Thursday, January 28, 2021

From Somewhere in Korea


Got a call from the PFC last night and he was full of mission satisfaction, which is great because a happy son is a happy dad. No fooling. To be honest, I think he was excited by the snow in our far flung corner of empire, and who can blame him. 

OK, snow is exciting, especially if you live in Texas or the UK, but I know, it does grow old. What does this mean?

Has South Korea paid it's climate tax, and the climate's changed to colder? Or is the reverse true, did they forget to pay the tax, making the climate hotter, and therefore colder. We don't know, the proof isn't open source, but what we do know is this.

The Biden administration's ordered the Pentagon, by Executive Order diktat, to re-posture the Armed Forces to fight our greatest enemy, the Weather. That's right, to fight our Old Enemy, the climate and its changes. What'll that look like?

Perhaps we'll see walls of razor wire around the Capitol along with thousands of troops on hand to beat back rising sea levels and insurgent, dystopian mobs of crazed extremist dirt people, intent on storming the sacred halls of democracy after their crops fail thanks to solar radiation. 

Perhaps. Then again, maybe a division of heavily vetted Somalians stationed on Martha's Vineyard will do the trick against furiously rising sea levels. But what do I know? Just a country parson.

Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas,



LL said...

I'm happy when the PFC is happy. The snow looks like a welcome change and sometimes when you're young, these changes mean everything. Carry on LSP & PFC.

Kid said...

Well, it should be obvious, but you know it occurred to me that it are the young climate crazed critters causing most of the problem if you believe in the CO2 monster under your bed.

The young people are running around, heading to the gym, but now to the basement to 'crush it' on their 50 a months Peleton machines expelling out massive amounts of CO2. And let's not forget the 24/7 exual escapades ! PUFF PUFF PUFF ! Massive CO2 and STDs as an added benefit.

Kids, slow it down, you're destroying the planet !

LSP said...

Thanks, LL, I appreciate it.

It was good to hear he's doing well. Apparently his new Sergeant thinks he's "solid," so that's all good. So well done, boy. Now get that degree.

LSP said...

Kid, I hadn't thought of that but now that I have I think you're right.

To be honest, I thought it was cows, and their methane. But no, it's young people. Maybe, if we tax everyone enough, no one will have children and we'll save the planet.

Problem? Solution.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Always good to see a happy trooper.

Kid said...

Well, the moslems are having 10 each. Someone should tell AOC.