Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Well here we are, in the land of science, or as someone famously said, "A blasphemous parody of a woman." And, apparently unironically, something to do with the nation's health. Try not to throw up in your made in China mask.

Speaking of health, I risked life and limb to drive into the Metrosprawl conurb this afternoon. And I tell you, it wasn't easy because cars were smashing up like Me 163s coming in to land. Komets aside, the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC) meets in the Fort Worth conurb tomorrow, where we'll install a new Provincial Master.

There's a story in that, because the venerable and awesome SSC is now a game of two halves in North America. On the one hand, there's the Anglo-Catholic clergy who side with the transgender Episcopal Church. And on the other, those who don't.

You can guess which side I'm on, but don't get me wrong, the TEC SSC is attempting an orthodox, catholic witness in their part of the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC). Good luck, guys. But more on this fascinating facet of ecclesiana later.

In the meanwhile, hail to the Chief, and who would that be, right about now?

Your Pal,



The Egyptian said...

I keep thinking, he, she, it? then I say it fast and it comes out right

LSP said...

Egyptian, you cut right to the heart of it. In a polite way.

Wild, wild west said...

Yeah, it ain't my catfight but I'd like to hear more about it when you decide to favor us with it.

"Tell us a story, LSP!"

LL said...

Chick with a stick or full Jenner gender tuck and roll? I know that I posited the question but I don't want an answer. I really don't. The new regime in DC has promised to make men into women and women into men, but I'd make a really ugly woman, LSP. Uglier than a man, and that's saying something.

Up at the White Wolf Mine, we recognize two genders only but we're not part of the New World Order here.

LSP said...

Rock on, WWW.

Now, there's that tale...

LSP said...

RHSM, Mess? Strict vetting.


Don't forget, this travesty pulled THEIR parent from the PA nursing homes even as they put covid patients in.

RHT447 said...

So here is my dad's Komet story. For those new here, my dad was a B-17 pilot and flew 35 combat missions over Europe with this group--

As he told it, they were inbound to the target when an Me-163 came straight up out in front of the formation, leveled off, and made a head-on pass through the formation.

My dad did not mention that anyone got hit. From reading, I gather the Luftwaffe soon abandoned this tactic as the closure rate was so fast, accurate shooting was just about impossible.

My dad asked his top turret gunner on the intercom "Did you get a shot at him?" meaning "did you attempt to engage?". Obviously if the top turret had fired, my dad would have known.

The gunner replied "Get a shot at what, sir?". It happened so fast, the gunner never saw the Komet. What a moment. That sinking feeling in your gut of "My God, we can't touch them".

That's sorta the way I felt at 12:01 on Wednesday. The Komet had fatal flaws, and it's career was brief. I hope the same is true for Slow Joe and the Ho.

LSP said...

I saw that, N. The lunatics have most definitely taken over the asylum.

LSP said...

What a great story, RHT, and I'm right with you on that last sentence.

That aside, imagine piloting a Komet... pretty crazy stuff. I'm trying to get LL to buy one for the WWM, but maybe some kind of heavily armed Quad Copter's more sensible?