Sunday, January 31, 2021

Here & Now

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Random Thoughts From The War on Weather


Here we are, fighting the War Against The Weather, again, as our new ketchup fortune Climate Czar unironically flies around the world in his private jet, urging you, the peasant, to pay more tax. But speaking of war, thank Gaia the Military has to get down with trans diversity training, again, because that'll help us win wars. Yes, make us more secure.

Well they're not wrong, imagine the scene as a CCP human wave launches over the top only to be met with a camo variant of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is entirely normal, haters. Seriously, the enemy'll die laughing. A good, if eccentric, tactic.

Old But Gold

Back to the War on Weather. We've reopened another front and there'll be no more drilling on Federal lands, no more Keystone pipeline, but yes to more Warren Buffet profits (he owns the rails that ship the oil to the tune of several $ billion a year), and guess what? It's all cool coz we'll beat the weather and racist Orange Man Bad!

Or to put it another way, hide your asset-stripping plundering behind a smokescreen of green chicanery and Cultural Marxist identity politics and hey presto! Make billions of dollars, impoverish the peasants and live large on your yacht because hey, men can use women's toilets. Justice Awards all 'round.

Clearly a Blue Ice Extremist

What risible, evil, canting, self-serving, satanic hypocrisy. Maybe it's time for the return of Blue Ice.

Your Old Pal,


What Will Tomorrow Bring? A Short Sunday Sermon


What will tomorrow bring? Will $GME (Gamestop) go to Mars and everyone's favorite crypto, the lovable Shiba faced Doge, go to the very Moon and hit $1.00? Who knows, it was trading at 0.044 this afternoon before falling to 0.038. Woof.

In the meanwhile, Melvin Capital's lost a reported 53% on it's investments in January, that's around $6 billion vaporized in blown up shorts, not least the now fabled $GME. More hedge fund pain's surely soon to follow because an autist army of raiders, backed up by a few billionaires, are HOLDING THE LINE and not selling. There's apparently plenty of uncovered shorts out there yet to plunder.

House of Gold

According to Millionaire Socialists like Elizabeth Warren and assorted shills in the lying, corrupt, venal, mendacious, aggressive, smug, hypocritical media this is nothing less than an act of violence by white supremacist, anti-semite extremists. Like, how dare they attack our sacred Hedge Funds of Progressive Democracy!

You Utter Frauds

Come on, Commies, shouldn't you be against our stratospherically wealthy Oligarch Overlords? Apparently not, and to be fair, it's not easy being a Millionaire Socialist without millions of dollars to make it happen. But here at the Compound we have a different take. In the words of the Apostle (Eph 6:12):

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 
Ain't that the truth, and if it looks like holding $GME and sending the world's most attractive e currency into orbit, backed by the full faith and credit of bones buried in the garden, well, so be it. Buy low, sell high. In the meanwhile, put on the whole armor of God.

Here endeth the lesson,


PS. Some say there's a bizarre disparity between physical silver SLV and paper silver and if everyone suddenly demanded the real deal, as if pirates, there might be an issue with the procurement and delivery of bullion. Don't say JP Morgan. But that's a different sermon.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Doge


People are wondering if the US Dollar, the world's reserve currency, is worth all it's cracked up to be. It's backed up by the "full faith and credit" of the US government but what's that worth? 

Maybe not so much. How much is your Dollar, which is nothing more than an IOU at interest to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank really worth? Good question, which is why the dollar's short and savvy investors are flocking to Dogecoin. Yes, Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a crypto currency with infinite upside, like any other fiat currency, but unlike the busted US dollar it's got a cute picture of a Shiba Inu dog on its face, as opposed to Harriet Tubman or Alyssa Milano. It's also really cheap, like Bitcoin used to be, coming in at $0.030 at the time of writing.

So let's cut to the chase. You maybe can't afford the amazing and brilliant $GME right now because it's trading at a sturdy Hedge Fund killing $328 and set for a Mars shot on Monday, or not, but you can get in the "stick it to the Man" action by going Doge. And hey, it doesn't even cost anything. Minimal downside, infinite up. 

As it is, the attractively Shiba faced crypto's risen over 500% in the last month and set to go higher if Elon Musk has anything to say about it. “One word: Doge,” tweeted the billionaire back in December. Diamond hands? Maybe, let's see.

In the meanwhile, buy the dip, don't eat it and let's take this lovable crypto to the MOON. Not that this is financial advice, I'm just an LSP who lost all his guns in a catastrophic boating accident.

