Thursday, September 23, 2021

Oops, Fail


I love the Church of England, with all it's glorious patrimony, stately worship and beautiful buildings. So very awesome. But what's the point of it if nobody goes? To fix this knotty conundrum, the venerable CoE spent >$248 million on "renewal and reform." between 2017 and 2020. The result? Fewer people going to church.

What a dismal fail. According to Breitbart "typical Sunday church attendance fell to 690,000 in 2019 from 740,000 in 2016." So strange, and despite all those millions.

Maybe the English, or anyone else for that matter, aren't convinced by the Baphomet Rainbow. Maybe they're not drawn to the 1st Church of Trans, and who knows, could it be that all those wymyn bishop figures don't cut it when it comes to souls in church, on an actual Sunday.

Readers may recall that the Church, writ large, has been saying for decades, "Unless you conform to the age no one will take you seriously and the pews will empty." My, how that worm's turned. And go figure, why should any Guardian/NYT/NPR zombie go to church to have their disbelief reflected back on them.

Well the proof's in the data. No one, much, is. What does this mean? That the libs, like parasites, will destroy their host and a righteous remnant will remain. Against this, all you jaded cynics, the gates of Hell shall not prevail.




Justin_O_Guy said...

Seeing this result is comforting for me. I Watched, as a ten year old kid, reading the Houston paper, as priests were Punished, not for shady rumors, but for getting busted, messing with little boys by forcing them to MOVE to another parish. The thing that hit me was
Are there no Cops reading this? Why is this guy not being Arrested?
And decades later seeing the church literally bleeding money paying the men who had survived the abuse,, that satisfied me.
Watching so called religious people embrace the insanity of the trans movement and the resultant loss of attendance is both sad and hilarious. That they are surprised is what is hilarious. What is sad is they have kicked the legs out of a system that was, imo,promising salvation to people who were in spiritual need.
The problem with that is, Catholicism practiced the way they tell you to, will not get you saved. So, for the church to commit suicide is really not a loss for mankind.
If you seek salvation, A church is not necessary.
Introspection, Remorse, Prayer, tearful prayer, asking for Change, prayer until Change of Heart is what is needed. It doesn't matter if it takes forty years,, don't stop.
It Says you will be a new creature,,
So, until Change occurs, the race is not won.
Tug on his sleeve until you get his attention.

LL said...

I wonder how the plague has impacted those numbers. People were instructed by their secular overlords NOT to attend. They may still be doing that for all I know.

Adrienne said...

And........the trad parishes are busting out at the seams as people flee the church of woke. God bless...


My Shul is "woke"... alas. The one I want to go to is Orthodox, but I'm fighting the non-Jewish wife on that. :(

LSP said...

I love the Church, JOG, so this nonsense is heinous to me. And yes, pray.

LSP said...

It's not helped, LL, and the Churches seemed only too willing to obey their Millionaire Socialist rulers. It's almost as though they want to shut.

LSP said...

Yes indeed, Adrienne. Thank God for that.

LSP said...

Good luck, N!