, fell into grievous condition. You might pray for him, his name is Jack.

Sickbed seen to, head for home and, if you're me, try to take a short nap. But how can you when the times we live in are so interesting, if appalling. Question: How did Trump's security team fail to surveil the shooter's position and, if they'd done so, why did they allow the boy to loose off a few rounds? Rumors of malfeasance abound.

Your Old Buddy,


Saturday, July 13, 2024



There they were. One side won, the other lost, and so you have it.

Your very best pal,


Excuse Me!


Were you part of this? I wasn't, though I know some who were and others again who maybe are still. One of them, an ex-SAS friend in the '90s, in a Porsche, obvs, invited me 'round LL's place, the SF Club in Kensington. Thank you very much.

This is the same man who went 'round our office in South Ken in tears, totally crying. Why? Because Lady Di had died. My Boss, you might say Guv'nor, looked at him and said, "But Roddie, my dear fellow, you're an arms dealer."





Shot of the Decade

President Trump was shot this evening at a massive rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Approximately nine bullets were fired, one of which grazed Trump's ear. The presidential candidate then fell to the ground before getting up, shielded by Secret Service, and raised his fist, urging his followers to "fight." Trump survived.

But the reported shooter, Thomas Crooks, did not. He apparently fired from a rooftop 200 yards from the rally and is now dead. According to ZeroHedge and social media, one of his shots killed a bystander on the bleachers. ZeroHedge reports that several people attempted to warn the Secret Service of this threat before the rally but were ignored.

Beast Mode

So what is this? A rando crazy commie, Democrat hit job gone badly awry or something else? Who knows. Taking an AR type rifle .22 rifle  to a 200 150 yard kill shot competition doesn't seem utterly professional to me. But that's up for debate, I don't know, but what I do I know is this.

The photo of El Senor pounding the air beneath the flag after a narrowly missed assassination attempt by a deranged, ahem, registered Republican has to be the photo of the decade (thx, GWB). Is 45 now unstoppably 47, and what does this mean?

Your call,


Friday, July 12, 2024

Empire Of The Summer Moon


Have you read this book? If not, you should. SC Gwynne tells the story of the war against the Comanche in the western plains, and what a story it is, of ferocious violence, savagery and bravery, in which War Chief Quanah Parker was ultimately defeated by General Ranald Mackenzie.

We're inclined, these days, to decry the Red Indian smackdown, and there's justice in that; how many treaties broken. Still, consider the nature of the adversary:

Seven men were killed in the raid, though that does not begin to describe the horror of what Mackenzie found at the scene... the victims were stripped, scalped and mutilated. Some had been beghaded and others had their brains scooped out. "Their fingers, toes and private parts had been cut off and stuck in their mouths... upon each exposed abdomen had been placed a mass of live coals..."


One man, Samuel Elliot, had been "roasted to a crisp" between two wagon wheels, and on. The Comanche, under Quanah, weren't fooling around, and perhaps we forget their ferocity in penance for our own misdoings. But remember this: 

What those heathen savages did to our people moving West, they did to their own people too, to other tribes. Scalping, torture, enslavement, killing children, gang raping and enslaving women, some of whom adopted the lifestyle, not least Quanah's Mother, Cynthia Parker.

After defeat by Mackenzie in 1875 at Palo Duro Canyon, Quanah and his war band were folded into the Rez. He became a friend of Teddy Roosevelt, curiously. And all this happened about 150 years ago, not that that far away, when you think on it.

Read Empire, it's a good book,


Thursday, July 11, 2024

War And A Brazen Box


just a typical LSP box

Major powers, see Napoleonic France, Nazi Germany and beyond, have a habit of going to war against Russia. It's like a thing, attack that backward bear of a beast and collect the spoils. So they launch, and what happens? Disaster.

Typically, the Russkies fall back in corrupt, foolish, useless disarray and then recoup, famously, and smash the opposition. See Boney's retreat from Moscow and Operation Bagration. Imagine, if you can, being on the receiving line. Flash forward to today.

oh look, a German Siler Cross!

We went into a proxy war against Russia via Ukraine. As in, "we're gonna take that corrupt, useless, inept, idiotic 13 time zone state apart and install our own rulers, our corporate rainbow rulers, who will collect the fat of the land." What can I say, good luck, it's worked so many times before.



