Thursday, September 30, 2021



That is all,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

Here in the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of NYC, we disdain your so-called "freedom".

Freedom is an invention of white folk. As such it is racist.

Bob said...

It's gotta start somewhere LSP !! If not Texas, Where ?!

LSP said...

Yes, Infidel, the more "freedom" we have the more we enslave BIPOC. You are fortunate, living in the New Yorkian utopia.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Gwinny?!?

LSP said...

Bob, you make a great point and, if we don't sort it out soon, it'll be gone forever.

LL said...

Arizona isn't making an AZEXIT, but we are going to de-certify the election of 2020 and may get rid of some trash in a re-do without the likelihood of fraud as a road map for the nation.

LSP said...

Sure hope that monkey fights, LL. About time, eh?