Your Old Pal,


UFO, ACoC or Space Junk?


Wes Snyder wasn't expecting to see a UFO when he developed film shot on North Carolina's Outer Banks, but that's what the well known coastal photographer appears to have found.

“I spent a night at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse shooting time lapse photos in order to create an upcoming video. While I was looking through my footage I realized there was something in the video that I could not explain,” wrote Snyder on Facebook. “It’s much larger than your typical plane appears, and it’s moving way faster than clouds.”

While some believe the mysterious object is a space alien craft, others including Snyder think it's probably a piece of space junk, perhaps a satellite. However, there's a third possibility. According to an anonymous whistleblower within the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC), the unidentified aerial phenomenon is part of the off-world Canadian denomination

"It looks and acts like an alien spaceship or a piece of space junk, but it's just the Diocese of Toronto burning up as it hits earth atmosphere. ACoC left earth a long time ago, sometimes bits of it fall back down and burn up."

In related news, UFO entrepeneur Robert Bigelow has claimed that aliens are "right under people's noses." 

Here at the Compound we'd agree, but what is the Hatteras object? A UFO, space junk or the Diocese of Toronto? You, the reader, be the judge.

Ad Astra,


Friday, January 29, 2021

Space Rock - Seven by Seven


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At The End of The Day


Here we are at the end of another clement day in rural Texas, and what did the day bring? Good weather, which is weird because the state's attacking DC for trying on its green new deal job killer gambit. And not only that, our AG's going after retail brokerage hucksters like Robinhood, which may or may not survive the weekend.

Speaking of which, Gamestop shares are holding at a sturdy $325 after hours, AMC and Blockbuster continue up and the great popularist Bull Raid into the nation's kleptocracy continues. Dr. Swankenstein, our financial consultant in Minneapolis, prophecies:

It's only been 24 hours, but I predict that the event will be called GameStopGate, and that it was an attack by domestic terrorists with ties to white supremacy.

And quicker than you can say Harriet Tubman cannibalized Andrew Jackson, out came this, from the appropriately named and pathetic Vice:

What?!? Can't be having all all those serfs making money at the expense of their private jet, yacht owning, billionaire socialist betters, that'd be racist. And Nazi. And racist again. So arrest them for the sheer temerity, the brazen audacity, the literal gall and sedition of taking money from the ultra rich. Can't be having that in our brave new socialist utopia. Oh no.

Let's see how this plays out. Will the most popular president in American history ban retail trading for its transphobic racism? Will Robinhood implode and bring another Lehman moment, in which banksters get bailed out by you, the dirt people? Or will Hedge Funds and their famously rich clients who aren't in Congress and the Senate get a right and well deserved whipping. I hope the latter outcome's in play, but let's see.

In the meanwhile, will $GME go to 1000 and become EPIC ALPHA? As it is, 325 ain't bad at all and looks set to blow up several enemy positions. The enemy being the transnational, keleptocrat elite, call them oligarchs if you like, who've been waxing large at the expense of the people. 

That they hide their evil under the guise of rainbow tolerance and transsexual toilets only compounds their egregious sin. On the Left, AOC gets it, and so does Tulsi, Bernie's silent in one of his several socialist mansions. The rank and file? Not so much, they're shilling for Hedge Funds and don't see it, eyes wide shut.

That is all,


Thursday, January 28, 2021



Will we the people hold the line?

Or will our oligarch overlords crush us underfoot?

Let's see how tomorrow plays out as the peasants revolt against their rulers. Bets on and devil take the hindmost as the ancient monkey rises from its sepulchral lair.

Your Pal,


From Somewhere in Korea


Got a call from the PFC last night and he was full of mission satisfaction, which is great because a happy son is a happy dad. No fooling. To be honest, I think he was excited by the snow in our far flung corner of empire, and who can blame him. 

OK, snow is exciting, especially if you live in Texas or the UK, but I know, it does grow old. What does this mean?

Has South Korea paid it's climate tax, and the climate's changed to colder? Or is the reverse true, did they forget to pay the tax, making the climate hotter, and therefore colder. We don't know, the proof isn't open source, but what we do know is this.

The Biden administration's ordered the Pentagon, by Executive Order diktat, to re-posture the Armed Forces to fight our greatest enemy, the Weather. That's right, to fight our Old Enemy, the climate and its changes. What'll that look like?

