Friday, September 24, 2021

The Light

Here we are on the porch, with the light shining in darkness, back from Fort Hood with a happily off-duty Specialist. "Hey, dad, we're off work at 1300, can you pick me up? I'll serve Mass on Sunday," some kind of bribe? 

Regardless, off I went only to return to the sylvan groves of this small but steadfast farming community, at the Compound. But maybe trouble is brewing, a cloud's on the horizon, perhaps.

simpering poof

You see, the troops are excited, ecstatic and enthusiastic about the vax mandate. They're veritably lining up to get the jab. Like my kid, who got in early and nearly died because of it. No. Kidding. "What happens," he asked on the outskirts of Temple, "when a third, a quarter or even an eighth of Command refuses to take the jab in the face of a dishonorable discharge?"


I told him him to keep his head down, get the degree (CS) which starts in October, and see where the wind blows. "We're in uncharted waters, son, and bombarded with so many lies that it's hard to keep track. And who knows, the Pentagon might strike a deal like the postal workers."

Go figure. You can be a "postie" and don't have to take the vax, but a soldier? Don't even think it. Illegal immigrant? No vax for you, no, of course not. That'd be racist. Again, here we are at the Emmys, maskless, rich, cavorting and free, unlike our waitserf underlings. Which forces us to wonder if the whole thing is utter BS.

you elite mountebanks

Wonder? There's no wonder in it at all except in the sheer magnitude of the deceit and the success of the thing. People are, still, consumed with fear of imminent death from a batflu with a >99.70 recovery rate. It's almost as if they wanted the STATE to control them.

That said, Truth, with a capital T, has a way of winning out. Take heart in that. And so we do, The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

God bless,



Old NFO said...

So many lies, so little truth... And good luck FINDING the real story.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

In this 90 unit senior apartment building you can here all viewpoints. My neighbors on each side are retired nurses. One is adamant about never getting vaccinated. The other? Just the opposite.

Far too many people want to believe our "leaders" because, to question them, is very uncomfortable, IMO.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

hear!!!! Need to proof read

Wild, wild west said...

Take what comfort ye may in the certain knowledge that Time magazine sure ain't what it used to be.

Kid said...

People think you only find BS in certain places. Not true. BS is everywhere.
-From Carlin's advertising and bullshit.

As an aside, Mad switches on the radio as she is waking up. 7 am today, the radio alarm switches on and here is some guy who got up Pre-7 am to call in to a radio station and talk about some adult male who plays with a ball for money.

There is no hope for us man.

SgtBob said...

My youngest is a recruiter with two years until retirement. He said in the spring he would not get the vax. Afghanistan fell, Gen. Milley got more stupid, former Gen. Austin ordered vax for everybody. I messaged my son: "Your job got harder. Take the vaccination, do your time and tell them 'Do svidaniya.'" He said that was his intention. I am glad he has enough time in, the stupid will not become overwhelming.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Speaking of "the jab", my wife is a teacher here in NYC. They just announced that as of Monday, anyone that hasn't taken the jab will be suspended without pay effective immediately. And they can't use their earned vacation/sick time to get paid even temporarily.

Clearly it's punitive. The order was temporarily halted by a judge but the teachers union is going to a higher court to overturn the overturner.

And can't we find a nice deserted island to dump Harry and Meaghan on so they never bother us again?

LSP said...

NFO, the lie factory seems to have kicked into high gear. Just bizarre.

LSP said...

I hear you, WSF. We must all hire more and better copy editors, but right, question the narrative? Far too demanding for some. And a lot of people are really low info -- astoundingly so.

LSP said...

Kid, we have to wonder.

LSP said...

That's just crazy, Infidel. But at least it's not Alberta where you can't even ENTER a business of any sort unless you're vaxxed. Wow.

Then there's the simpering duo of wokery. Let's make sure the island's a long, long way away from everywhere.

LSP said...

Good advice, Sgt., and good on your son.

I get the impression Rainbow Milley and Darth Austin aren't too popular right about now.