Friday, September 10, 2021

General Lee Is Awesome


Ask yourselves this, what POC will be helped in any way whatsoever by Virgina's decision to tear down a statue of America's most famous General. I dare you, calibrate the upsurge in POC SOL (standard of living) with the removal of the South's General. A Friend wrote this:

I will always honor the memory of these great men. It does not need to be said that they were imperfect or flawed. Of course they were, all men are, save one. 

But their flaws were were miniscule compared to our current crop of malfeasant thieves, vandals, and incompetents masquerading as leaders. As one of his soldiers said of General Lee, " He loved us like a father and led us like a King.


Unlike, say, frauds such as General Milley or diversity hire Lloyd Austin.



PS. How dare anyone malign General Lee? Like what?


LL said...

When will we see statues of General Milley and SECDEF Austin? Soon, I hope. I'd like to see Austin wearing his Darth Vader plague mask in the marble likeness. It's a testament to his woke piety.

Undergroundpewster said...

They will probably replace Marse Robert with a statue of Father Fidel.

LSP said...

Now that, LL, is an excellent point. A statue of Darth Austin in every square!

LSP said...

They might, Pewster. Anything's possible right about now.

RHT447 said...

"Presiding over the devotions was the Rev. Dr. Charles Minnegerode, the church’s rector for almost a decade. He had been similarly engaged on that fateful April 2 when, just prior to Holy Communion, the church sextant hurried over to the pew of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and handed the chief executive a message telling of the collapse of the defenses around Petersburg and the necessity for evacuating Richmond that night.

Now, as Minnegerode again attempted to administer the sacrament, upheavals in temporal affairs elbowed their way once more into the spiritual domain. When the front ranks of the congregation rose from their seats, a well-dressed black man advanced to the altar and knelt before the railing to receive Communion. In that instant, centuries-old conventions of racial hierarchy and social propriety were being cast aside, and it literally paralyzed the attendees. There was absolute silence in the church for some moments, as the remainder of the communicants remained fixed in their seats. Minnegerode himself stood motionless, uncertain how to respond to this sudden, palpable demonstration of all that Confederate defeat signified.

Then, without a word, General Lee rose from his family pew midway down the length of the church on its eastern side. He strode down the aisle to the chancel rail and kneeled reverently alongside the stranger. The lesson was unmistakable and the effect magical. The living embodiment of the South had pronounced by his action an acceptance of racial coexistence, rejecting the differences between black and white in favor of a shared Christian identity. Lee’s fellow parishioners, who moments before would have recoiled at such a suggestion, followed their old commander’s example and began to do likewise."

From here--

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I take perverse comfort in the knowledge these (P)regressives are, in their souls, self loathing and full of self hatred. They are the ones that must live with themselves. Since they have limited ability to create anything worthwhile, their pleasure is in destroying what good people have made.

LSP said...

I've read it before RHT and was VERY moved reading it again. Will post.

LSP said...

They're self-evidently nihilists, WSF. I detect Satan, tbh.