Monday, September 20, 2021

Vaxxing It Up

Did you watch the Emmys, in which a cast of self-congratulatory, MillSoc celebrities gave themselves awards and partied? No? Neither did anyone else, much, but those that did will have noticed a curious thing. The celebrity leftists didn't wear masks, but their servants did.

You'll be reminded of the Met Gala and Obama's birthday party, where rich and powerful socialists met together to celebrate their wealth, all the while waited upon by their masked serfs. Which raises several questions.


Apart from the brazen hypocrisy of it all, how seriously do our rulers take their own own laws? Obviously not very when it comes to themselves. You wear the mask, serf, and we don't because we rule you. Science. And more seriously again, why this bizarre level of dissonance between truth and the law and our rulers?


Surely not because a self-perpetuating crew of charlatans, pastry cooks, knaves, weavers, crooks, acrobats and mountebanks are running the country for their own pandemic profit. Follow the money, it pays them to enforce lockdowns, shots and fear. 


But when the masks are off there they were, partying, reveling in their shame. It's like Versailles, but gross, without the talent or beauty, and we all know what happened to that. Apologies to Antionette.

Still, as someone famously once said, "Let them eat cake. Oh, they can't, they're wearing masks."

Sun King,



drjim said...

I'm stunned at the blatancy of it. I've always believed in Good and Evil in the world, part of my "Universe Must Be Balanced" scientific thinking, or the Yin-Yang of existence, if you prefer.

But I'd never thought I'd see evil being paraded around as a goal to be achieved. "Sell your soul and win these great prizes!!" has ZERO appeal to me.

As the Southerners say "Well, that just ain't right"......

Bob said...

How can most celebrities even stand each other. They live in a fake world making money doing fake stuff. No wonder real people have little use for them.

LSP said...

drjim, I totally agree. It's brazen, right in your face wickedness.

What gets me is that the whole country isn't up in arms. Maybe they're banking on that continuing? Risky gamble, imo.

LSP said...

Bob, I get the feeling they don't like each other very much, if at all. But I'm no expert.

And exactly, FAKE. It's the hallmark of our age.

LL said...

It's nice that we have elites who can be American Royalty. They're sincere and they work so hard for the little people, don't they?