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Monday, August 17, 2020

Guerilla Man

Anon, you'll forgive me for embarrassing you by quoting this comment in its entirety. I think it's right on and then some; he writes in response to the bestial, crazed, satanic Bolsheviks slaughtering the Tzar's children. Read on:

It’s endemic to the human condition to ‘other’ those ‘not like me’. Those ‘not like me’ aren’t human, they’re things. It may have originally started as family and tribal but the nation-state did no more than expand the classification a little.
I spent thirty odd years being involved with every conflict The UK was (officially and unofficially) involved in, and … I’ve seen just how common acts like this, and worse (you really don’t want my nightmares), really are. (Out of western first world countries this would probably be seen as ‘just another of those terrible, regrettable, but oh so common events’ …. even now. Don’t believe me? Go to any country in Asia, Africa or South America, get away from the city centres/tourist areas and see just what atrocities constitute ‘normal daily life’ there. We’re still living in tiny island of civilisation amidst seas of barbarity even now).
Why is it that western nations aren’t still this way? One word… Christianity. ‘Only’ Christianity demands that those ‘not like us’ be treated exactly as ‘like us’ (Oh, there are other faiths that suggest others not of the faith be treated reasonably, but … only as prospective members, and they’re still not really seen as equal. Yes, Christianity was interpreted otherwise for a period, whilst under brutal attack, but, even now, try being of a different faith in a majority Hindu, Buddhist or, worst of all, Islamic area).
The past is mirrored in the current ’political’ behaviour. Christians view those of other faiths as, at worst, uninformed/misinformed but genuine and worthy of respectful treatment. Islam, as the most blatant example, views those of other faiths as evil to be converted at the point of a sword, or wiped out. Marxism (and its current incarnation of socialism/progressivism) follows islams model.
Our societies, and the mores and laws which govern them are based, exclusively, on Judeo-Christian values. Which is why I despair – the very people who demand more and more rights (without all those icky responsibilities of course) are the very people attacking, tearing down, banning the fundamental, foundational basis for those very rights. I still can’t decide whether it is ignorance, malicious intent, blind wishful thinking, or a self-destructive mindset on their part to deliberately destroy that which protects, specifically them, from destruction (witness ‘defund the police’, ‘BLM’, Feminists and gays for islam, etc.).
The average person has little idea just how much they owe to the Anglosphere hegemony (Britain now The US) 'forcing' its values on the world. Imagine a world with where it was Belgian (think their behaviour in the Congo), Russian, Chinese or (Lord forbid) Islamic values were the norm. We, in our relatively safe, civilised nations look at this atrocity as just that. Others, elsewhere, see it as the same 'because' we insist they do. If China becomes Hegemon?

An ally and friend from the UK who blogs here said this, "If the US and the UK go down, we're finished. It's that simple." Well said.

Ride hard, guerrilla. The fight is by no means lost.



Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Confederate Speaks

You will notice the General speaks in similar tones, albeit colonial, as the Queen. Therein lies an edifying sermon, but listen to this man who fought in the War of Northern Aggression. 

Note "probably fortunate, maybe unfortunate... we charged them." And "right in the midst of the sermon..." and more. Now think of this. When Julius was a boy, his Grandparents most certainly remembered 1776.

Here's the thing, State's Rights. For some of us that may well be a Communist dictatorship. Michigan, apparently, is of that kind. CW2?

Your Old Friend,


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Southern Ground

This one's for gL. Bury  me in southern ground? Yes indeed and maybe you think I'm joking. Error.

Your Pal,


PS. "Southern" also includes southern England, obviously.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vulture Capitalist Scum

Ever wondered why rural America is pretty much a wiped out, dystopian catastrophe? Check out Tucker, who nails it, imo.

And this is for you, leftists. 45's at least saying he's going to sort this out by bringing jobs and industry back to the country, and so improve the lot of everyday citizens. 

Your compelling recipe, on the other hand, is this. Force every school in the land to have transgender toilets and free puberty blockers. And lest we forget, bye-bye statues of General Lee.

That's as risible as it's pathetic. Don't think the nation's fooled.

MAGA 2020,


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Check Your Privilege, Sorry, Uranium

So there you were, naively wandering down the street in your Red Indian costume, or dressed up all "minstrelsy" like a character from a Dr. Seuss book, when all of a sudden you realize that the jolly outfit is, in fact, racist.

Disaster. You run home, look at the packaging of your tried and true "General Lee" and see the word "traditional." You hide it, embarrassed, and reach for another costume, the George Washington one. That'll work. But no, "colonial." You reach blindly for  another and pull out the "Cecil Rhodes." No! Catastrophe.

Maybe the Chaka Zulu will work. Mistake. "Tribal." So you search, desperately, for something to wear on Halloween, something that doesn't perpetuate stereotypes, misinformation, or historical inaccuracy.

Don't say Uranium One.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hypersonic Debt

Now that Dallas has removed its infamous statue of General Lee, we can safely assume that everyone's going to be better off and a brave new world of tolerance, diversity and equal opportunity can begin now that institutional racism is finally erased from our parks. But not so fast, readers.