PS. I ask you, patriots, who is more Communist Red, America or Russia? Let's put it another way, which country allows Christian prayer in its state schools? Hint, not the USA. And again, which country has a flat tax of 13% (?), us, or them? Which country locks up malfeasant Bolshevik agitators like P Riot. Us or them? Always them, we are the new nihilist Bolsheviks, with corporate rainbow backing.

I am against that, in whatever country it's satanically incarnate.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024



Wonder at the Offertory, here's Farrer:

THE alms for which your generosity is asked are nothing exterior to the sacrament, but a part of it.  If you were living in the days of the ancient church, you would be bringing not money, but cakes of bread and flasks of wine.  All would be placed upon the altar; part would be consecrated for the eucharist, the remainder would be given to the sick and poor.  Now you bring money.  But your money is still presented along with the bread and wine, and it still means the same thing.  The offering is your offering; it is you yourselves who are laid on the altar to be consecrated, and to be made the body of Christ.  Your gift is a token of yourself.  I break the bread for the death of Christ, and we are all sacrificed to God in Christ's death, dying in him to our own will, and receiving Christ our true life in communion. is you yourselves who are laid on the altar to be consecrated, and to be made the body of Christ. Reflect on that, dear readers, all three of you, as you approach the altar with altar with joy and gladness, to say nothing of fear and trembling before the living presence of God.

If you think, in your vain, worldly conceit that you can somehow ignore this and come out smiling like a gilded loon at the other end you are sadly mistaken. I'll put it another way. God will not be mocked, not least by the risible Rainbow Cult which is a mockery in itself. Homily over and mind how you go.



Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Mel Gibson Writes Vigano


Mel Gibson, who is a Catholic, has written Archbishop Vigano, who is also a Catholic, a letter of support. As you know, Vigano has been excommunicated by the Red Pope for schism. Perhaps calling on the Swiss Guard to arrest the Red Pope may have triggered Bergolio and the sodomite poofs who stand around him in the Rainbow Grindr Poofican, aka Vatican. Regardless, here's the letter:

Dear Archbishop,

I’m sure you expected nothing else from Jorge Bergoglio.

I know that you know he has no authority whatsoever – so I’m not sure how this will effect you going forward- I hope you will continue to say mass & receive the sacraments yourself – it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post conciliar church.

You have my sympathies that you suffer publicly this grave injustice. To me & many others you are a most courageous Hero.

As always, you have hit the nail on the head regarding the illegitimacy of Francis. You express the core problems with the institution that has eclipsed the true church & I applaud your courage in expressing that, but more than that in maintaining fidelity to the true church!

You are a modern day Athanasius! I have all respect for the way you defend Christ & his church. I agree with you 100% that the post conciliar church of Vatican II is a counterfeit church. This is why I built a Catholic Church that only worships traditionally. You are welcome to come & say mass there anytime.

Of course being called a schismatic & being excommunicated by Jorge Bergoglio is like a badge of honor when you consider he is a total apostate & expels you from a false institution.

Remember that true schism requires innovation, something you have not done but something that Bergoglio does with every breath

He, therefore, is the schismatic! However he already ipso facto excommunicated himself by his many public heresies (canon 188 in the 1917 code).

As you already know he has no power to excommunicate you because he is not even a Catholic.

So rejoice! I am with you & I hope Bergoglio excommunicates me from his false church also.

Bergoglio & his cohorts have the clothes & the buildings, but you have the faith.

God bless & keep you. If you need anything just ask I will try my best to help.

With admiration & undying respect.

Mel Gibson

Make of this what you will,


Fish On - Or Not


Thanks to our ongoing War Against The Weather it was cool this morning, only in the low/mid 80s. So whaddya do? After a brisk morning constitutional and Morning Prayer, 1928 BCP thank you very much on the front porch, head off to the lake. And that's exactly what happened.

Were the fish biting? Yes, they were, but not in a good way. These were ferocious little bites from ferocious little fish. Still fun on a light rod but hard to close the deal, and you start to feel like you're feeding the fish as they snatch and tug worms off your line. Huh.

Mildly annoyed at being a kind of food pantry for our aquatic adversary, I persevered and caught the main perpetrator, a ferocious little perch, a bait fish really, and I cast the little beast back into the depths on the end of the line as just that, bait. Did it produce a result?

It can do, no kidding, I've caught good sized striper from that very point using the exact same method, but today? No. Nothing. Yes, there were plenty of junior perch darting about but no mighty bass to catch them or be caught. Maybe the bass were sleeping after gorging on all the baitfish, maybe they were taking a Biden style nap after the rigor of actually waking up for the day, maybe, like our Commander in Chief, they weren't there at all.

