Sunday, January 31, 2021

Random Thoughts From The War on Weather


Here we are, fighting the War Against The Weather, again, as our new ketchup fortune Climate Czar unironically flies around the world in his private jet, urging you, the peasant, to pay more tax. But speaking of war, thank Gaia the Military has to get down with trans diversity training, again, because that'll help us win wars. Yes, make us more secure.

Well they're not wrong, imagine the scene as a CCP human wave launches over the top only to be met with a camo variant of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is entirely normal, haters. Seriously, the enemy'll die laughing. A good, if eccentric, tactic.

Old But Gold

Back to the War on Weather. We've reopened another front and there'll be no more drilling on Federal lands, no more Keystone pipeline, but yes to more Warren Buffet profits (he owns the rails that ship the oil to the tune of several $ billion a year), and guess what? It's all cool coz we'll beat the weather and racist Orange Man Bad!

Or to put it another way, hide your asset-stripping plundering behind a smokescreen of green chicanery and Cultural Marxist identity politics and hey presto! Make billions of dollars, impoverish the peasants and live large on your yacht because hey, men can use women's toilets. Justice Awards all 'round.

Clearly a Blue Ice Extremist

What risible, evil, canting, self-serving, satanic hypocrisy. Maybe it's time for the return of Blue Ice.

Your Old Pal,



Anonymous said...

More seriously, from a military deployment perspective there are likely to be many complications with effect treatments surgically altered soldiers and their physical performance and in terms of supplying proper medical care. Whilst females make up the majority of victims of this type of violence, historical and evidence collected in recent years suggests that in conflict zones such as Syria, Liberia and Eastern Congo, men make up about a third of all victims of sexual violence.That needs to be addressed, but campaigners in the US seem to be silent about that - why? Levels of sexual violence against prisoners on all sides is undoubtedly under-reported. Expecting the latest enemy - whoever they may be - to respect the Geneva Convention and laws of war by an assertion transgender identities seems rather optimistic and merely throws a random disruptive factor into the mess that a conflict situation is. If campaigners are so concerned about 'rights' of males who want to become feamle why don't they examine the US prison system if they are concerned by gender and sexual issues before getting muddled up with military affairs?

Paul M said...

Nice hat. And a good blue heeler IS gold.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

War on weather? We are losing. Here in the north we are in the midst of a giant nor 'easter that's dropping over a foot of snow.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sir, you need to speak out and stop all this sugar coating!

LSP said...

Dannit, WSF, I was trying to be subtle. Hmmmm.

LSP said...

I heard, Infidel. NYC clearly needs to pay far more tax, then everything'll be sunny again.

LSP said...

Anon, you raise several good questions, but let's not lose sight of the big picture. Military trannies will make us more secure because the enemy will die laughing in the face of our Rainbow Battalions. Well done, PsyOps.

But seriously, it seems as though they're gambling on never having to fight a big war again ever, and the UK's a perfect example of "they." This leaves plenty of room for diversity training and transgender jousts against The Weather.

I'd imagine we'll be concentrating on a different reality if the bullets start flying, which I hope they don't.

LSP said...

I was in Calgary, Camperfixer, enjoying the snow! And for sure, Blue's been a great dog. Blind now, but he seems pretty much ok with that.

LL said...

Naturally, I’m willing to shoulder any burden or pay any tax so that Warren Buffet doesn’t starve. Is there an address where we can send him canned food or old clothes to help Warren through the winter? Maybe a go-fund-me page?