Thursday, September 2, 2021

Iambic Poetry

Well done, team, what a great project! Aliens, capes, mist, the Hackney Marshes and Iambic poetry itself. No mean feat, just you try and roll it all into one single toe-tapper.

Plaudits aside, how about vocals on the next shot? Or is that wrong?




Wild, wild west said...

Stream of consciousness:

Amusing little tune but you can't dance to it. Needs more cowbell.

Invasion of the Technology Snatchers.

The Teletubbies after crossing over to the power of the Dark Side.

Show me your technology face! Arrrrrrgh!

Clearly I need more sleep.

Bob said...

Interesting. I wonder what the significance of the red and green and sometimes blue light is.

I notice only a brief spalsh of red in the last minute or so. Hints of a better future maybe. Those non-dystopic stories are slim to none in the world of fiction.

Well, could we have some quivering arms of democrats sticking out of the ground in the next one? I won't mention anyone in particular since they all need to go eh.

LSP said...

Good stream, WWW.

And I'll tell the band they need cowbell, the public demands it.

"Hey fella, really like Iambic, good work! Love the rifty bass. But where's the cowbell??"

Let's see if we get a result.

LSP said...

Mystified by the color scheme too, Bob. Random? Deliberate? Just part of the poetry of the thing? I didn't attempt to decode the mask visuals to Iambic pentameter, decasyllabic? Hmmmm. Anyway, I'll ask when i makea pitch for cow bells.

Quivering arms of democrats? YES. GOOD CALL.