Sensing that, with the sun now high in the sky, I headed across the dam to see if the legendary Lake Whitney spillway would yield up the goods. Sure enough, there was a cowboy fishing off the pier. You could tell he was a cowboy because he wore a straw hat and his flatbed truck had ranch brand logos on it. There he was, a cowboy, fishing.

not today, buddy

"How's it going, man?" I offered by way of piscine greeting, "Whole lotta bait fish here, like wow," and there were, great schools of shad and minnows. But he hadn't caught anything apart from a baby cat, and I commiserated with the tale of my baby perch, and off we went to cast again. With no luck whatsoever.

Sure, there were lots of shad, some large(ish), mid-sized gar floating lazily about the pool like submarines, a few buffalo carp being equally lazy, and none of them hitting on anything we put into the water. My cowboy pal left and I fished on, enjoying the clean Texan air, the sight of the mighty Brazos, and the sheer pleasure of being outside in the country. 

Must do more of that, most especially when the bass catch up to their watery prey. Hopefully that'll be soon. More anon.



Monday, July 8, 2024



Thanks to Hurricane Beryl crashing into our eastern shore it's unseasonably, blissfully cool here, only in the 80s. This is rare, remember, it's July, in Texas. Had someone bothered to do their duty to fragile planet earth and paid their carbon tax, had they obeyed the Pope himself? Perhaps, and I took advantage of this welcome lull in the War on Weather to stroll over to the square and from there to the supermarket.

Yes, we still have one, Brookshires, right in the center of this erstwhile cotton town which once numbered some 20,000 souls. It's now less than half that because we sent our cotton industry overseas to make moar money. But hold on. Not very far from me, on the way to the Pick 'n Steal Shamrock filling station, there's a house for sale.

It's been "done up" and looks pretty good, about the same age as mine but without the upper story. So there I was, strolling along the bucolic boulevard that is Franklin on my way to get coffee at the PNS, all the while admiring the refurb of this house. 

"Nice job on the house," I say to the woman hosing down a newly laid concrete walkway to the front porch. She's wearing a faded Billy Joel tour T shirt, which I recognize, dating us both, and she recognizes me, after all, I walk this path daily. So it's all very sunny hello. "So what's the price on the house?" I ask, genuinely curious, "They're asking 329k" she replies.

Like, wow. 329k for a pre-WWI bungalow with a single room attic upper story. Maybe, dear readers, I've misjudged the prosperity of our little town. And go figure, the same set up would be twice that in in Dallas, which is only an hour away in slow traffic. That in mind, why are there still so many vacant and semi-abandoned properties in the center of town?

Surely it'd make sense to convert these into places to live and restore civic life to the center of this place. Maybe you can picture it, a town square with shops and restaurants, with life as opposed to asset-stripped dereliction, and all watched over by our Confederate War Memorial, a stern and stoic soldier cast in stone. 


To be fair, some people are working towards this not inconsiderable goal, and good for them. Of course they're hoping to make a lot of money off the project, and I hope they do, but it's a bit of gamble. Will Dallas cash move south down I35 to LSPland? It is so far, in a small way. That in mind, where will the people who can't afford nearly half a million bucks to live in a bungalow actually live? Serious question.

Reverie over, I arrived back at the Compound from this latest recce patrol and all was well, the place still standing. We must thank God for his blessings.



Sunday, July 7, 2024



Let's have the Bosphorus back. Is that too much to ask? And yes, clear the Moslem threat, see Europe, Suez and the Red Sea. That said, hail, Ánna Komnēnḗ.

Salve and advance to contact, as you imagine what Christendom would have been if it breathed with two lungs.

Lament indeed,


What A Delicious Dish!


So tasty! Like no kidding, and we're talking about Beef Wellington, see Cav & Guards. All well and culinary good, you clubmen, but is there an alternative? Cheaper perhaps and almost as tasty? Some say there is. Here, have a look:

Thanks, RHSM, good call.

Groove, surely, is in the heart,


Saturday, July 6, 2024



Faithful & True

Perhaps you've heard of him, Archbishop Vigano, the now retired Papal Nuncio to the US. The same Vigano who's dared call out the satanic globohomo antics of the WEF, Deep State, and Vatican itself. He even asked the Swiss Guard to arrest our beloved Red Pope. Well, sorry buddy, he just got excommunicated for "schism." 

