Friday, September 17, 2021

Patrolling The Aposcalypse



One of the things about the Apocalypse is that it's searingly hot. Imagine a preheating oven and in its midst are tiny fragments  of combustible dust, super dry, ready to ignite. No kidding, Texas in mid-September is like an air bomb about to go off. Terrifying.

It didn't fortunately, but dove did explode out of the trees as I patrolled their welcome shade. A few years back I thought nothing of walking the treelines in 100+* and scaring up dove, snapshot!, and you never know, sometimes the shot would even connect. Let's see those poppers.

an old fraud

These days an armed stroll in the oven doesn't have quite the same appeal, but the excitement of wingshooting does. Message to market? Go for a walkabout with a #20, shoot some fliers, hopefully, then set up along the flight path with some mojos and have at it.

Then put those morsels of apocalyptic goodness into cream-cheese-filled jalapenos, wrap the beasts in bacon and off you go, to Valhalla and beyond. But word to the wise.

chicom rubbish

Keep your finger off the trigger till you're ready to shoot.




Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm ready to shoot.

drjim said...

One of my Uncles (Mom's side) used to take me pheasant hunting when I was a youngster. I was pretty good with a 20, and usually brought at least one bird home.

Pheasant hunting in the Fall in rural Illinois was quite pleasant. Warm, sunny days, frisky dogs (LET'S GO!!), a nice walk in the recently harvested cornfields, and a good packed lunch from Mom.

Oh....and some of Uncle Donald's "special coffee" if I did well.

Ah....pleasant memories of a youth well-spent. Thanks for jogging the old noggin, Parson!

Ritchie said...

Based on the effort needed to sharpen, the only SKS bayonet I have seems to be pretty tough steel. But I haven't used it for anything more demanding than opening bills.

LL said...

Does Blue Hunting Hound go with you to point to the elusive prey?

It hasn't gotten over 80 at the mine this summer. Now it's the low 70's and we have rain almost every single day. Arizona. Go figure.

LSP said...

Same here, Ed.

LSP said...

That's a great story, drjim, and I can picture it. Wish we had pheasants here... they're rare. A fair few dove though.

Next time I'll bring a 20. Love those poppers!

LSP said...

About the same here, Ritchie, and I was pondering the sharpening thing. Hmmmm.

LSP said...

He's not been out for a while, LL, but had big fun last time we went to the range. He just likes being out in the country and grins like a dog.

Temp in the 70s? NICE. I envy that, and the rain. Hot as all get out here.

Off topic, but does the mine have/is near any Indian pictograms/rock art? I know AZ has plenty and more besides, and I want to explore. Chasing antediluvian civ, you see.

drjim said...

Yep. It qualifies as "Lifetime Memory". And Uncle Donald always had the newest, most powerful Oldsmobile he could get, a 1961 Oldsmobile Starfire, with the 425 cubic inch motor, and a three-speed (first I'd ever seen!) automatic transmission.

That car could really scoot, and he enjoyed driving it like that.