In your excitement over statues you may not have noticed that we're $20 trillion in debt and climbing at a rate of around $1.1 trillion a year. That's something like $34,880 a second or if you picture it in terms of the speed of sound, which is 1,125 feet per second, our debt is flying at over Mach 30. Eat your heart out, Chuck Yeager.

This means that the US is hurtling towards bankruptcy at hypersonic speed and looking somewhere down the pike at a Grecian-style sovereign debt crisis. So how do you resolve a >104% debt to GDP ratio, with a $19 trillion economy and a $20 trillion debt overhang?

Through tax cuts and economic boosting? Good call but not enough. You solve the problem by devaluing the dollar, by inflation.

Jim Rickards, at Zerohedge, suggests this can be done by the Treasury inflating the price of gold, from around $1,330 an ounce to $5,000 through the use of a Gold Certificate issued to the Fed. It's been done before, in 1934 and 1953, under the Roosevelt and Eisenhower administrations respectively. And sure enough, inflation ensued.

Problem? Solution, except that your dollars will be sadly worthless. Of course there's another option which perhaps goes hand in hand with the first, war.

You can read all about the debt here and here. Or obsess about statues in parks, your call.

Midas Touch,


Monday, August 14, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Perhaps you've forgotten that it's Melania Mondays!, what with all the statue disturbance going on. Nothing quite like destroying a statue to establish a brave new world globalist utopia, eh? Open borders, TPP, anyone? Occupy Soros, you risible, amnesiac hippies.

Regardless, here at the Compound we most certainly haven't forgotten about the best day of the week. That's right, Monday, Melania Monday

And guess what, America's popular First Lady hasn't been idle, far from it. She's taken a stand for decency, denouncing the recent violence in Charlottesville on social media, “Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.”

Well said, FLOTUS. Take note, Soros-funded fauxtrage; peace and love, please. And remember this. Message to market, /our guys know how to shoot. But that's not all.

Melania's popularizing heels. 8" big time. Good work, Melania. Right in the X Ring.

First Lady, you look good. Thank you for doing your part to make America great again.



Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fly The Flag

There's talk in some cities, including Dallas, believe it or not, of removing or relocating Confederate monuments. You don't hear that kind of talk here in the country.

I spotted this flag on the way to Mass.

Look, here's another.

And here's some more!

There are no plans to remove the Confederate war memorial in this town. That particular flag's simply not going to fly here and who knows, if you swing by the Compound you might get to use these helpful plates.

Levity aside, those who fought hard and honorably for states rights and their homeland deserve our respect, even if you consider the endeavor misguided. The victorious North, at the end of the war, recognized that much. 

While pondering magnanimity, reflect on this.

It's a near universal truth that whatever the progleft implements produces the exact opposite of its intended result. People fooling with monuments in search of cheap votes might want to take note. 

Deo Vindice.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Texas Heritage

I went to the Texas Heritage museum today and liked it a lot. It has:


A "D Guard" Bowie Knife.

Crossed Sabers.

Uplifting statues.

Audie Murphy.

And a lot more. No one's thought to airbrush out The Cause, and that's just fine by me. There's a Vietnam exhibit too. In fact, come to think about it, it's pretty much a small war museum. Maybe that says something about Texas.

Train hard, think positive, fight easy.


Monday, March 23, 2015

The Government is Your Friend

Texas seems really free, compared to England. How's that? The Government isn't telling you what to do at every turn. Nanny State is a whole lot less evident. Are people happier for that? You better believe they are.

Soon we'll have open carry, and that'll help roll back Nanny a bit more. I look forward to that. Less Government, please. How does it even benefit you? Does it, at all? Maybe it's just a vicious parasite, to be shucked off and left to die, on the East and West Coasts.

Ask yourselves. How do a gang of rich insider oligarchs, based in DC and New York, who scorn you, and look down on you, who are beyond your wildest dreams of imagining RICH, and despise you accordingly, how do these people deserve to be our leaders.

Are they more honest, more skilled, more faithful, smarter? Worthy, like Hillary Clinton, because of great stateswomanlike wisdom and gravitas? Or are they just that much more cunning and wicked? Better at hiding their emails, servers and foreign bank accounts.

Or, to put it another way, are we sick of being ruled by crooks?

There will come a point when this will not hold.

Arm up.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Country Life Dystopia I


This so-called "blog" is supposed to be about country life, instead of not-so-sly digs against the Axis of Gayness and its willing dupe ally, the Episcopal Church. So here's some pictures of country life, albeit when the cash runs out. See if you can guess/know where it is.

My Great Grandfather used to enjoy this resort, especially for its catfish. We owned a ranch near here; it was sold in the '70s. For Pennies in the Pound, my friends.


I remember collecting arrowheads, when I was a child. They were probably put there, to be discovered. 

For some reason the resort lost traction and shut down, my Great Granddaddy's catfish restaurant with it. But it's still there, including the pool, which looks sinister and dangerous. It probably is. My Great Grandfather looked right Cherokee (location hint); he blamed most disasters on the godless Sov-Cubans.

Moral of the story; it's all fun and games till the cash runs out. After that? Look out.

We have three confirmations tomorrow. Pleased by that.

God bless,