Keen-eyed readers will note Rainbow James Martin SJ has not been excommunicated, no, he's alive and flourishing, all the while flouting the Church's clear teaching on rainbow liaison. Why is one priest fired, by the Church, for teaching what the Church teaches, and another, who's basically an outright heretic, isn't? Don't say the Vatican is crewed by a gang of commie poofs.

In related news, the dear old Church of England is looking to pay 1BN£, that's right, a billion pounds sterling, by way of reparations for something it calls "chattel slavery." The venerable if entirely shrinking COE feels so white guilt about slavery that they're fixing to give someone or something a billion pounds. 

Fraud& Fool

That's a lot of money by UK standards, around a year of the pathetically dwindling denom's operating budget. And we have to ask, do they have a death wish, do they want to destroy the very Church they've been entrusted to serve? Maybe they do, if only, and I'm being polite, in peripheral vision. Why build up a Church you don't believe in when you can give its money to causes you do believe in, like Leftism. Quite.

That in mind, how many of the few remaining churchgoers in the COE will be inclined to give their money to the lib evangelical Welby edifice when they realize Church Central (Church Commissioners) is pouring cash into white guilt? 

To put it another way, "Why should I give my parish church a single penny when we're giving our entire yearly budget away in an act of risible, pathetic, self-destroying, malfeasant virtue signaling." Or something like that.

Perhaps, dear readers, the ancient if shrinking COE has forgotten it produced William Wilberforce. Surely they should be awarding themselves.

Your Old Pal,


Friday, July 5, 2024

Buckle Up


Do you think we're in for a rough ride? Better buckle up, eh? But perhaps you're disarmed, as in the UK. You know, because "safety." Perhaps you think your globalist masters, your Beloved Elite, will allow you to own anything, like farmland or a house. Maybe you need to think again, and arm up. Just a thought. Anyway, here's a helpful tune.





Is That Turnbull & Asser?

Thunder crashes, booming like guns on Ostfront Donetsk as rain splatters the back deck, blessed relief after the shock triple digit temps of the last couple of weeks. Relief, like no kidding. On theme, what's worse, heat or cold? I won't bet the monkey, that vicious beast, but I'll hazard cold. You can mostly survive in Texan heat, but Albertan -40? Not so much. Just a hazard.

Speaking of survival, the UK's just had elections and Labour, the Sceptered Isle's, cough, socialists, were swept into power by a low turn-out electorate. Something like 59% bothered to vote and they voted Red because they hated, loathed and despised the conservative-in-name-only party. 

Who can blame them. Yes, but look what you've got now, not so united kingdom, Net Zero, Moar Tax, War, even though you don't have an army... conundrum, and all your kids will be turned into trannies who are so useful in war, another conundrum. Well, maybe not all, maybe just enough to make Pharma even richer than it already is.

All this against the backdrop of an industrial and increasingly peer-to-peer war in which the UK's off-shored its manufacturing base. Not unlike the US, when you think on it. Anyone for a cold cup of hegemonic synergy? That aside, the US is run by a Corrupt Old Crook with dementia and we can only guess at the literal, brazen, evil of its handlers. See Podesta/Marinovic/Pizza etc.

So, good luck UK, with your Uniparty vote, hope you won't be disappointed. Just imagine how Labour will bring back all those manufacturing jobs to Britain! And think how your wages will soar under never ending mass migration. Diversity, UK, will be your strength.

In the meanwhile, our Texan storm rolls apace, though somewhat abated, annoyingly.



Wednesday, July 3, 2024

As You Were


A soldier's just strolled in and there you have it. Perhaps this involves grilling, and pizza. As opposed to submission to the NWO and our beloved rainbow DEI transnational elites in the Uniparty. Who knows, maybe you're down with that, Lloyd Austin style, pronouns Diversity/Hire. Your call, but here at the Compound we're not.

As you were,


Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Just Some Marching Music


Have you noticed how our beloved rainbow elite rulers are busy setting up the draft, for moar war. Are you ready to serve, fight and die for trans toilets, rainbow flags and diversity is our strength? I hope so, because anything else would be traitorous insurrection. Look, behold the ruler you're going to die for.

Beautiful, ahem, and rich, very, very rich. So here's a rousing tune, might as well get in practice, don't you think?

Your Best Pal,