Thursday, September 16, 2021


Didn't Churchill charge in that action? More, please. And in the meanwhile, stop the Jihad. Unless of course you think it's a religion of peace. 

Good work, globalist deep state Bush for coining that jaw droppingly agitprop lie. 

Your Pal,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bush. Never forget that family is rooted in the petroleum industry. They must be making a deal in islamic territory.

Wild, wild west said...

Whatever happens,
We have got,
B-52's and JDAMS,
And they do not.

Although I'm pretty sure at this point that was merely one of the many oversights of the Afghanistan "withdrawal" (spit).

LSP said...

I can't fault your logic, WSF, at all.

LSP said...

I agree, WWW. We have all kinds of ordnance. Which we give to the enemy. What?!?

Wild, wild west said...

What indeed, Rev'rend. Is annoying to even think about.

LSP said...

My jaw hit the ground a while ago, WWW, and it's stayed there. Like, wow.

LL said...

Give them the saber and the bayonet, LSP.

The Dallas Light Cavalry will advance to contact!

LSP said...

Yes, RHSM.

Walk, trot, canter, gallop, CHARGE!