Perhaps we'll see walls of razor wire around the Capitol along with thousands of troops on hand to beat back rising sea levels and insurgent, dystopian mobs of crazed extremist dirt people, intent on storming the sacred halls of democracy after their crops fail thanks to solar radiation. 

Perhaps. Then again, maybe a division of heavily vetted Somalians stationed on Martha's Vineyard will do the trick against furiously rising sea levels. But what do I know? Just a country parson.

Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas,


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Peasants Are Stonking


How dare they! Unruly serfs launched a massive bull raid on shorted stock today, and value skyrocketed as Hedgefund millionaire socialists scrambled to cover their positions. KABOOM. Gamestop, GME, went from a trifling 17 bucks a share to $292 at the sound of the bell today.

So what? So a lot, because elite billionaires gambled a lot of money on rubbish companies like GME going down in value. Borrow those shares at their stupidly low price, sell them, knowing in your fiscal genius that they'll decline in value, buy them back, return them to the lender and pocket the difference. 

There it is, going short, and how very awesome, let's make money out of failing businesses. Iniquitous, eh?  All hail our asset-stripping overlords. But not so fast.

What if people piled into GME and stocks like it, and drove the price up? You know, like Blackberry, Blockbuster, microcaps and on. Then all of a sudden the genius shorters have to make good on their deal and buy those shares back at massive loss. Welcome to margin calls and utter disaster.

No wonder the /rwallstreetbets Discord server was taken down this evening. But lo and behold, the portal's up again and it looks like the djinn's outta the bottle. Let's see what tomorrow brings. 

That in mind, here at the Compound we have a simple and hopefully compelling message to retail investors. Hold the Line.

Or Stick it to the Man,


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

La Marseillaise


There's a glory to France, dammit. Of course our globalist NWO, Illuminati, pedo overlords want to destroy that as, perhaps, do the English. Let's hope they fail. Rise up, citizens of France and the world.

In the meanwhile, Amsterdam's revolting. As an aside, have you noticed how leftists are all in favor of lockdowns? They love being crushed by the State even as they tell the world they're against "The Man." Said Bank of America never. What risible garbage.

Stand up for your rights,


Bless The Ranch


"Can you bless the ranch?" What a good question, and I was glad to. It was good to be around horses again and some of them got blessed too. But not all, because the 50 strong herd was "out and about."

So were the chickens, living it up in the barn. Mission accomplished, I headed back to the Compound via semi-flooded dirt and gravel roads, glad of a truck but mindful of an upgrade to 4x4.

All in good time, but first things first, grill up some burgers because the climate had changed, again. And that's the story of that. I file this exciting tale under "Country Life in Texas."

God bless,


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Battle Flag


Here's my Uncle at Eton, sometime in the '60s. I post this because: 1. It's awesome and 2. It's awesome. 

That said, he was a Democrat, the party of the Old South and States Rights, of the Republic, and he flew the flag. Respect. Would he do that today or would he be holding up the Rainbow Ensign, the battle flag of the new Democrat Party?

Libs say he would and I turn to them and reply, "You're utterly deluded, if not driven insane by Satan, which you probably are." They gnash their teeth and stomp away. Sometimes they begin to moan and shout.



Yet More Fog


It's another day of mist and mellow fruitfulness in bucolic olde Texas. And I like that, it reminds me of strolling about in the Cairngorms, Snowdonia or 'Nam. That'd be Cheltenham, obviously. This in mind, it's good to see our ancient adversary turn from blazing, stupid hot to something else. Nice. Climate Change, bring it on.

Climatic context set, there we were in the sacristy of Mission #2 this morning, getting ready for the sacred mysteries when the Junior Warden knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I uttered, like Stentor himself, and he did. "What's up, Chief?" he was one, "Thought you might like these," he replied. I looked at the offered copies of NRA's latest MAGAzines and said, "Thank you very much." And then, turning to the Altar Party, "Gentlemen, let us pray," and we did.

An acolyte was heard to mutter, "You know you're in a country parish in Texas when..." And I fixed him with a lazerlike eye as we prepared to process, "Quite." Come and take it was left unsaid. I tell you, they're a good and faithful crew. Praise God for that.

This lifts my spirits and I hope yours too.

Spero in Deo!


Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Fog of Olde Texas


Mist, gentle rain, and the fog of war against our old enemy, The Weather. It's like Aberystwyth in June or Oxford in July but no, this is Texas. Not that I'm complaining, it's good to get some Skywater. Speaking of which, they say that if you collected all the rain that fell here you'd have enough water to last the year. So word to the wise, build cisterns for when the grid goes down and civic infrastructure with it.

In other news, the most popular Administration in the history of popularity's promised to "codify Roe v. Wade," thus making access to abortion the "law of the land" and the potential for SCOTUS to overturn Roe moot.

Gerard V. Bradley, a legal prof at Notre Dame, gives an excellent analysis at First Things, you can read the whole thing here. A snapshot:

If the Court were to recognize the unborn as the persons they are, then all the problems Roberts catalogued would disappear. For when the unborn are counted as “persons” equal to others, the universally applicable legal norms about justification and excuse would pertain to them too. In a certain sense, it would be business as usual; abortion would scarcely be a special case at all.

Let's see how this plays out and in the meanwhile, pray that the wickedness comes to an end. As it is, we have a group of vehemently anti-life politicians in control of our country. For them, the right to kill your child in the womb equates to sexual equality, and with it money and votes, a level playing field in the workplace between men and women. 

With abortion, both sexes are free to pursue careers and economic independence without all those inconvenient babies. And what are you worth if you're not out in the workplace earning money? 

Nothing, obviously, said no Marxist ever.



Friday, January 22, 2021

Debtstar Rising


Do you remember the debt? No, not your paltry burden, but the US debt, standing at a mighty, earth shattering and climbing 27 Trillion, at interest, and rising every second. It's a vast, almost unimaginable amount of money and, as with all debt, the people who lent it in the first place want their money repaid.

That's the nature of debt. Take out a loan to buy stuff, like votes, how very awesome, but you have to pay it back, it's part of the deal. Now, how do you pay back 27 trillion bucks and climbing?  You can inflate your way out of it and make your money worthless, or you can can blow off the debt, and make your money worthless.

What a conundrum, and I'm glad I'm just an inconsequential kebab vendor on the information superhighway as opposed to the kind of banker who feels forced to throw himself off a balcony at the age of 57 despite being a multi billionaire. But let's get down to brass tacks.

Note Optic

Our money's rotten and waiting to implode, it's a matter of time. When it does, and it will, who's going to pay the soldiers. Seriously, what's going to happen when the people under arms don't get a paycheck? No one's talking about that, and maybe they should.

But no, they're just sending soldiers off to sleep in carparks as they celebrate the political theater of a stolen election. That'll endear you to the soldiery you have to pay to protect you and who, notoriously, voted for you in the last election. Except that they didn't.

Your Pal,


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Go To Church


Preferably with lots of incense, which indicates the prayers of the saints and elevates the spirit to God. Regardless, it was good to drive over to Arlington, which is a suburb of the DFW Metrosprawl, and assist Mass at St. Albans, Arlington.

Which was good. Fr. CC was installed as Master of our province of the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) and and all was well. And here's the thing, the SCC was set up as a missional society of priests, to claim and defend catholicism for our part of the Church, Anglicanism.

CC will do well at that and I'll support him, 100%, wholeheartedly. Part of this might include skeet shoots, it's happened before. In the meanwhile, consider the power, for good, of a united Christian witness against the evil of age.

Your Pal,


Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Well here we are, in the land of science, or as someone famously said, "A blasphemous parody of a woman." And, apparently unironically, something to do with the nation's health. Try not to throw up in your made in China mask.

Speaking of health, I risked life and limb to drive into the Metrosprawl conurb this afternoon. And I tell you, it wasn't easy because cars were smashing up like Me 163s coming in to land. Komets aside, the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) meets in the Fort Worth conurb tomorrow, where we'll install a new Provincial Master.

There's a story in that, because the venerable and awesome SSC is now a game of two halves in North America. On the one hand, there's the Anglo-Catholic clergy who side with the transgender Episcopal Church. And on the other, those who don't.

You can guess which side I'm on, but don't get me wrong, the TEC SSC is attempting an orthodox, catholic witness in their part of the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC). Good luck, guys. But more on this fascinating facet of ecclesiana later.

In the meanwhile, hail to the Chief, and who would that be, right about now?

Your Pal,


Morning Covfefe


Just enjoying a delicious mug of hot morning covfefe here at the Compound.

Have you tuned in the virtual inauguration of the most popular president figure in the history of popularity? Not to worry, neither has anyone else, which is really weird because everyone loves him, especially all the soldiers.